Title: I Don't Belong Here
Author: Liz I
Email: surferangel903@yahoo.com
Fandom: Roswell
Rating: G
Summary: Tess thinks about everything that has happens.
Spoilers: Up to Destiny
Category: Tess or Other
Disclaimer: I don't own anything or anyone from Roswell. Don't sue me.

I never should have come here when I did. If only I had gotten here earlier, maybe things would be different. Maybe I'd be the one who'd stop Max Evans from saving Liz Parker that day in the Crashdown. Maybe I would be Max Evans's dream girl. Maybe I would be the one with Max Evans wanted to be with. Maybe I would be the one with Max Evans was in love with.

Oh, who am I kidding? Max Evans has been in love with Liz Parker since the third grade. Nothing would ever change that. Max also believes that Liz is his destiny, when it's me. Why can't he just see it? Nothing has been able to change his mind. Not me, not the book, not even his own mother. Nothing probably would. There's really no use in me trying to compete, because I'm nothing to Max, to any of them.

Things were never supposed to turn out like this. It was supposed to be me and Max, Michael and Isabel, with no humans involved. Instead, Max, Michael, and Isabel all had human counterparts when I arrived. I tried, you know, I really tried to change it. I tried breaking up Max and Liz, but everything I did only back fired. Instead of growing apart, they just grew closer.

Ok, so Liz did walk away from Max that day at the cave. She had heard everything that Max and Isabel's mother had said to them, and it looked like she was going to breakdown. Max tried to convince her that nothing had changed. That she was really his destiny, not me. But still, she walked away to let him fulfill his destiny with me. Destiny is inevitable. You can't stand in its way. Even Liz said that.

But instead of fulfilling his destiny with me, Max moped about. He was miserable without Liz. Isabel tried to comfort him, Michael tried to comfort him, I tried to comfort him, but he just pushed us all away. I tried telling him it was for the best anyway, it was meant to be like this. But he shut everyone out. He refused to accept his destiny, as did Isabel and Michael.

What are they? Idiots? Don't they see that our home planet depends on us fulfilling our destiny of being together? No, they don't. God, I've tried and tried, but they as just as stubborn as humans.

Things have practically gone back to the way they were before I arrived. Isabel has run into the comforting arms of Alex and Michael has once again won his way back into Maria's heart. Max and Liz are still split, despite the numerous times Max has apologized. Liz still insists that Max follow his destiny. Smart girl.

Standing in the shadows, I'm watching them eat lunch together. We started junior year just a few days ago. Just like before, I'm shut out. Left alone. They're laughing and giggling like little kids. How pathetic is that? Michael, Isabel, and Max are more human than alien. They probably always have been.

Maybe if I had come here on better terms, things would be different. Maybe at least I would be a part of their little group. I would be laughing and giggling just like them. Maybe if I hadn't come, trying to enforce something the aliens would never accept; I would at least have some friends. Maybe that's all I've really wanted, friends. I don't know. I don't know much anymore.

I do know one thing though. Watching them from afar, I've come to one important realization. I don't belong here.