Title: 20 Questions
Author: Tellie (Slayer Spike)
Email: slayerspike@unbounded.com
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG-15 -> *mild* R.
Summary: Willow wants to know more about Spike only to find the questions go both ways. Cute little bit at the end.
*Nominee for BBF fic awards!*
Series: For What It's Worth... I Love You (Fic 9/?)
Sequel to: Hiding A Secret Is Hard To Do
Prequel to: Hangovers For The Dead
Season: 4. Oz still left but Spike never got the chip. Tara & Willow aren't an item- since Oz only just left. Riley and Buffy are together. They all know he's a commando.
Pairing: Willow/Spike
Disclaimer: I own nada! Zippo! Bubkus! Nothing! Joss is the great ruler or all these wonderful things.
Archive: Ask me.
Dedication: Mina, Susanne and Vampie. My inspirers. Omega h for being a really great friend.
Notes: < > = Thoughts. * * = Emphasis.

Willow glanced up at Spike who was watching the tv with her. No killing, no maiming, no blood... they were just sitting watching television. 'Friends' was on! They were watching *Friends* together. The were watching *Friends* *together*. The were watching *Friends* *together* *without* violence. She blinked a few times, looking back at the tv. The show started to close and finally it finished. She looked over again to see Spike smiling at the tv. Obviously the final joke had been funny to him. Well, she'd giggled too but he was a vampire. He wasn't supposed to do that. "Just say it, Luv." He sighed, flicking off the tv and turning to look at her expectantly.

"Wh-what?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You have a question. You want to say something when you look at someone then turn away. A lot of people do it." He said with a shrug.

"Oh." The girl answered shortly before giving him a studious look. "Why do you call me 'Pet' and 'Luv'?"

"It's just the way I am. I'm British. We give pet names. Don't think it's because I'm a pansy." He added quickly. "I'm not. It's a habit."

"But why *me*? You call Buffy 'slayer' and Angel 'Angelus' or 'Paingel'. Why do you call me pet stuff? I thought you would only do that for Drusilla."

"Well..." She had him stumped. A teenage girl had him stumped. "It's like this..." He said slowly. "I don't know." He added, just as slowly as before. "I do only call Dru 'pet' and 'luv'." He raised an eyebrow at his statement and shrugged. "Why are you living here so much instead of the dorm with the slayer?"

"Oh, Forest's girlfriend was kicked out of her house and so she's living with him in Riley's dorm room. Since Riley doesn't have a place he's staying at our room." She summed up.

The vampire nodded. "The slayer kicked you out." He stated.

"Well... no. Not really. I-I gave up my... yeah, she pretty much did." The girl answered with a frowned. "So..." <Why do you *really* have that nickname?> "Uh..." She coughed, clearing the drool from her mouth as she swallowed deeply. "Giles told us ages ago that you were barely 200." She said, hoping he'd continue.

"207." He nodded firmly. "Birthday just a few months ago. Got another 7 'til my next one."

She paused. "You were born in 1793, right?"

He gave her a shocked smile. "Yeah. You just worked that out in your head?"

"Well... yeah." She replied with a small shrug. "Maths was always my best subject. Oh, that and Science."

"What's your *favourite* subject then?" He asked, leaning an elbow on the back of the couch to support his head with his palm as he waited for her answer.

"Well..." She grinned, giggling as she looked down. "I like my Demonology class." She giggled again, looking up.

He smiled. "Amusing, 'eh?"

"Well considering what they're teaching us. Vampires. They think the demon doesn't take control but when I asked Angel ages ago he said they did. The teacher doesn't know vampires turn to dust or anything. He says you have to bury them again. It's interesting. Kinda like a story. Though, it's kinda hard to not just yell at him 'You've got it all wrong! It's like this...' in the middle of class." They both chuckled. She looked up at him. "Did you go to school?"

"Yeah. Didn't stay there long though. I was there until I was about 11 then left. Got taught the rest by my older sister at night."

"You had a sister?" She asked with a smile.

"Yeah. We were like two peas in a pod. Couldn't separate us. What about you? You got any brothers or sisters?"

The girl shook her head. "Only child."

"That's a shame."

"Yeah, well, my parents found even though I was a quiet baby I was too much to handle with their busy lives. They raised me as a baby but as soon as I turned six I was looking after myself a lot."

"That's ridiculous."

She shrugged. "It's in the past."

"Well, you brought yourself up beautifully, Ducks." He said with a smile.

Willow blushed. "Thanks." She mumbled. He smiled, running the back of his fingers down one reddened cheek, watching her blush a little more. He chuckled. "What?" She asked in a self-conscious tone.

"You're so cute when you blush." He answered with a playful smile.

Her throat dried up slightly as her cheeks deepened in their colour a little more. "Stop it." She mumbled, covering her cheeks.

He laughed. "Take the compliment, Pet. It's not everyday *I* give 'em out."


"Yes, Luv?"

