Title: Who Needs A Broken Heart?
Author: Tellie (Slayer Spike)
Email: slayerspike@unbounded.com
Fandom: Buffy
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Oz broke Willow's heart. She runs into Spike. I've also changed a few bits. Oz still left but Spike never got the chip. Tara & Willow aren't an item- since Oz only just left. Riley and Buffy are together.
*Nominee for BBF fic awards!*
Series: For What It's Worth... I Love You
Season: 4
Pairing: Willow/Spike
Disclaimer: I own nada! Zippo! Bubkus! Nothing! Joss is the great ruler or all these wonderful things.
Archive: Ask me.
Dedication: Mina, Susanne and Vampie. My inspirers.
Notes: < > = Thoughts. * * = Emphasis.

Willow sat on one of the swings in the park, holding a dying rose in her hand. The last rose Oz ever gave her. Before he left. One of the black and wilted petals fell to the ground as more tears ran down her face. She clutched the rose to her chest as more sobs ran through her entire body, shaking her tiny form. She was that rose. Once red and full of life, now wilting... dying. With Veruca, that one weed that entered her life, she started to die on the inside. Now Veruca was dead but that wouldn't bring Oz back. He'd left, left her, left her broken. The person that she trusted and loved the most had left her behind in a pool of despair, one that no one could fix. She stared at the ground in front of her as the swing made small movements back and forth. Already a few of the blackened petals littered the grassy floor, moonlight shining down on the black against the green. Two black boots stepped in her view. She sniffed a few times. "Go on." She whispered in a choked voice. <If it was going to happen it might as well be vampires.> She thought glumly. They'd already taken most of her life from her as she stood beside Buffy in battle. Okay, so she stood *behind* Buffy in battle but that didn't make her any less important. Or maybe it did. <Maybe that's why Oz left! Maybe he wanted a brave girl not a coward! That's why he chose Veruca over me. I'm just vampire food waiting to be eaten up!>

"Hello, Gorgeous." A British voice whispered to her. "What's a pretty little thing like you doin' in a... vampire feeding ground like this?"

"Just eat me. Spare me the lecture." She growled back.

Spike raised an eyebrow at her outrightness. "You *want* me to eat you?" He shrugged. "Okay." He grabbed her, lifting her off the seat as her sad eyes lifted to meet his golden, demonic gaze. He sighed, putting her down onto her feet again. "Wipe the tears away. The only time I eat crying humans is when I cause the tears. Otherwise it takes the kick away." He put his hands in his duster pockets. Willow wiped the tears away with a little sniffle, still holding the rose in her hands. The vampire looked down then up at her face again, she was looking at her feet, waiting for him to bite her. He rolled his eyes. "Oh come on now! You're the slayer's little puppy. Fight back! Yell for help! Do *something* that'll make this worth-while!" He urged. She didn't respond. With an exasperated sigh he gripped her upper arms tightly and shook her a few times. "Red, snap out of it!" He turned around to look into the trees. "Slayer! Got your friend!"

"She's at Riley's." The witch said in a small voice.

Spike looked down at her. "What?" He growled. "She's supposed to be out here! Fighting vampires! Like me!" He whined. "Bloody hell." Running a hand through his short blond hair he moved over to sit on one of the swings. "Things never go the way I want." His face returned to it's smoother planes as the ridges faded.

"Join the club." Willow replied, glancing up at him before looking back at her feet.

The vampire tilted his head to study her. "Wolf-boy left, didn't 'e?" He asked. She nodded, sniffing again and wiping her nose. "Who was it?"

"A she-wolf. Her name was Veruca."

"Pillock. Reminds me of when Dru left the last time."

"Chaos demon?"

"Nah, went all out this time. Bloody fungus demon!"

She looked up at him. "Still know where she is?"

"Yeah. Brazil still. Wouldn't leave her fungus boy." He rolled his eyes.

Willow snorted. "At least you know. Oz just left."

He looked up at her, his face changing back. "Want me to kill 'im for you?"

"No." She replied with another sniffle. Spike shrugged, his human face returning once more.

He looked around for a moment. "Sit, Pet." Willow moved over and sat in the other swing. "Did you try a spell to get him back?"

"I don't want him back unless he wants me. It'd all be fake."

"So? He'd *act* like he loves you."

"That's not love. That's holding someone against their will and-and I don't want to force him to do anything."

"If it helps... you're not the only one that's 'urting 'ere."

<I know.> She looked up. "Are you going to kill me now?"

He frowned. "I'll think about it."

"I see. I'm not biteable, am I? I'm just Willow. I'm no Buffy or Anya, I'm not worth biting. Sure, I'm Buffy's friend but that's all I am. I'm not the slayer. I'm not even pretty!"

"Hey now, of course you are."

She snorted again. "Since when have *you* noticed?"

"Remember last year, when I kidnapped you for that spell? That little fluffy lilac number you 'ad on?" He gave her a small smile which she returned. "Bloody marvellous."

"Really?" She asked unsurely.

"'Course. Would I lie? No, don't answer that." He added quickly. "You eaten lately or are you quitting that because you're depressed?"

"I haven't eaten in a day or two." The hacker replied as she covered her now grumbling stomach with her arms.

Spike stood, standing in front of her with a hand extended. "Neither of us should starve, Luv. You eat then I'll eat."

The hacker nodded, a frown on her face. "At least I can get killed by someone I know, right?"

"Right." He answered as she headed off in front of him. He frowned at her back. <Get her happy again, Mate. It'll be better to kill her like that. It'll be a bigger fall to go through then.> He walked up to her, falling into step beside her. "Where to?"

"Ice-cream Shoppe?"

"Lead the way."