Title: Halloween H2-Uh Oh
Author: Tellie (SlayerSpike)
Email: slayer_spike@softhome.net
Fandom: Buffy, The Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG-15
Summary: It's Halloween and everyone has dressed up to go trick or treating. When the van breaks down they are stranded at a haunted house. Spike and Angel live in the mansion together. Well, asume that anyway.
Season: Season 4. I haven't seen many eps yet but this is how I want it goddamnit!
Series: Uh Oh
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, Angel/Willow, Oz/Amy, Cordelia/Xander.
Disclaimer: The big guys (and girls) own this. Like Joss and Mutant Enemy. They even own me and my computer. They even own my toys. :sniff: I own nothing.
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Warnings / Spoilers: Spike says 'bloody' a bit. No, make that a lot through the story. What you'd usually expect from a PG-15 story.
Dedictated to: *Nightbird* *SaberShadow Kitten* *Angie* *Morgana* *Lissa Rae* *~Susannah~* *Susanne* andů *Tairis* *Omega h* & *Kylia* - (hope you like your guest appearances)
Notes: < > = thought. * * = emphasis.

"I saw someone." Cordelia whispered to Amy.

"Okay, now just have a little nap." She said soothingly.

Cordelia sat up protesting, "But I did!" Amy tried to push her back down but Cordelia stood up. "You think I'm going crazy don't you?" Tears started welling in her eyes. "Well I'm not. I'm not! I saw her." Amy sat her back down.

<Poor girl. I better help.> Tellina thought. She appeared behind the boys. "Shoot. Wrong spot." She muttered to herself. The boys jumped in fright, well Xander did because Oz just turned around, Xander started panting from the scare and turned around. "Uh, hi?" She said unsure of what else to say.

"Who the... what the... why the... you're a-a-a-a..." Xander tried to say but stuttered instead.

"I'm not a ghost." Xander exhaled in relief. "I'm the guardian of yours and everyone elses in this house."

"Guardian? No. No, we've had bad experiences with ghosts. Not good."

Amy looked over and saw who they were talking to and stood straight up. Cordelia stood up behind her. "That's her! That's her!"

"Hey, Cordy." Tellina replied. "Nice to see you again." She smiled.

"Nice? They think I've gone nuts!" She shouted.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to go at the last minute." She said sorrily.

"So, why are you here?" Oz asked the woman.

"I'm here to help. You kinda need to pass for a whole lotta reasons I'm not allowed to tell you about."

"Oh. Well, why do we need help?" Xander asked, trying to protect his pride.

"Because... with you taking charge you'll never get anything done." She answered.

Xander crossed his arms. Oz gave him a sympathetic pat on the shoulder. Amy almost burst out laughing and Cordelia smiled. "I like her." Cordelia whispered to Amy.

"Me too." Amy replied.

"I like me too." Tellina said with a gleam in her eye. "Infact I like me very much." She turned back to the boys. "I think Danny boy should take charge."

"Uh, who's 'Danny boy'?" Xander asked.

"I am." Oz answered.

"How do you get that?" Amy asked the werewolf.

Tellina walked over and stood next to Cordelia. "His real name is Daniel Ozborne. He's smart. He can get you through this. Actually, you might find that if you have an order that you can take charge in... like Xander was first then Dan,"

"Oz." Oz said. "I prefer it."

"Oh. Well, Oz second. You'll find Cordelia will come in handy in the one after. Amy last. You'll be glad to know there are only four rounds."

The booming resounded through the room again. "Tellina." Tairis whined.

"Be there in a second." She said. She looked at the boys. "I'll leave you with one of your ghosts. Ask it questions. Ask it to do things for you. Ask it anything. It'll tell you when it's not allowed to do something." With that she disappeared.

Tellina appeared knelt beside the unconscious vampires head. Buffy and Willow jumped back in shock. "He okay?" She asked them.

"Uh-uh, we're not sure." Willow said.

<Angel. Wake up. Angel, nap time's over. Angel!> Tellina thought as she ligtly slapped him on the cheek. "Angel?" She slapped him a little harder. "Angel?"

"You can hit him harder if you want." Spike said from his place on the bed.

Tellina looked over and gave him a small smile. "Angel," she said sweetly into the vampires ear, "wake up or I'll make Spike over there have a little fun with you." Angel opened his eyes widely and stared at the girls leaning over him.

Buffy giggled. "Well, At least we know how to wake him up from now on."

"He was enjoying the attention." Tellina said as she stood. "Time for me to go. Tairis broke our game centre again so I have to go fix it."

"He's a kid?" Buffy asked with her mouth open as wide as her eyes.

"A very big kid. Just likes games." She replied, then disappeared.

"Angel, how was your nap?" Buffy asked as she helped him sit up.

He rubbed his head, "Disturbed. Someone was telling me nap time was over. Then I heard that lady telling me what she'd get Spike to do if I didn't wake up."

"And he opened his eyes in record time." Willow smiled.

"You would too if you were threatened with something like that." He replied.

Buffy got up and walked over to Spike. "Hear that? He says he's scared of how you play. And Angel's always right." She said.

He opened his eyes and shot her a seductive smile. "Maybe you should find out for yourself."

"Down, Spike." Said Willow as she looked over at the duo.

"Angel, get your bird off my case." Spike said as he closed his eyes again.

"I think she has the right idea." Angel replied with a smirk. Spike's eyes remained closed but he growled at his sire anyway.

Buffy blushed and walked over to the fridge. <He wants me to find out! He wants me to find out! He did that smile thing he does. He did it to *me* too! If he's serious he's gonna have one heck of a time.> She grinned at the thought. <Ohhh, naughty slayer.> Buffy removed a sandwich from one of the shelves in the fridge. "Ooooh, peanut butter and jelly. Yum." She said, unwrapping it and taking a bite. "Mmmmm."

Willow helped Angel stand. Angel said, "While you're there, Buffy, can you get Spike an ice-pack."

"Don't you mean one for you?" Willow asked.

"No, I mean he'll need it to cool down." Angel walked over to the bunk that his childe was relaxing on and climbed up on to the top bunk. Spike opened his eyes and looked mischeviously at the underside of his sire's bed. Spike reached into his pocket and extracted the railroad spike he used earlier. The look he had of mischeviousness changed to that of devilishness as he plotted the many painful things he could do to the brunette vampire laying above him. Spike sat up slightly and jammed the spike up into the mattress. Angel yelped in surprise and pain. Spike grinned and quickly hid the spike back in his pocket and laid down again. Angel's head came over the side of the bed and gave Spike a look of warning. "Spike, I'm warning you."

"That's nice, Peaches. I'll take that into account when I jam it in a different place that'll need cooling down once you see the witch go to bed." He grinned, knowing Angel would be as uncomfortable as he had been earlier.

Xander swayed back and forth from heel to toe as he stood standing in the kitchen. "So... who's the casper we're getting'?" He asked the rest of the people in the room.

"Don't know. Maybe we have to go into the next room." Oz replied. "Maybe we have to do something first." He added.

