Title: Destiny Of Mystery
Author: Tellie (Slayer Spike)
Email: slayerspike@unbounded.com
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: NC-17. No slash though. Just a little 'Sire/Childe' stuff but that'll be a few parts away.
Summary: Spike's having dreams about a mysterious destiny he's a part of.
Season: 2. Set after What's My Line- Part 2. Tomorrow is Buffy's birthday.
Classification: Willow/Spike. Tiny bits of Angel/Spike.
Disclaimer: It's all Joss'.
Archive: Ask.
Dedicated To: Omega h ofcourse.
Notes: This is in reply to Omega's Anniversary Challenge.
< > = Thoughts. * * = Emphasis.

Spike's fist slammed into the table. "Again." He grumbled as he wheeled his way around the table in the center of the room.

"Now, now, my precious... the slayer will pay." Drusilla cooed in his ear.

"Don't humor me, Dru." Spike growled at her. The vampiress stood upright and began whimpering at his harsh tone. Spike looked up and looked sympathetically at her. "Awww, there, Pet. I didn't mean it like that. Come 'ere." He held out his hands for her. She shook her head. The blond looked at her curiously. "What's the matter, Luv?"

Drusilla sank to her knees, sobbing. "You love them more than me. You love them more than your princess." She sobbed.

Spike raised an eyebrow as he looked at her. "Who?"

"Them." Dru spat.

"You know I love you, Princess. You're the only one." He rolled over towards her and stopped in front of her. "Dru, look at me."

Drusilla shot to her feet and launched herself at him, extending her claw-like fingers at him and scratching wildly. "No! No! No!" She wailed, slicing the skin along his left cheekbone as she reached out and scratched him.

Blood started to seep from the new wound. "Fuck, Dru!" He hissed. The brunette leapt away from him and ran crying to her room, slamming the door behind her. "Sometimes I think she's getting more and more insane." He said to no one in particular.

Willow left the library with a stack of books in her hands. A frown was plastered on her face as she walked towards her locker. "I shouldn't be sad. I should be happy for them. Happy... happy..." Her words trailed off. "I mean... he never noticed me. It's not like I had a chance anyway." A tear ran down her cheek as she opened her locker door.

"Hey, Wills." Buffy greeted.

The red head quickly wiped the tear from her face and put on a smile as she looked around the door to see her friend. "Hi." She said in return.

"So, we Bronzing tonight? I have a wicked new dress that I'm just *dying* to show Angel."

<So wrapped up in her own life. Doesn't even notice when I'm in pain.> Willow's smile faltered but went unnoticed by the slayer. "Yeah. Sure. I'll meet you there."

The bell sounded for class. "Okay, see you later!" Buffy bounced happily away towards her class.

Another tear ran down Willow's cheek as she dumped her books in her locker. <Just go home, Willow.> She thought. The girl closed her locker door and walked towards the front gate of the school. <There's some chocolate chip, chocolate swirl, chocolate ice-cream with your name on it. Eat it now... put a smile on later.>

Angel walked around his apartment and picked up a book. The vampire sat on his couch and was about to start reading when the phone rang. "Hello?" He said into the receiver. "Hello?" He asked again when no one replied. "Xander, stop joking around." He grumbled. The vampire hung up again. It wasn't the heavy breathing in the other end of the phone that worried him. It was the lack of breathing at all.

Spike hung up the phone and sighed. He looked around the room and grumbled. "Dru!" He bellowed before wheeling his way towards their room. As he pushed open the door his eyes went wide. She wasn't there, and what worried him more was the window with a tiny stream of sunlight coming through it. "No!" He yelled in protest.

Willow curled up, in her pjamas, on her couch as she watched old Days Of Our Lives episodes that she taped, eating her chocolate ice-cream. "Come on, John. Open your eyes. Marlena loves you! Dump that show-pony Kristen already." She stopped as the spoonful of ice-cream reached her mouth. "John could be Xander. God knows Cordelia's a show-pony!" She swallowed the spoonful with a pout. The red head waited until it changed to Carrie and Austen. "Buffy is Carry. Austen is Angel." She sighed. "The *perfect* couple. They even have the right hair colors." She noted absently. There was a knock at the door and she walked over, opening the door with a fake half-smile. She looked shocked as she saw blond hair. "Oh, hi." She muttered.

"Why are you in your pjamas?" Buffy said, sporting her new black, above mid-thigh, low cut dress and showing off her knee-high boots with an appropriate pose.

"Why do you look like a hooker?" Willow commented without thinking.

Buffy's mouth dropped. "Willow!"

"What? Huh? Oh, I said that out loud? Well, well, um, you kinda. do. Look like. that." She replied, hoping that the hellmouth would miraculously open up and swallow her whole.

The slayer frowned. "Are we still going?" She asked with a small voice.

"No. I don't feel well." Her red headed friend lied. "I just want to stay in. I'll see you at school tomorrow though."

"No you won't."

The girl looked confused. "Why not?"

"It's Saturday tomorrow. Listen, is this because of that Xander and Cordelia thing?"

"No. I'm fine with that." She lied again.

Buffy reached out and took her hand in a sympathetic gesture. "I'm here for you, Wills." There was a pause before Buffy took on a slightly hyper bounce to her stance. "Anyway, I'd better go. Angel will be waiting for me. Bye!" Then the blond bounded down her friend's front path heading towards the teen club.

Willow sighed and closed the door again. She turned to see the next people on the screen. "Evan and Vivian. Great. Who are they? Sneaky. plotting. never leave each other's side." It was a mere second later that two names fell from her lips. "Spike and Drusilla. That was easy." Then she flopped down into the cushions of the couch again. "At least *they're* together."

Spike wheeled his way through the mansion as he looked for his black goddess. When he found all the rooms empty he began panicking. "Bloody fucking hell!" He yelled angrily, running his hands through his hair. "Not my princess. Not my princess." He mumbled to himself in despair. He climbed from his chair and began pacing. "Not my princess." He said again as he then ran to her room to check one last time. His eyes fell on Drusilla's sleeping form on the bed. With a heavy sigh of relief he left again to return to his chair. "Bloody hell." He grumbled as he wheeled himself into the room he'd been told to sleep in since Drusilla' s raving a few days before. As he climbed from his chair into the bed he stripped himself of his shirts and pulled his pants down and took them off as he slid under the covers. He hoped the dreams wouldn't come again. One faceless person plagued his dreams, another faceless person had appeared after a few days, telling him in a muffled voice that his destiny would reveal itself soon. He was Spike. He didn't have a destiny. As his eyes closed, and sleep claimed him he could hear his brunette lover's words echo through his head. 'You love them more than me. You love them more than your princess!' She screeched. The dreams started again.