TITLE: Halloween H2-Uh Oh (Part 1/?)
AUTHOR: Tellie (SlayerSpike) or (~`Spike's Pet'~)
EMAIL: slayerspike@buffymail.com
ARCHIVE: Yes, Haven of Fic and my site-: http://slayerspike.cjb.net Anyone else just ask.
RATING: 15/16 Het
PAIRING: Buffy/Spike, Angel/Willow, Oz/Amy, Cordelia/Xander.
FANDOM: Buffy, The Vampire Slayer
SUMMARY: It's Halloween and everyone has dressed up to go trick or treating. When the van breaks down they are stranded at a haunted house. Spike and Angel live in the mansion together. Well, asume that anyway.
WARNINGS / SPOILERS: Spike says 'bloody' a bit. No, make that a lot through the story. What you'd usually expect from a PG-15 story.
DISCLAIMER: The big guys (and girls) own this. Like Joss and Mutant Enemy. They even own me and my computer. They even own my toys. :sniff: I own nothing.
SEASON: No real season.
DEDICATED TO: Omega h, Tairis, Angie... Nightbird because it was her challenge.
NOTES: < > = thought. * * = emphasis.

~Opening Scene~

"All aboard" Oz said as he stopped his van outside Buffy's house.

Buffy and Willow stood on the curb ready to Trick or Treat.

"What are you Buffy?" Xander asked as he got out of the passengers side door to open the side door of the van for the two costumed girls.

"Well I made sure to stay away from gowns this year. I really wanted to go as a vampire slayer but Willow wouldn't let me."

He gives her an inquiring look. She lowers her head.

"I'm. a cat."

"To be a cat you'd need a tail and ears."

Buffy holds up her cat ears and Willow grabs behind her for the tail.

"She said she wanted to humiliate herself as little as possible so she's putting them on in the van. What are you?" Willow inquired.

"Ah, me, well, uh." Xander stammered.

Oz said though the window of the van "He's a dragon."

Buffy giggled.

"Like Puff." Willow giggled.

"Who?" Buffy asked, with eyebrow raised.

"Puff the magic dragon. who lived by the sea." Buffy giggles again. "You don't know him?" Willow said.

"Yeah. Just. Xander the magic dragon boy who lived by the hellmouth is a mouthful." Buffy grinned.

Oz interrupts "Come on, guys. We've still got to pick up Angel and the others."

"Hop in, Catwoman." Xander said as he glared at the giggling duo. "Watch it, Zelda." He added as Willow, dressed as a witch, went to touch his green tail.

Once everone was seated again they slowly drove off to get the others.

As they approached Angel's mansion Buffy let out a yelp.

"What?' Willow asked as she looked out the window to where Buffy was staring.

Buffy's mouth dropped even further than it already was. "Hottie at 12 o'clock." She said as she pointed to the person dressed as a baseballer. He had tight blue pants, white and blue striped shirt, a baseball cap and long socks pulled up to the knees. Angel was talking to him as the man's back faced the approaching van.

Xander snorted "Him? Yeah right. Everyone knows dragons are cuter than baseballers."

"Don't worry, Xander. We still love you." Willow reassured him.

Xander got out and opened the side door again for Angel and the mysterious man. "Hey, Dead boy. Hey." His mouth dropped as the baseballer turned around ".Spike?"

"What's your problem?" Spike asked as he hopped in the van with Angel follwing behind him.

Willow smiled and nudged a very shocked slayer with her elbow.

"You're not wearing your duster. He's in shock." Angel told Spike as the both took their seats.

"I told you I should've worn it." Spike said.

"Spike?" Buffy said with eyebrows arched and eyes blinking furiously.

"Yeah. What?" He knocked his cap back to show his face more. "I do have more than one pair of clothing you know, Slayer." He chuckled when she shook her head.

Angel said to Xander "And you are.?"

"He's Puff the magic dragon." Willow giggled again.

"Puff, 'eh? And instead of living by the sea you live by."

Buffy interrupts "The hellmouth. The joke has been done, Angel. What are you supposed to be?"

Spike smiles and shakes his head, looking down. Angel glares at him.


"Our Angel boy here is. a member of the M.I.B." Spike said whilst chuckling.

"It's okay, Angel. Oz is a guitarist." Willow said.

Angel glared at Spike again then growled. "Back off. It wasn't my idea." Spike said.

"It was a joke!" Angel said, trying to pass the blame back to Spike.

Xander hops back in the front next to Oz.

"Let's go, Oz-man, before they explode."

"Sure. I don't feel like wiping blood out of the back. Next stop, Amy's to pick up Amy and Cordy."

He starts the engine and they drive off.

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