"Well, we have all the time in the world to get out of here. I haven't slept for hours and I'm tired. Can we sleep first?" Amy asked with a sigh.

"Okay." Oz said. Cordelia walked back to the bed, took her shoes off and laid down under her sheets. Amy took her shoes off also and started the climb up the bunk above her and once there fluffed her pillow. She looked over the side of the bed at Cordelia.

"'Night, Cordy." She said. Cordelia opened her eyes and smiled.

"'Night, Amy." Replied Cordelia. The two girls put their heads back on their pillows and shut their eyes.

Oz and Xander looked at each other then back at the girls, wondering if they had been possessed to be so nice. "Uh, I'll take the bottom bunk." Oz said, sitting on the bottom bunk and taking his shoes off. Xander took his shoes off also and climbed up onto the top bunk and crawled under the covers. He exhaled a relaxed breath and closed his eyes.

An hour later after everyone in the room was fast asleep a small voice said, "H-Hi?". Xander leant over his bunk and peered out through his sleep filled eyes. Oz stirred and sat partially up also looking through his blurry vision. Amy rolled back over trying to get back to sleep. Cordelia covered her eyes with her arm and sighed, also trying to sleep again and soon became victorious in her attempts. Xander moved further over the side of the bed and kept trying to focus on the blurry image before him. His sight cleared and he saw the ghost of a young brunette girl before him. His eyes shot open even further and he jerked. This caused him to lose his balance and he fell over the side of the bunk and onto the floor. He thudded between the girl and Oz' bed. With the loud noise the girls' eyes shot open and they looked to where Xander had fallen. Cordelia noticed the ghost. The ghost was looking at Xander in disapproval, with one hand on her hip and sighed. "So, Xander grew up?" She said.

"You call that growing up?" Cordelia asked.

"Who's ghost is it?" Amy asked. "Cordelia's or mine?"

"Ow." Xander said as he rubbed his head. "But you have blonde hair."

"Not when I was young." She replied. "So, who's is it?" She asked again.

"Mine." Cordelia answered. "That would be what I'd say if I saw Xander fall off the bunks."

"Great." Xander grumbled. "I'm going back to sleep." He said as he climbed back up to his bed and laid down.

Amy looked over the side to Cordelia. "You could ask her something. That's what that Tellina person said you should do."

"But I'm so tired." Cordelia whined.

Cordelia's ghost shook her head. "I can stay for this room only. Then you will get another. You can sleep now and ask me things later if you want." The ghost of the girl said then hopped up and sat on a stool.

"Yeah. K." Cordelia said, not really caring about it. "'Night, Me Junior." She said, then fell into a deep sleep. Amy followed her with a yawn. Xander and Oz soon drifted to slumber also. Cordelia's ghost looked around and yawned. She curled up in her chair and her eyes started closing.

"Might as well get a little nap," She yawns again, "before work." She finished then her eyes closed and she too was asleep.

Ringing sounded through the room. "Oh great. She's back." Spike said, sarcastically.

"Nice to know I'm welcome." Said Tellina as she appeared, sitting on the edge of Spike's bed.

He jumped a bit in surprise then shielded his eyes with his arm. "Go away you annoying chit. You are achieving your goal in getting me *extremely hacked off*!"

"Maybe later, Fang. Right now, I'm bored. The other group is asleep and I need amusement. Spike, beat up Angel." She said.

Spike removed his arm from his eyes to look at the redhead. His eyes were wide and questioning. "Why?" He asked, closing his eyes slightly and looking at her cautiously.

"I need to see some action. How do you think I feel living in this house with only ghosts and Tairis. People come every few years. Mostly it's annual but sometimes we go without for a while. Tairis is great company, don't get me wrong, but sometimes we drive each other barmy."

"British much? Uh, why don't you just go?" Buffy asked.

"Well, I'm cursed to be here." She said, head lowered.

Buffy walked over to her and stood infront of her. "What did you do to get cursed?" She asked, softly.

"I had a gift." She replied, her eyes redened from almost crying.

"What gift?" Willow asked.

"I'm a wiccan. Like you, Willow. When I was born I was given my powers and two gifts. One was to communicate with the dead... that's why Angel heard my calls through my thoughts... and my second was to give people the love they want." She wiped a tear from her eye. "Yet I can never find love myself. It might be there but I will never be allowed to experience it." She said, sniffing. "I must go." She disappeared again and ringing echoed off the walls in the room.

Buffy's eyes began to well with tears. <I know how she feels.> Spike saw her eyes welling.

"Slayer, you okay?" He sat up. She looked at him and wiped the salt water from her eyes.

"Fine." She replied, sniffing.

"Hey. It's okay." He said soothingly. He patted the bed and she sat. He embraced her and stroked her hair, slowly rocking back and forth. "Shhh. It's alright." He whispered in her ear.

Willow had a smile on her face. <They are so sweet. Spike... sweet. He's sweet. That's sweet. That's... awwww.> She looked up at Angel. He had his back against the wall and his legs crossed. A smile dominated his face as he stared into space. He glanced at Willow and gave her a wider smile.

Angel mouthed the words, "I knew he was different." To her.

She smiled further and then looked at the couple on Spike's bed. Spike looked up at Willow and gave Buffy a kiss on the head as the slayer continued to weep on his shoulder.

In the abyss Tellina grinned. "Why are you getting all Cheshire catty, Lina?" Tairis asked his companion.

"No reason." Her voice betrayed her, sounding full of lies and happy.

"Liar. What?" He asked again.

Tellina giggled. "I just made my next move. So, ner!" Her voice telling the male that she was sticking her tongue out at him.

"You can be so childish." He said.

"Indeed. So, are we upping the stakes or what?" She asked. "I know you like a bit of a challege, Ol' boy."

Tairis huffed. "How many times have I told you not to call me that?" He boomed.

"What? Ol' boy?" Her voice was teasing.

"Yes!" He growled back.

"Oh that's nothing... Ol' boy." She giggled. Tairis growled again. Tellina laughed harder. Tairis sighed. Tellina laughed even harder. He finally gave in and started laughing too.

Xander tosses and turned in his bed. The mattress he was lying on creaked. Oz opened one eye, then the other and looked up to see the bottom of Xander's bunk creaking dangerously. He pushed his sheets off and slowly moved out of his bed. He stepped back a few paces away from the bunks and watched as Xander rolled around in his sleep trying to get comfortable. "That looks bad." Oz whispered to himself. Xander tossed again, facing Oz in his slumber. He smiled and sighed as he finally got comfortable. The bed creaked louder and the top bunk crashed down onto Oz's lower one. Xander awoke with a start to find himself lower than he was only a short while ago. He looked right, to the wall, then left and saw a pair of shoes. He looked up the legs, the chest and finally to the face of Oz.

"Hi." He said, simply. He then looked over to the girls and saw them both sitting up looking at him with shock. The ghost walked over, yawning, to stand beside Oz.

