Title: Feather Light
Author: Tellie (Slayer Spike)
Email: slayerspike@unbounded.com
Fandom: Buffy
Rating: NC-17.
Summary: Buffy gets conned into playing a game with Spike and things start turning in a new direction.
Seaons: 4
Pairing: Buffy/Spike.
Disclaimer: The big guys (and girls) own this. Like Joss and Mutant Enemy. They even own me and my computer. They even own my toys. :sniff: I own nothing.
Dedicated to: Nightbird- for writing 'Nervous'. I love it. Write more. Please. :bats eyelashes: Pwetty pwetty pweeeeeeeeease?
Notes: < > = thought. * * = emphasis. ended.



"I don't know."

"It's simple, Pet. Just do it."

"Why do I let you get me into these things?" The slayer sighed. "What do I have to do?"

The blond vampire grinned. "Lay down."

"What?" The slayer screeched.

"Lay down." She gave him a cautious look. He rolled his eyes. "I won't do anything. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die."

Buffy giggled. "*Cross* your heart and hope to *die*? Something tells me this promise doesn't mean anything." The slayer took a relaxing breath then laid down.

"Close your eyes." He told her in a silky tone, leaning close to her ear.

The girl shut her eyes. "You better not be doing anything, Spike, or I' ll find a place to put my stake. that isn't your heart." Spike winced as he imagined. "Well, tell me what else I do."

"You have to do what I say. I ask a question and you answer it truthfully then you ask me one and so on. There are punishments to it. Remember, I've talked to Red so I know more than you think."

"Fine. Ask."

Spike sat up tall. "When we first met outside that club what was your first reaction?" He smiled as he waited for an answer.

"What kind of question is that?"

"If you don't answer straight away and truthfully I can do whatever I want to you without you being able to do a thing." He said, ignoring her comment.

Buffy squirmed a bit. "Ummm. 'he's a vampire'." She answered the question.

"Errrr! Wrong answer." He started to glide his hand along her thigh where her shorts had left the skin bare.

"Eeeep! Spike!" She gasped. She went to raise her hands to stop him.

"Uh uh uh, Slayer. No interfering." He whispered as he pushed her hands away. "Now, tell me the truth."

Buffy was silent for a few seconds until he went to ask again. "He's cute." The vampire smiled at the answer.

His ministrations on her leg lightened. "Ask me a question."

"Wait, what's your punishment if you lie?"

"I have to take a piece of clothing off."

Buffy tried to hide her grin. "What was your first reaction when you saw me at the Bronze?"

Spike stopped moving. <Shit. She knows.> "Wouldn't mind shagging her if she wasn't the slayer." He said truthfully.

The girl opened her eyes with a smile. "Really?"

"Yeah. Close your eyes again." His hand started moving again as she re-closed her eyes.

"When you heard about my 'career' as a vampire how did you feel?" The girl mumbled something. "That wasn't too clear, Luv." He started moving his hand further up her leg and unbuttoned the top button of her pants. She took in a quick breath.

"Turned on." She finally said with a frown. "What were you trying to do when you did your 'it makes me feel manly' speech to me at the school."

"Get you hot and bothered." He smirked.

"You're lying." She smiled.

Spike frowned. "How the bloody hell would you know?"

"I know these things."

Spike stopped moving his hand as he shrugged off his duster. "Done." He grumbled. "How can you tell when I'm lying?"

The slayer grinned. "When Angel came back from hell he told me a few things you'd told him when he was staying with you."

Spike started to curse under his breath. <So much for beating her then.>

"Why was I the first person you saw when you had the Gem of Amara? Believe me, I know this one."

"I wanted to kill you." He lied.

"Black shirt, Spike." The girl laughed. The vampire grumbled as he took it off as well.

Buffy raised her hand and touched his bare chest. Spike looked at her curiously as her hand glided over his cool skin. "What's wrong, Luv?"

"Just making sure you did it."

"What do you know about when I went to you with the gem?"

The slayer blushed. "I know you had a lot of wicked thoughts about seeing me when you had that gem. You were going to knock me out and take me back to your place and."



"Wrong. You just lied. You didn't know about me wanting you back at my place." He unbuttoned the last buttons on her pants. "Going to tell the truth?"

"No." His hand dipped inside the pants, making her moan. "Oh, stop." She breathed as he rubbed his hand against her mound.

The blond vampire tilted his head with a smile as he watched her facial expressions. Surprise, pleasure, he could even make out desire without even looking into her eyes. "Want something more?" He asked as her hand raised up to touch him as well.

She nodded furiously. "Now." The girl growled, her eyes flying open to match with his blue ones.

He started to peel off her clothing as she unbuckled his belt. "Spike." She grumbled when the buckle wouldn't behave. He quickly undid it and threw it on the already large pile of clothes. As she unclipped her bra she watched him undress. The boots, the socks, knock knock. What? "Bloody hell." Spike growled as he was about to remove his jeans. Buffy slumped back on the bed with a huff. Knock knock. "Gonna answer that?" He whispered to her.

She shoved the clothes under her bed and put a robe on, only taking out Spike's black shirt and passing it to him. "On. Now." He did as said. The slayer walked over to the door and opened it, purposefully putting a fake smile on.

"Hi, Buffy." The person said with a smile.

The slayer's smile dropped. "Riley."

"Bollocks." The slayer heard Spike curse as he quickly made his way into a hiding spot, without being seen by the commando.

"What do you want?"

"Is this a bad time?" Riley asked, looking at her cautiously.

