Title: Caress Me With Your Eyes
Author: PEJA
Email: daltonavon@yahoo.com
Fandom: High Chapparal
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Blue wants to sketch Monolito.
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Blue leaned back from his sketchpad and studied the olive skinned man reclinging nake before him on the fur skin covered bed with something more han an artist's eye. Why, oh why had he asked this lovely object of his unspoken lust to do this? Was he a complete and utter glutton for punishment? Well, that was apparent, wasn't it?

His glance warmed, skimming the blue-black, slightly longish hair that glowed from reflected sunlight. Hair that shone like the finest silk. Damn, but his fingers itched to roan through those lusterous locks.



"Are you finished with the drawing?" Monolito asked with a lingering smile. "You've been sitting so still I thought you might have forgotten who was the poser and who the artist."

"Mmmm, no," Blue dashed off a couple more strokes for good measure. His gaze flickered back to his subject, tracing the high cheeekbones, the hollows of his face that added shadowy mystery to the anmused features. "Don't move about so."

A dark brow quirked. "I moved?"

'Oh, god. That was his cock twitching. Why can't I keep my mouth shut?" Blushing, Blue ducked his head back behind the pad, adding a couple more lines. "Be still," he mumbled, willling himself to disregard the sleek male animal before him as anything more than an object to be drawn.

Without success. His body had other desires. Strong, lusty desires. He shifted in his seat, trying to ease the tightness in his jeans.

"Everything okay, Blueboy?"

Blue's eyes jerked guiltily up to clash with his friend's warm one.

Wait a minute. Was Monolito's seductive Spanish voice just a little more husky? How would Mono sound if he were in a seductive mood.

"God, if only...." he murmured.

"Did you say somethng?"

Another quick look up. "Just talking to myself."

A half smile tugged Monolito's pouty lips. "Better be careul, boy. That's a sign you're losing my mind."

Blue grimaced. "Yeah, and I wonder why the way you prance around wigling your tight ass when you know I'm watching." he whispered under his breath.

"Do you always mumble when you draw?"

Blue groaned. "Look, you didn't say I'd be needing to keep you in conversation when you agredd to this sketch. And yeah, I do mumble when I work. Keeps me in focus."

Monolito's grin was positively lecherous. "What are you focusing on.......Blue.....boy?"


"You like my features?" he asked, tracing a hand over his jaw. "My throat?" The hand moved slowly lower.

Blue thought he had swallowed his tongue, his mouth had gone so dry. "Mono...." he croaked.

The hand drifted lower, to his chest, circliing. Brown fingers rolled, pinched excited even darker nipples. "You want to draw me...... aroused?"

"Mmmmph....."Blue thought his heart had stopped until the pencil and pad slipped from his hands.

Like a bird caught in a snake's gaze, Blue watched the dark hand dip lower, lower. "Ahhhh, Mono.... Monolito's hand craddled his twitchingcock...squeezed....stroked....

Blue had no memory of how he came to be holding the other man's throbbing cock in his trembling hand, but god, it felt electric coarsing from the Spanish beauty to fill his entire body with sexual heat.

"Easy. Go slow," Monolito murmured, coving Blue's hand with his own and teaching him the rhythm he liked best. "Ah, yes. Slow to start. Just like that."

Dark fingers reached for him, danced oer his body, removing his clothes to reveal his much paler skin. "So beautiful," Monolito whispered. "I have dreamt of this. Of touching you just as we are doing."

Monolito dippped his head, licking, teasing at first one than the other nipple and back again, exciting his young lover to the height of sexual frenzy. He kissed his way around, lower...ever lower until he reached his goal. His tongue flicked out, tasting the slit of Blue's weeping cock.

Blue jerked upward, his cock slipping past Monolito's lips to sink into the warm wet recesses of his mouth.

"Oh, god, Mono.....Mono, oh yeahhhhh."

Monolito chuckled around his full mouth, then bore down, taking the full length down his willing throat.

Blue made a choking, pleasured sound. "Mono, yes. Yes." he gasped and following his lover's example, opened his mouth around Monolito's straining flesh and deep throated him.

The lovers matched thier strokes, licking, lapping, purring their satisfaction. Their bodies quickened together as each pushed the other to a star shattering climax.

Pulling his strength back around him, Monolito gathered Blue into his arms for a tender kiss. "Next time," he murmured through his tired smile, "LEave the pencil and pad behind."

Blue chuckled. "Think that could be arranged."