"Typical." Cordelia's ghost said. "I guess I'm going to have to clean up." She added with a sigh. "Get off the bed, Xander."

Xander sat up and got off the bed then stood beside Oz. The ghost walked over to the bed and waved a hand. The bed started to rebuild itself. The ghost flew up onto the top bed and started bouncing. It didn't creak. She stood up and bounced again and the bed still didn't creak. She flew back down. "I wanna do that." Amy said, enviously.

The ghost looked at Xander and shook her head. "You should be more careful."

"I was uncomfortable!" Xander said in defense.

"Yeah. Yeah." The ghost replied, yawning again, as she walked back over to the stool to sleep.

Xander started to climb the bunks. Oz tapped him. "Maybe I should take the top." He said. Xander blushed a little then took his spot on the bottom bunk. Oz climbed up to the top and laid down peacefully.

Cordelia fixed her sheets and laid back down to get comfortable. "Anything else you wanna do to get our attention, Xander?" She asked the boy. "Everything that happens with that boy is bad." She said to herself.

"A side-effect from dating you, Cordy." He replied, then fell into sleep. Not literally fell but... oh you know what I mean.

Back in the abyss, Tairis grinned. "And you think *I'm* a Cheshire cat. What are you up to?" Tellina asked with caution.

"Nothing. Nothing." Tairis said, trying to act innocent.

"Tairis..." Tellina said, egging the information out of him.

Tairis chuckled. "Nothing. I swear."

"You're trying to ruin my plans. Aren't you?" She asked.

"No." He answered.

Tellina huffed. "Fine. Two can play at this game." She clapped her hands together and rubbed them.

"What are you up to?" He asked. "You're not going to do anything, are you?"

"Me?" Tellina replied with mock hurt. With a grin she left.

"I'm warning you, Tellina. Don't interfere with my plans!" Tairis shouted to the empty air. Tellina's laugh echoed through the room.

"Don't worry, Ol' boy. I won't hurt your precious plans. I'll just be furthering mine." Her mischevious laughter was the last sound to be heard. Tairis sighed.

<Spike. Oh Spi-ike! Spike!> Tellina thought. Spike's head whipped up.

"What's wrong?" Buffy asked, now calmer.

Spike looked at her. "Nothing. Just thought I heard someone." He rested his head back on hers.

<Spike. Look, I know you can hear me!> Tellina thought again, trying to gain Spike's attention.

"Go away." He whispered.

Buffy looked up at Spike. "You want me to go?" She asked, a little hurt.

"No. No, no." He said, reassuring her. "No. Just a... a-a-a bug! Yeah. A bug."

<Another little blood-sucker like you.> Tellina thought absently. <Spike! Look, I know you can hear me. Mr.Bloody? Telepath for Mr.Bloody.> She thought, trying to sound like a bellboy with a phone call.

<I thought I told you to go away!> Spike replied through his own thoughts.

Tellina clapped. <Yes! You answered. Okay, here's the plan. Buffy likes to have her elbows rubbed.>

<What?!?> Spike thought.

<Just rub her elbows.> Tellina thought again.

<Why? And how would you know?> He asked. Tellina didn't reply for a moment. <Kid? You still there?>

"I assure you I am *not* a kid.>

<Well, tell me. How do you know?>

<I asked Angel.> Spike rolled his eyes and took his railroad spike out of his pocket again. <What are you doing?>

<I'm going to bloody well stab the twat. Him and his stupid taste for costumes. M.I.B. What is that anyway?>

<Men in Black and don't you dis his choice of costume, Babe Ruth.>

<Well, I'm sorry, *Casper*!>

Tellina huffed. <Sorry. I forgot who I was talking to. Don't expect anymore help from me.> She thought of footsteps then a door slamming. Spike heard the sounds she made through her thoughts.

"Fine by me." He whispered. He looked down at Buffy who was slowly drifting into sleep in his arms. He half-smiled. Willow sat softly on the edge of his bed and grinned.

"Wow. She really trusts you." She said with a goofy smile.

"Yeah." He replied and looked down at the blonde now asleep in his arms.

"What did you do? Rub her elbows?" She asked.

Spike looked at the red headed girl in shock. "What?"


"Rub her elbows?"

"You didn't know? It's like how music's supposed to soothe the beast. Elbow rubs soothe the slayer." Said Willow. She moved off the bed and climbed to the top bunk and laid down to sleep. Angel looked over at her and smiled. He winked at her.

"Perfect." He whispered, then jumped up in shock and a little pain. "Ow!"

"What?" Willow said, a little scared of what happened.

Angel growled and looked over the side of the bunk at Spike with Buffy snuggled in his arms. Spike grinned and waved the railroad spike at him. Angel sat back up on his bed and looked over at Willow. She gave him a curious look. "Maybe *I* should take the bottom bunk."

Tellina re-appeared infront of Tairis with a large grin on her face. "What?" She asked as Tairis eyed her curiously. He started to circle her. She giggled. "What?" He circled her again. "Hey! That's my trick! Don't. Tairis, it'll get you no where. I made that especially for the vampires so don't you go and nick my idea! Tairis..." She said warningly.

"You seem different. You *are* different." He said with a grin.

"Ugh! You can be so annoying." She said, making a cup of coffee appear. "Coffee or tea?" She asked.

"Tea is fine." He said as he sat down. "You still seem different though."

She shrugged as she made a cup of tea appear and handed it to him. "Maybe I am." She said then resumed drinking her coffee.

He sipped at his tea then smiled, putting his tea down. He stood up directly. "You like them!" He said with a smile.

"I do not." She said in defense. "They're all the same."

"No, that is not correct. They're younger than the others. You favour them." He said then clapped in victory. "Ha! Haaaa! You like them!" Tairis said. "You... like them! It's the maternal instinct, isn't it?" Trying to guess what his companion's reason was.

Tellina growled at him and walked over to the other side of their 'room'. "What would you do if I said 'yes'?" Tellina asked with her back turned to him.

"Oh, I wouldn't do anything." He said with a grin.

"Good." She replied, turning around and walking back and sitting down in a non-existant chair.

"I will, however, say something. Ha!"

"Ha? That's it?"

Tairis nodded. "But the power of that word is so... ah." He sighed. "I can do anything with that word. I can forever tease and torment you with it and... ah." He sighed again.

"I'm afraid that word does nothing. The 'ah' is annoying though. Maybe you could 'ah' me to re-death."

"You never died." He said, sipping his tea again.

"Yeah, but no mortal can..." She trailed off then looked up at Tairis. "You made me immortal?"

Tairis sat forward in his also non-existant chair. "Tellina, remember that time you found this place?" Tellina nodded. "Well, from the first moment you walked through the door you became an immortal. You're just lucky you don't have to go around like every other immortal and chop off each other's heads."

"I could do that?" She asked excitedly. "Now, the first time we got cable I saw that Highlander stuff but... I'm immortal?" She giggled happily.

"Yes. So, you can change your speech to 'I was born with three gifts'."

"Cool. So, you're immortal too. right?" She asked with a devilish grin.