"Yes. Kinda. Very important time for me." She said, hoping Spike wouldn' t hear.

Riley nodded. "Oh. " He stopped nodding and looked off into space for a few moments then looked at her again. "Oh. Oh, right, with the. girl problems. I see. Um, I'll come by tomorrow. Or, maybe next week or something. When this is all over."

"Yes! Yes, you do that. Next week will be fine. Good. Bye!" She quickly shut the door in his face and locked it, leaning back against the door. Spike peeked out of the closet. The slayer nodded and Spike walked out. "All's clear."

The blond took at step, looking hungrily at the girl. She returned the gaze as she walked towards him also. They met in the middle of the room, their faces an inch apart and not one part of their body touching. Spike raised his hand to her cheek, barely touching the surface. His hand moved along the cheekbone, still only with minimal contact, and along in a swirling pattern down her neck and along her collar bone. He restarted the trail with light kisses, the cheekbone, the neck, collarbone. His hand moved again, down her breasts and her abs moving lightly over the belt, undoing it in one simple motion. The clothing fell to the floor as he gazed over her form. His eyes drank her in as he hardened, wanting more than just seeing it. She moved forwards in a hypnotic manner, with every step she took he did too and eventually they were standing beside the bed. "I need you, Buffy."

"I need you too." She pulled his shirt slowly over his head while he continued unbuttoning his jeans. The vampire leant forward and nuzzled her neck, letting his tongue move out to trace a tiny pattern along the pulse point. "It won't hurt me." She put her hand to the back of his head and pushed him down closer. The demon's face slipped over his features as he sunk his teeth into her neck. He had expected pain but felt nothing. He started to drink then licked the puncture wound and looked at her. She pushed the pants down and smiled sexily at him. "Now we can both bite." The slayer knelt before him and took him in her hot mouth. He hissed as she made contact, keeping his eyes closed to feel the entirety of the pleasure surrounding him. She licked him up along the shaft and enveloped him again, pulling back using her tongue to trace along him and covering him again with all of her mouth. He groaned at her actions, putting one hand to the back of her head as he urged her on. She took it as a sign and sped up the pace, sucking but also letting her teeth lightly scrape over the skin. The other hand held her head as she moved faster and faster until he finally spilt his seed into her mouth. She sucked again, pulling back to free him. He looked at her with lust as she swallowed. A growl emanated from the vampire as he picked her up and threw her on the bed. A surprised smile spread across Buffy's face as he lowered himself between her spread legs.

"No interruptions this time." He spoke in a husky voice then captured her mouth in a hungry kiss, entering her with one hard thrust. The girl broke away and gasped in pleasure while he kissed along her collarbone once again as he thrust into her more. His tongue shot out into the hollow of her throat, slowly making his way up the column, gently sucking on her jugular earning a moan from his new lover. Buffy's legs wrapped around his waist as they both came near climax and she met him with each thrust. It became harder and faster the closer they came, moans and groans coming from both of them. Spike looked her in the eyes and she nodded. Blue turned to gold as he lowered his fangs to her neck, piercing the skin again and starting to drink. The slayer flew over the edge with a cry of pleasure at his act with Spike soon to follow. Afterwards Spike rolled off her, taking her with him and letting her be cradled with his arms. She fell into a happy sleep a few minutes later with the vampire drawing invisible patterns on her bare back. "I love you, Buffy." He kissed the top of her head then fell asleep as well.

"No. I don't think so." Willow said as she unlocked the door. One glance in and the witch's eyes went wide. "Umm, I think Buffy's had a hard day. I think we shouldn't disturb her."

"Oh, okay." Tara answered. "See you tomorrow?" Willow nodded, not letting the other witch look in. Tara walked away. Willow visibly relaxed and walked in, closing the door lightly behind her.

A smile spread across the red head's face. "I want details tomorrow." She whispered to the air as she changed and got into bed.

-- --

Buffy woke first in the morning, noting the cold arm wrapped protectively around her. She smiled and snuggled in then looked over at Willow's bed, seeing she was there. Her eyes went wide as she sat up, causing Spike to wake up. "Morning, Luv. How'd you. what?" He sat up and looked at her. She pointed to Willow's bed. He nodded and kissed her shoulder. "What?"

"She was here last night. She might've seen us in bed."

"That bother you?"

Buffy blushed. "She would've seen me and you. together. in bed. naked. She'll want details."

The vampire smiled as he got out of bed. "Don't forget to tell her about the part where we had the best sex I've ever had."


"Yeah but I think I'll have to do the 'tests' again." Said the vampire, in a professional doctor's voice. Buffy hit him lightly on the arm. "I' ll have to do a lot more tests. I might have to do them every night for the rest of the week. Or month. Maybe. year." He leant forward and captured her lips in another kiss.

"You're right. Naked Spike thoughts *are* good." Willow said in shock as she looked at the vampire as he stood naked in their room.

Buffy looked over to see the red head sitting up in bed, looking in Spike's direction. "Wills! Cover your eyes!"

Willow covered her eyes, a blush creeping over her cheeks as a grin spread across her face. "Naked Spike thoughts *are* good." The blond vampire mimicked, looking at the slayer as he got dressed. "I'd better go. Sewer entry is in reach so I can go walkabouts."

"Bye." Buffy pouted. He leant in and kissed her again.

"'Ey, Red? Think you can make plans to be elsewhere tonight?" He turned once her had his pants on.

Willow uncovered one eye, looking wickedly at Buffy. "I could do that all week."