"Uh..." She drew out, biting her bottom lip as she tried to get her cheeks to cool down a little. "Wh-uh, um... why..." She took a deep breath.

He grinned at her. "Yeah?" He asked again.

"Why..." She growled at herself. She was a mature adult. She could ask this. "Why'd you... uh, get... your..." She coughed. "nickname?" She finally mumbled out, looking down at the cushion covers, picking at some lint that wasn't there.

He looked down at her hands picking at the cushions then back up at her. <This little witch really is something.> He thought to himself. He watched as her cheeks began flaming again. Must either be his silence or the fact he was staring at her. He took the hand that was picking at the cushions and waited until she looked at him. The vampire smiled, putting her hand on the crotch of his jeans and watching her go even redder. His blond head dipped down near her ear. "Two reasons. One's death and one's something I'm sure you can... feel." He whispered huskily.

Willow snatched her hand away as she ran to the bathroom upstairs, locking the door behind her. "Oh goddess. Oh goddess. Oh goddess." She muttered over and over as she paced the bathroom. "I *knew* there was a reason why I shouldn't have asked! I *knew* it! Oh goddess." Her hands covered her eyes as she sat on the top of the closed toilet. "I'm bad. I'm just... naughty. I'm not Willow Rosenberg. I'm possessed or-or *something*!" Her hands moved to her cheeks as she uncovered her eyes. She jumped up, walking over to the basin as she began splashing cold water on her face. When she looked up into the mirror she sighed shakily. "That was... an experience." She told her reflection. <At least I know why now.> She grinned then blushed at her wicked thoughts, splashing her face some more.

Spike stood outside the bathroom, listening to her chant 'Oh goddess' over and over. He stuck his tongue in his cheek as he listened a little more. She gave a good reaction, he'd have to do that more often. He ran downstairs and left a note saying 'I'm goin' for a feed. Back later' With a smirk he jogged back up the stairs and walked over to her room, quickly slipping inside the closet.

The hacker peeked out of the bathroom and Spike wasn't there, waiting to torment her. With a sigh of relief she walked downstairs and found his note on the coffee table. With a shrug she grabbed her shoes and socks and walked back up to her room, closing the door behind her. Another sigh escaped her as she chucked her shoes under her bed. <He could be lying. He's under the bed!> She crouched down and looked under the bed, seeing he wasn't there. She smiled. He wasn't there. She thought she'd heard the front door open and close before, maybe he did go. "Good. Don't think I could've faced him." She murmured to herself as she stretched and grabbed her nightie off the bed.

Spike partially opened the closet when he'd heard her speak from in the room. He watched her grab her nightie and turn it so it wasn't inside out and then removed her top. His eyes bulged. She didn't wear a bra that day.

Willow pulled her jeans down, leaving herself only in her panties before slipping her nightgown over her head and pushing some loose hair behind her ear. She stretched before bending over to push the covers of her bed back.

Spike bit his bottom lip. If only she'd asked why he'd gotten his nickname now. She was now pushing the covers back, making the vampire bite so hard into his lip that he drew blood. The girl jumped into the bed then reached over and turned off her lamp, pulling the covers back up over herself as she snuggled under them for a little nap. <I'll go on the 'net later.> She thought with a yawn. One hand travelled down under the quilts as she played with her curls, dipping down a little further to run one finger along herself. Spike took in a deep breath out of habit, watching her with still wide eyes.

Willow smiled. She was too tired. Pulling her hand back up she put it on the pillow beside her head, dozing off into a light sleep.

The blond in the closet groaned as he stepped out of his hiding place, glad she'd fallen asleep so quickly as he ran out of the room to his own. One night of whacking off in the shower.

It was now midnight and Spike couldn't keep still. He'd paced, he'd showered, he'd drawn, he'd read, he'd even baked a cake! He was bored. Jogging up the stairs he opened Willow's door a crack, hearing her slow breathing. <Still sleepin'.> He thought absently as he opened the door further and walked inside, pulling her desk chair over near her bed as he sat and watched her not even noticing the one time he *could* sit still was when he was watching her. His head titled to the side, all sorts of thoughts going through his head from how she looked to wondering what she could be dreaming about, and from wondering what she'd be like when she was older to how she could trust him. He sat forward with his elbows resting on his knees as he watched her breathe in and out. She sighed into the pillow, one corner of Spike's mouth tilted up at the simple act. He felt like Prince Charming sitting beside Sleeping Beauty's bed, waiting for the right time to kiss her so she'd wake up. <Don't be a ponce. She's mortal.> He thought angrily to himself. A deep frown appeared on his face. <Just mortal.> "Do you trust me?" He whispered to the sleeping girl. She smiled faintly in her sleep. <Guess that's a 'yes'.> He got off the chair, kneeling beside the bed as he moved forward, giving her a light kiss on the cheek. When he moved back he watched as the smile grew slightly. The vampire stood, smiling as he left the room. As he stood by the door, looking back at her, he sighed.