He gave her a 'don't even think about it' look. "Not that kind of immortal." He stood up and put his empty tea cup down.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"I'm going to meet out contestants again." He smiled then disappeared.

"Don't mess up *my* plans, Tairis, or I'll have your head anyway!" She yelled into the abyss.

The ghost tapped her foot infront of the girls bunk. Cordelia awoke and looked at her. "What?"

"It's time to get up. I don't have time to stay around and wait for you to get your beauty sleep." Cordelia's ghost replied.

"It's okay for you. You're going to stay that young and beautiful forever."

Amy looked over the side, still weary. "Time to get up?"

"Yep. Once everyone's ready I'll start answering questions." The ghost walked over to her stool and sat down.

Amy leant over the small gap and tapped Oz on the shoulder. "Time to get up, Oz." She whispered to get his attention. "Oz."

He stirred and opened his eyes. "Amy?"

"Yep. Cordy's ghost is getting a little impatient by the sounds of things. We ask her stuff now or she'll go." She replied.

"Oh." He leant over the side of the bed and looked at Xander, sleeping peacefully. "Xander. Xand, time to get up." Xander didn't move. Instead he answered with an increase in volume of his snoring. Oz looked over at Amy. "Do you think he'd mind if we didn't wake him?"

Amy shrugged. Cordelia sighed and hopped out of her bed and bent down next to Xander's bed. She reached in and slapped him a few times on his shoulder. "Xander Harris, get up right now!" She yelled in his ear. He jumped at the volume and rolled over to meet Cordy's gaze.

"Hi." He said after the sudden intrusion of his sleep. "What now? Break a nail?"

"Better than breaking a bed. Me Junior wants us to ask questions now."

"She's as impatient as you." He threw his legs over the side of the bed and sat up rubbing his eyes and yawning.

"That would be because that is Cordy when she was younger." Oz said as he climbed down from his bunk.

"Yeah... well..." Xander said in place of a witty comeback he was trying to think of.

Amy climbed down from her bunk also and walked over to the fridge. She opened it and took a can of Pepsi out. She turned to Cordelia and the boys. "Want anything?"

Xander looked up and said, "I'll have a pepsi and a sandwhich."

Amy retrieved them and he walked over to her and took them. Amy looked at Cordy. "Want something?"

"No, thanks." The teen girl replied.

Amy looked at Oz and asked him without words. He shook his head 'no'. The blonde witch then looked over at the ghost sitting on the stool. "Can you eat?"

"Yeah. Not that though. I rather actual meals." Answered the ghost.

"That's what I said at one of my mom's brunches when I was little." Cordelia's said with a little giggle in her voice.

Xander rolled his eyes. "That's what I said at one of my mom's brunches. Hehehehe." He mumbled in a falseto voice. He groaned. Oz looked at him and Xander shook his head. "Don't worry." He said, taking a bite of his sandwhich.

Spike started stroking the sleeping slayer's arms in a soothing pattern. His eyes started to close then widened again. He was beginning to get sleepy. He knew he couldn't sleep sitting up so he started thinking of how to keep the slayer asleep and also lay down. He managed after a few seconds to get her laying down without so much as knocking her. He spooned her and once his head hit the pillow he was asleep. His dreams weren't filled with killing innocent people or even his sire. His dreams were filled with a certain blonde in his arms. He wasn't fighting her or kidnapping her friends or thinking of ways to harm her but he thought of sitting by a tree with her in his arms watching as the sun rose then set. "Buffy." He mumbled in his sleep.

Angel looked over at Willow who was already fast asleep like his childe and ex-lover. He sighed as he watched her chest rise and fall with every breath. "Willow." He said under non-existant breath. He was deeply in love with her. He thought there would be only Buffy until he really took notice to one of the slayer's best friends. He still didn't think she could ever love him. Or at least not fully because of the curse. <She's so fragile.> He took one last look at her then laid down with his head on the pillow. His last thoughts before his slumber were of her and his dreams were filled of her smiling and laughing with him as the sun set from their place on top of a mountain.

Willow stirred then sighed. She smiled in her sleep as she thought of the brunette vampire. She dreamt of breaking the curse and making him mortal. The dream continued as he kissed her lightly on the lips. After they had broken the kiss they walked off into the sunset together holding hands.

Buffy stirred. Inside of her dreams were Spike. They weren't kissing or hugging or holding hands. They were fighting. She smiled in her sleep. Buffy threw a punch. Spike blocked her punch. Spike threw a punch. Buffy blocked the punch. Spike grabbed both her arms and leant in close to her face. "I love you, Buffy." He leant further in and...

The four teens sat in a semi circle infront of the ghost. "So..." The ghost yawned as she continued her answer, "You get three wishes. Call me Genie and I'll do bad stuff to you." The booming sound echoed was again through the room. "What do you want? I'm trying to explain something to them."

"My, you *are* becoming more like Tellie, aren't you?" Tairis told the ghost.

"Not my fault." Cordelia's ghost replied.

The ringing rang through the room. "Hey!" Tellina said, hurt.

"Would both of you just go away!" The ghost asked, urging them to leave.

Xander smirked. "That's our Cordy."

Cordelia gave Xander an icy look. "Shut up, Xander." She told him.

A loud slap was heard. "Ow. What was that for?" Tairis asked.

"You've been influencing her! You shouldn't be influencing the ghosts! My ghosts!" Tellina replied with a little anger.

"No need to slap me up the back of the head." He whined.

"Yes it is. Now go back before I hurt you some more." She ordered.

"But..." He started.

"Go!" She demanded. A few seconds later the booming echoed once more.

Amy smiled. "Girl power."

"You sing Spice Girls songs and I'll make your stay very painful." Tellina said evenly.

"After what Xander did it is very painful." Said Oz. The cat Oz had before rubbed up against his leg. "Hey. I wondered where you went." He picked the cat up and started to pat it.

"Hey. That's Tellina's cat." The ghost hopped off her chair and walked over and patted the cat's head. "Hey, Mississippi. Why are you down here?" She said in a babying voice. "Awwww. Who's a pretty kitty?" She took the cat off the wolf.

Xander raised an eyebrow. "You can pick things up?"

"It's hard to explain. Well, only to people with very small brains."

Tellina appeared. "Mississippi, there you are." Tellina walked over and took the cat off the ghost. "I heard you call her name, Delia. Who found her?"

"I did." The werewolf said.

"Oh. Well, thank you. Need anything special just tell Delia and she'll give it to you."

"Get us out of here." Said the Zeppo.

"Except that." Tellina answered then disappeared with her cat.

"Great. The one thing we want we can't have." Xander huffed.

The ghost paced for a few seconds. "You could always ask for all over your ghosts with you at once. Maybe you could ask for all of us here all the way through the rounds." She smiled with excitement.

"Sure." Oz said, unsurely.

The ghost jumped up and down a few times happily then raised her arms above her head. She brought them down quickly as she snapped her fingers. A puff of smoke filled the room.

...Spike's mouth was only a few centimetres from Buffy's. They were about to kiss when... "Buffy. Buffy, wake up. Buffy, you need to get up now." Buffy woke up wearily to the sound of Angel's voice. "Buffy, time to get up." He lightly shook her.

Buffy looked around and noted her surroundings. It was only a dream. "Damn it." She cursed as she realised. "Go away, Angel. I was having a cool dream." She put her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes, hoping for the dream to return.

"Buffy, we have to go to the next room now." Willow urged.

"But, Will..." Buffy whined. She opened her eyes and gave Willow a look of pleading.

Spike walked over to her from the kitchen and sat on the edge of the bed. "Slayer, you do want to get out of here and see your mum, don't you?" He asked.

Buffy thought for a moment. "Just a few minutes?" Buffy asked, hopefully.

"No, Buffy. We have to go." Said Angel.

The ringing filled the room. "Not again." Spike said. "Go away you annoying chit!" He yelled to the ceiling. Tellina appeared behind him with crossed arms, tapping her foot. He spun around.

"I can make your stay oh so horrible, Spike." She said with a bitter tongue. "Just one step over the line and you will know things worse than... un-death." She took a few steps forward, her dress flowing behind her.

"And I can make yours just as bad." He said, narrowing his eyes.

She smiled. "Not likely. I'm as immortal as you are, Buster, so I'd like to see you try."

"How old are you exactly?" Angel asked, curiously.

"I can't really remember. Tairis said I was one of the first teams to come through here. I was about Buffy and Willow's age when I did. Been here ever since." She sat down on Buffy's bed. Buffy stood up from her spot on Spike's bed and walked over and sat beside Tellina.

"So, how long?" The slayer asked.

"840 or something. I missed a few years in between but that's about how old." The mystic replied. "But enough of that. You guys get all your ghosts now. The others found my cat so I let them have one wish. They wished for all the ghosts to be with their mortal selves."

"They didn't wish for freedom?" Spike shouted, unbelieving. "Xander did it didn't he? Stupid Twat." He mumbled.

"No, actually. Xander wished for freedom but the only way out of here are the ways I said before. Delia, Cordelia's ghost that was present for them, gave them the idea. They took the offer so now you can have ghost power."

Buffy shook her head, "I don't think so. I've had enough of ghosts for one lifetime."

"But these are friendly ghosts. Well, depending on how the person was at the time the ghost is made. Well, enough of that. Here you go." Tellina turned and held her arms high and wide. As if they were transported from the Enterprise the ghosts appeared. A little blonde girl, a little red headed girl, a young brunette man and a brunette man.

"Oh..." Was all Willow could say.

"I'd suggest you get acquainted with your ghosts. They'll tell you what they can and cannot do." Tellina turned to the ghosts. "Buffy Jnr, Willow Jnr, do what they tell you okay? Be good girls." She smiled then turned to Angel and Spike's ghosts. She frowned. "Behave or I'll make you do more chores. Angelus, be a good boy. Don't drive Angel insane. He's how you turn out, remember? William, do what Spike says. Knowing you you'll admire him for his bloody ways. And I mean that literally." She gave them a serious 'do what I say' look then disappeared.

"I'll never get tired of that." Willow said, admiring the exit Tellina made.

The other group of teens started coughing as the smoke began to clear the room. "Sorry." They heard Delia say through the smoke.

Once the smoke had cleared Amy noticed three more ghosts. Two young brunette boys and a yound blonde girl stood beside Cordelia's ghost, Delia. "Yeah. Sure." Xander said through a strangled voice as the result of the smoke. Amy elbowed Xander to look up and he did, instantly noticing the ghosts before him. "Hi." He added unsure of the new arrivals.

"Hi." Xander's ghost replied. "You're a real dork." He then stated as he inspected him.

"And you're an arrogant little idiot for using the term 'dork'." He shot back. "At least my ghost isn't as tiny and wimpy lookin' as you."

"Uh..." Delia started, rubbing her hands nervously together. "Xander... meet... Xander." She pointed them to each other. Amy hid her giggles. Cordelia rolled her eyes and Oz... Oz just kept to his usual face.

Oz thought for a second. "Hey! You insulted me." He finally said, plainly. The comment was directed at Xander.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to." Xander replied sincerely.

"Yeah. Well... don't do it again." Said Oz, his voice without a tinge of hurt in it.

"So, uh, where's my ghost? Amy?" Amy asked the ghosts. Amy's ghost stepped around the two boy ghosts she hid shyly behind.

"Pleased to me you." The young girl curtseyed and smiled warmly.

Cordelia walked over to Delia. "Well at least I know which one mine is."

"Mini me?" Oz asked the ghosts. Oz's ghost stepped forward.

"Yeah. Hi." The young boy said. "Name's Daniel."

"I know. I'm Oz." He said. "But I guess you already know that. Right?"

"Yeah." The ghost answered. They both looked plain. Mini Oz was exactly like his older self only younger. No expressions. A monotone voice.

The two Cordelias looked back and forth between the two Xanders and the two Amies. "What a happy, little, geeky family." Delia said, crossing her arms.

"Yeah, well, maybe you should start buying in the ladies section. Are those hips getting bigger?" Xander junior replied, harshly.

"What?" The little girl shrieked. "Cordy?" She turned to Cordelia with tears welling in her eyes.

"He's just being Xander." She replied. "You can be so cruel." She told Xander's ghost as she held her own ghost tightly in comfort. "That's not the kind of thing you say to your future ex-girlfriend." She grinned.

"What? Ew-yuck!" He spat.

Xander put his arm on his ghost's shoulder in reassurance. "And you are actually popular at school for a few glorious minutes."

"I am? Still, I'd rather be un-popular than date dragon lady." He stated.

"I am not!" Delia shouted at him.

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!" The fight began to raise in volume.

Amy looked at little Amy and shrugged. Little Amy said, "Did they change much?"

"Not at all." She replied, the both of them then turning to watch the rest of the battle.

"Buffy?" Buffy asked her ghost. The ghost nodded. "Wow, this is... me. I'm actually seeing... me. Young." She smiled.

"And innocent." Spike added, a grin prominent on his face.

Buffy glared at him. "Spike, not infront of the kids."

"Who's this hot mumma?" Angelus said as he started to circle Willow.

"Get away from her." Angel said.

The ghost smiled at him. "Not until you tell me who she is."

"My name's Willow." She replied. "And you're making me dizzy."

Angel stared down Angelus. "I was never like that when I was younger."

The ghost stopped and stood infront of his older (Much older) self. "That's because I'm acting like the younger generation. You'd be like this if you were born later. You see, I know what happens outside of this place. I know what the youths act like out there." He checked out Angel and smiled. "So, you're me? Handsome devil."

"That's just like you. To blow your own bloody horn." Spike's ghost said. He walked over to Spike and held out his hand. "My name's William." The hand started to materialize.

Spike took his offered hand and shook it. "I know. Soon, it'll be William the Bloody." Spike grinned.

"Great." William replied.

"So, Angelus, William, Little me and Buffy. How are we going to... address each other if we have the same name's?" Willow asked.

"We'll call the slayer 'slayer' and we'll call the you 'witch'. Easy." Said Spike.

"But I don't want to be called 'witch'." Willow stuck her bottom lip out and pouted.

"Alright, Red. We'll think of something else then."

"Call me that. I like that." She smiled.

"Okay. So, we have Red, Willow, Slayer, Buffy, Angel, Poof Junior, Will and me. I think we're done here."

Angelus looked at Angel. "I don't want to be called Poof Junior."

"You'll get used to it." Angel said.

"Are you?" Angelus asked.

Angel turned to face him and sighed. "That's not the only name he'll give you."

Angelus wrinkled his nose. "What else?"

With every name Angel extended a finger. "Soul boy, peaches, twat, prat, ninny, wanker, tosser, tosspot, twazzock, brood boy... shall I go on?"

"No. That's... fine." The ghost answered, inhaling and exhaling purposefully. "Why don't you just beat him up?"

"Can't. Soul." Angel replied.

"And this stopped you before, how?" The ghost asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

In the abyss Tellina sighed. "Tai-ris. Oh, Tai-ris." She bellowed with a sing-song voice. No response. "Hey, meddler boy! Get in here!" She yelled with a little more force. She giggled as she heard the male's muffled voice saying 'Coming, master. Stupid...' then the voice stopped as the person entered the 'room'.

"What do you want?" He asked, a little annoyed by her childish calling.

She grinned. "I want a friend. I'm getting a little too caught up in my work and you are always playing games with the mortals that come over so... make me a new friend."

Tairis sighed. He raised his arm and clicked his fingers. There stood Tellina's new friend. Tairis sighed again and introduced the two. "Tellina, Omega. Omega, Tellina. Have fun." He exited once again.

Tellina rose from where she sat and walked over. "Hi."

"Hey. So... uh..." Omega started.

"Let's go have some fun with the mortals." Tellina smiled widely and grabbed Omega's arm with over enthusiasm. "We're gonna have some fun." She grinned and snapped her fingers together. They both disappeared with a cloud of smoke.

Ringing echoed through the room shortly followed by chiming. The inhabitants of the room looked up and around. "And newbie makes three." Buffy said.

Tellina appeared. "Guess what!" She bounced happily.

"You act like Willow?" Buffy asked with a shrug.

Tellina sighed. "No." She shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Guess again."

Spike walked a few steps up to her. "You... are playing games with us to amuse yourself."

"Apart from that, Willy. I have a new friend." She smiled. "And I want you all to say 'hello'. And Angelus and William will be," she glared threateningly at the two, "on their best behaviours."

Angelus elbowed William. "Here that? Gotta be good." They both snickered.

Tellina turned around and made Omega appear with a flash. Angelus pulled a face at her as her back was turned. She spun quickly and pointed at the boy. He was zapped with lightning. "Behave, I said." Angelus rubbed his sore bottom.

"Can I do that? Please?" Angel begged. "I have a certain vampire I want to do that to." He looked over at Spike. Spike narrowed his eyes at him. Buffy slapped Angel lightly on the chest.

"You have to behave too." The slayer told him.

"Okay, okay, enough with the private chatting. Say 'hi'." Tellina ordered in the nicest way.

"Hi." Omega said, waving a small wave.

"Hi. I'm Willow. And this is little me. Oh, but call me Red because otherwise it's confusing." Willow introduced herself and her ghost politely.

"And I'm Buffy and this is Buffy too. Call me slayer because... well, that's who I am." Buffy held out her hand and shook Omega's.

"Pleased to meet you." Omega said, taking the offered hand.

Tellina, at this point in time, was talking to Angel. "Ange, I really don't think I should leave you with your ghosts unattended. I'll be with you or the other team. I can't help both of you at the same time. One of you will have Omega to look after you. Since you're the oldest I think you should decide which team gets which one of us."

"Why don't you let someone else decide? I don't know what would be best." Angel replied. "It's up to you and Omega."

"Well I don't know. I don't usually have this decision to make." She returned.

"Ask Omega then." They both looked over at Omega who was being introduced to Angelus, William and Spike. Spike clipped Angelus over the ears making Angelus hide behind Willow. "Uh, will you excuse me for a second?" Angel walked over just as Angelus found the behind sight of Willow and went to grab it. Angel caught his arm. "Don't." He said, firmly.

Angelus shook his arm free. "Over-protective." He started walking into the next room.

Tellina walked over beside Omega. "'Mega, do you want me to stay until you get used to it? A little help needed maybe?"

Omega nodded. "I think with this wild bunch I'll need a bit more than help. Especially if I'm supposed to keep the male ghosts away from the female mortals."

The two laughed as they followed everyone else into the next room.

Ringing sounded through the room. Delia whined. "What now?"

"Time to move into the next room, De. Get your troops and shove off. Got me?" Tellina said, but not appearing.

"Yes, ma'am." The ghost replied. The ringing came back then silence. "Come on. We're getting kicked out." Delia said to the others, sighing as she lead them into the next room.

Inside the next room it was made out to be a playroom. There were four other doors not including the one they just came through. "Here we go. Amy, go turn the hour glass thing over." Amy and little Amy looked at each other and then at Delia. Delia sighed. "Ghost Amy. Maddy." Amy's ghost did as asked.

"Maddy?" Oz asked.

"That was my nickname when I was growing up." Amy clarified. "Wait, what's the hour glass for?" Amy asked Cordelia's bossy ghost.

"That?" Delia asked back. "Oh, you have a time limit for this room. That's only because it's easy." She walked over and say infront of a pile of toys and started playing with them. The other ghosts walked over and started playing also. Daniel (Little Oz) picked up a toy guitar and started tuning it, Delia picked up a barbie and began trying different outfits on it, Maddy started playing with the stuffed animals and little Xander was playing with barbies. He wasn't actually playing with them. He'd undress them and giggle when they were naked. Delia took them off him and hit him on the head with one, then starting her fashion parade once they were re-dressed.

The teens all looked at them with mouths and eyes wide open. Xander decided he should ask, "Well, where's the clue then?" Daniel looked up from the guitar and pointed to a toy box then went back to tuning.

Oz walked over to the box and opened it cautiously just incase something decided to jump out at him that didn't include Mississippi the cat. Inside the box there was another piece of paper. He took it out and read it aloud, "Keys open doors. Four doors. Which key opens which door?"

Amy shrugged. "Let's start looking for these keys then." The four teenagers started to search the room for the four keys.

Angelus was already standing in the next room, sulking. "When he chucks a fit he really chucks a fit." Spike said to Omega as they see all the toys scattered around the room.

Tellina was still talking to Omega as they walked in the room. She still hadn't noticed the mess on the floor. "And call Spike names. He hates it. Make fun of his hair. That'll get a re-ac..." She turned her gaze and saw the room. ",tion." The guardian finished. She closed her eyes to half slits as she approached Angel's ghost. "Angelus, tidy this room up *right now*!" She ordered.

He looked up at her bitterly. "No!" He yelled at her.

Tellina's eyes started changing colour from green to brown and from brown to red then black and to green again as she started to become irritated with the ghost. "Do it *now*!" She growled.

"No!" He yelled again, defiantly.

Spike looked at Tellina and saw her eyes changing colours then looked back to the ghost. "I'd do what she says if I were you, mate." He warned.

Angelus stuck his tongue out at Spike. Tellina was about to yell at the ghost again when Omega touched her arm. "What?!?" Tellina screamed, then seeing who she was she did her best to act sorry. "Sorry. He's really getting on my nerves." She apologised.

"Can I do it?" Omega asked.


"Zap him?"

"Oh, sure, go ahead. Infact, do what you want with him. I'm going to help the others. Good luck. I mean it. You'll need it." She sighed as she started to disappear whilst muttering, "I'm getting *way* to old for this." Tellina then fully disappeared as she held the bridge of her nose, one of those immortal headaches were coming and it wasn't going to go away with a simple click of the fingers. Well, it would. She's just click her fingers and Angelus would disappear. She relished the thought.

Omega turned to the ghost with a wicked grin. "Hello, Angelus." Her eyes lit up when the ghost's eyes started getting a look of fright in them and the actual ghost gave new light to the term a ghotsly shade of pale. She laughed the best evil laugh she could manage. "This is going to be fun."

Buffy and Willow looked at each other and then at the new ghost master. "He's in big trouble." Buffy whispered to Willow.

"What'll she do to him?" The witch asked her friend.

Angel walked over to them. "Turn him into something without hands? And a mouth? Maybe even eyes?"

"That's going a little *too* far don't you think?" Willow asked the vampire.

"No. I think it's just enough." He answered.

Spike rolled his eyes. "You do know that that is you only younger right?"

Angel nodded. "I guess I was a little hard on him."

"I won't be." Omega grinned. "Tell me what I should do with him."

"Stop him talking." William said. Angelus glared at him and hit him on his ghostly arm.

"Done." Omega said and there was a flash of light.

Tellina appeared. "Avon calling." She said as she stood infront of them, striking a pose. "Guardian Tellina reporting for duty." She announced to the teens, saluting with one hand. "What question did he give you this time?" She asked, taking the piece of paper as Oz handed it to her. She read it quickly. "Oh, hey, that's one I figured out straight away. Why are you all still here? You should be in the next room by now."

Booming sounded through the room. "Tellina, I let your ghosts help them. You're not supposed to." Tairis said.

"Tai-ris." She whined. "Come on! You never let me do what I want." She pouted.

"I gave you a friend." He replied. "That should be enough."

She crossed her arms and looked down, muttering, "I guess. Now all I gotta do is get a boyfriend."


"Nothing." She answered, quickly.

"Good." The booming rang out through the room.

Tellina looked over to the toys. "At least one of your ghosts didn't chuck a fit and throw everything everywhere. It's going to make finding the keys a little harder for them." She said, sitting side-saddle on a rocking horse near the wall.

Oz walked over to his ghost. "Hey, Me, uh, can you give us a hint about what this means?"

Daniel looked at the sheet of paper then over at the doors. "Four keys." He then went back to tuning.

"Oh great. We have another cryptic guy on our hands." Cordelia threw her arms up in the air then let them fall back to her sides. "Fantastic." She added, sarcastically.

Oz looked at the key holes at the doors. "You know, there are so many different kinds of keys, Oz. You should know that." Tellina hinted, rocking back and forth on the horse.

Oz looked back over at Daniel, playing the guitar. "May I?" Daniel handed him the guitar and Oz strummed it.

"Ahem, uh, pi-han-o. Pi-han-o." Tellina disguised her final hint with a few coughs. She pretended to clear her throat and smiled at Oz. He walked quickly over to a toy keyboard and hit a key. Nothing happened.

"Which one?" He asked.

"Well, you only get six turns. If you don't get it within six. You get split up. If the other team uses their six up and don't get the right doors you all get split up anyway. She started rocking again. Oz looked back down at the keyboard and studied it.

Omega was grinning widely and evilly as the smoke settled from around Angelus. "Try that on for size." She beamed as the smoke cleared enough to show Angel's ghost with a collar around his neck.

William smirked. "Come 'ere, doggy. Come on. Come on. That's a good boy." He said playfully to Angelus, patting his knee so Angelus would go to him like a dog. Angelus punched him hard on the shoulder making Spike's ghost grab his arm in pain.

"Why would that work?" Buffy's ghost asked Omega.

Spike circled Angelus a few times. "Anyone got a leash?" He chuckled and backed away as Angelus started to swing punches at him too. None hitting him though.

Omega said, "Watch. Angelus, you're a pansy."

Angelus tried to speak but the collar electrified and shocked him. He tried to scratch at the collar but it electrified again and zapped him. Failing in his attempt at speaking or getting the collar off he decided to just give her a rude hand signal. Angel slapped his materialized ghost upside the head. "Don't be rude to the ladies." Angelus made strangling motions in Angel's direction.

Spike started to poke at the collar. It electrified again, shocking only Angelus. Spike chuckled. "I could get used to this." The blond said, poking at the collar again and watching the collar electrify.

Angelus stepped out of Spike's reach, his eyes narrowed on the vampire and went to punch him. Omega pointed again and smoke appeared once again around the ghost.

A half an hour later Oz still hadn't pressed any keys. Cordelia was getting impatient. "Hurry up, Oz! We do wanna get out of here ya know!" She said to the wolf with a large amount of anger and impatience in her voice. When he didn't do anything she walked over, took the keyboard off him and pressed five random keys. A rumble shook the room like an earthquake.

"Uh, that would be the wrong key, Cordelia." Tellina said, still sitting calmly on the horse.

The booming was heard over the rumble of the shaking room. "Tellina, you go too." Tairis said with almost an intoxicating amount of glee. "And there's no zapping yourself out of this one." He started to laugh evilly. "Mwahahaha!"

"What?!?" Tellina shrieked. "You can't do that to me!" She yelled at the ceiling.

"Oh, I think you'll find I can." Were the last words Tairis spoke before the booming once again rang through the room.

The room was shaking furiously. "What's going on?" Buffy's ghost wailed. She ran over to Buffy and clung to her side tightly in fright.

Willow's ghost did the same thing to Willow. "It's okay." Willow soothed, turning to Buffy. "Right?"

"Uh oh." Omega said. "The other team... they must've done something."

"Could've been you zappin' Angel boy." William said with a hint of fright in his own voice. "You set it off." He accused.

"Did not." Omega protested.

"Did too."



Then the floor opened up and everyone fell through with screams and shrieks coming from the terried inhabitants of the room.

The floor fell from under the group. The girls and Xander and his ghost all screamed like women. Under the original floor the smoke rose then slowly started settling. Everyone was coughing. Booming rang through the lower level. There was a sound of a chuckle. "I love this part." Tairis said.

Suddenly walls started rising through the new floor, splitting the group up further. Xander fell back as he tried to jump over the wall but the forcefield made him rebound. "Ah!" He yelled in pain.

Cordelia ran over to him. "Are you okay?" She crouched beside him and propped his head in her lap.

Xander looked at Cordelia as he rubbed his head. "Cordelia, is that worry I'm hearing in your voice?" He asked in a sarcastic tone.

She rolled her eyes and stood, letting his head drop back down on the ground. "Fine. Be a sarcastic dork."

"Ow, the words hurt." He added, yet again with sarcasm. "But not as much as my head." He added, seriously.

"I hope you get brain damage." She looked over at him. "More than you already have." The girl continued with fire.

Amy was coughing heartily as the smoke began to clear. She looked around with watery eyes. The first things she noticed were the walls deviding her from the others. The second was a figure laying strechted out in a darkened corner. She got up and walked over slowly and noticed it was Oz. He looked hurt. Crouching beside him, she inspected the cut on his head. She hissed at the thought of the pain he would awake to. "Ouch. That looks bad." She mumbled. The witch glanced around to see if there was something to help him. Nothing. Not even the toys were in her part. She looked up from where they all fell and noticed the walls didn't reach all the way up. She stood and tried to calculate the distance and if she could reach. Once standing she noticed that not even with Buffy's strength for jumping would she be able to clear it or even come close. "Damn it." The blond muttered.

Oz stirred. "Ow." He touched his head and tried to sit up. Amy walked over. "You okay?"

"Forget me. What about you?" She asked in reply.

"My head hurts. I think they were the wrong keys." He added, remembering Cordelia's hasty decision.

"We need to get out of here."

"Well duh." The voice came from over the wall. Then there was a cough.

Amy looked up in the direction of the top of the walls in confusion. "Tellie?"

On the other side of the walls Tellie stood with all the ghosts. "Great. They get each other and I get them. Perfect." She grumbled in sarcasm.

"You're fault for making us come here." Delia snapped. The little ghost sat on a rock and started crying.

Xander's ghost walked over and knelt before her. "It's okay, Cordelia. We'll get out." He offered her his ghostly handkerchief. She look at him and managed a small smile before taking it and wiping her eyes. He sat beside her on the rock.

"Guys, I'm going to see if I can check on the other team. Danny, you're in charge." She told Oz's young ghost. With a snap of her fingers she started to disappear. "Yes." She said, triumphantly as she faded away.

Buffy was half lying on something. It was cold. It was hard. It wasn't a rock. She opened her eyes to be greeted with dust flying into her eyes. She closed them quickly then looked up to see Spike under her. <If only this was under different circumstances.>

Then came the groan. "Ow." He began sitting up then noticed something was on top of him. "What now?" He opened his eyes slightly and saw Buffy looking at him. <I don't remember doin' anything. If we did we sure as hell wouldn't have clothes on. Dust. Rocks. Ah, right.> "You okay?"

"I wasn't the one unconscious. How are you?"

"I feel like I fell through three stories." He groaned.

She smiled. "Close. By the looks of it it was two."

He mumbled something then looked at her again. "Slayer..."


"Do something for me?" She nodded. "Either do something about your position or... do something about your position." He hinted to the other blond.

She took a moment to think about what he meant then looked down at how she was positioned. "Oh." She got off him as fast as she could. "Sorry. Here." The slayer added, stretching out her hand and helping the vampire stand.

"Thanks." He mumbled. "Where's the others?"

"Don't know. When I opened my eyes I saw these walls."

Spike looked up and down the two walls that were keeping them from the other group. "So we're trapped?"

Another boom echoed and a familiar voice followed. "Oh, not trapped. Just... devided. You still have to find your way out."

"He takes too much pleasure in his job." Spike told Buffy as they looked up at the ceiling.

Angel and Willow were trying to find a weak spot in the walls. Willow pushed her palms against the stone, hitting firmly every now and again. "It won't budge." The red head announced in defeat, slumping down against the cool rock.

Angel stopped what he was doing and walked over to her. "We'll just have to find some other way out."

"What if something happened to the others?" Tears began forming in her eyes. "What if they're hurt and need a doctor or something? What if..."

Angel cut her off, placing one finger on her lips. "Shhh. They'll be fine. He can't lose his players yet. He's having too much fun."

"Torturing us." She added, sadly. Angel gave her a sad smile then brought her into a hug.

Omega paced. "This is not good. This is not good." She chanted over and over.

"You're makin' me dizzy." William told her, watching her walk back and forth in a repetitive motion. "Sit down already!" He yelled, feeling like he was about to vomit.

The guardian looked at the ghost and glared. "Why aren't you worrying? We're trapped. I don't even know what to do! I get zapped here and fall through floors and now I'm trapped with you four! Why me?" She asked the celing, three floors up.

A shadowy figure started appearing. The shadow started getting lighter and lighter then formed into Tellina. "Okay, so I can go 'to' let's see if I can go 'from'." She looked up for a moment and saw everyone then looked down again. "Hey." The guardian paused and looked up again. "Hey. Why are you here?"

"You're team pressed the wrong keys!" Angelus yelled.

Omega looked at the ghost in shock. "I thought I put a collar on you."

"You did." Angelus smiled and picked up the broken collar then rubbed his neck. "Know how much that thing hurts?"

"Well, what about the cuffs I put on you?" Asked Omega.

Angel's ghost waved his arms around showing the broken link of the cuffs. Tellie looked at Omega. "Bad break." The guardian put a hand on Omega's shoulder and patted lightly in a sympathetic manner. "You're in big trouble."

Omega looked at Tellina. "Where are you going?"

"Uh, elsewhere. Like, somewhere far from him." She pointed to Angelus.

Angelus crossed his arms and tapped his foot in an offended way.

Tellina looked at him the pointed to him. He froze like a statue. "Can't stand tappers." She muttered.

Cordelia was pacing. Xander was sitting on a rock. "Don't just sit there!" She yelled at him angrily.

"What should I do, Cord? Pace? You seem to be doing enough for the both of us." He said, throwing another pebble at the ground.

She huffed and started pacing faster. She slowed and started waving her arms in a frustrated manner, mumbling obscenities under her breath. "I can't believe I got stuck with him of people. They have a real thing for punishment." She paused her words. "They could've at least had a bathroom."

"There is. Find your way out of here and you'll find one." Tairis' voice announced. "I guess this means you'll be trying harder to get out now, huh?"

Cordelia scowled, picking up a rock and throwing it upward. "Show yourself, bastard!" The girl began sobbing.

Xander got up and walked over to her, holding her tightly and letting her cry on his shoulder. "Shhhh, it's okay. If we're nice we might get a cookie." He grinned at her after his childish words. He looked up. "So, Wizard of Oz Guy... do we get any hints?"

"Hmmmm, uh, um, well, yea... no." Tairis laughed cruelly as he lead the words on. "Why don't you ask the traitor?"

"Traitor?" