Title: Things to do
Author: Lore Krajsman
Email: lilith93@hotmail.com
Fandom: Marvel
Rating: G
Summary: Thoughts on a young girls mutation
Disclaimer: I don't own the idea of mutants as used in the Marvel-universe. Marvel does. Therefore I disclaim any claims of property. It's just that I do own the idea of Brains and her particular mutation.
Archive: The Haven Of Fic website
Author's Notes: This is a part of my 'A school like any others'-serial.

Filecase: Samantha Lewis
Codename: Brains
Age: 14
Mutation: Advanced neural function and constant regrowth of the braintissues.

Just try and imagine being 14 years old.
A fourteen year old girl.
What do you think is important to you.
School, boyfriends, having fun.
And thinking about the last, what do you see as fun.
Then imagine being 14 and having five doctorates.
What would you do if you were suddenly so smart that even the worlds greatest scientists couldn't follow you when you get going. What would you do if your brain started getting bigger and better. How would you use it.
Which choices would you, could you make.

Imagine you're an eleven year old kid all your life you've had to struggle to get C's and then all of a sudden you started understanding everything they told you. No explanations required.

How would you feel if they accused you of cheating on tests because where before you had to strain yourself for those C's, now you're finishing in under two minutes and still get straight A's.

What would you do if you started noticing the flaws in your teachers reasonings, when all of a sudden all knowledge becomes fascinating. When suddenly computers have no secrets anymore.
What would you do if they got to slow.

Imagine you've always gotten your popularity with your looks and cool jives, then imamgine your hair starts losing its color and gets prematurely grey. Imagine you're so fascinated by a mathematical question that you don't feel like talking about boys any more.
How would your friends react.

Imagine someone tells you you're a mutant and your IQ is so high it's inmeasurable.
Would you believe it?
Would you want it any other way?

Imagine you're sitting in front of seven televisionscreens and remembering every part of every show you're watching.
Imagine that at that exact same moment you're modelling an anatomically correct sculpture of your mother, while you're planning a newer version of your homemade computer.

Imagine that at the same time in the back of your head you're thinking about the cures for cancer, AIDS, Ebola and several other major and minor diseases.
Imagine that even during all that you're studying for your genetics exam that shown on a screen on your left side.
Then imagine you're still bored cause you haven't got enough to think about yet.
What would you think enough to keep your mind busy.

Imagine you've built your very own computer.
But you can't market it because it would ruin the livelihood of millions of people all over the globe.
OK maybe not that many, but still.

Imagine thinking so fast that every movie looks like a seperate set of slowly following pictures.
How would you see the world if everything seemed so slow.
(Would it be like a movie on slowmotion?)
Wouldn't you get bored.
Imagine you're like that.
Imagine you think so fast that to others it seems like you move faster than a cat, but to yourself it's like slagging.
Imagine you can read so fast that you could read a book of 500 pages in a minute and it only takes so long because you have to turn the pages.

Then imagine you've got a photographic memory so you remember everything you've ever seen, heard, smelled, felt, ...
Imagine you've read every book in the library and you can't read them twice becuse every point, stripe, letter, ... is forever locked in your brain.
Wouldn't you feel bored?

Then imagine how long it would take you to think about it if they give you a new mystery to solve.
How long do you think?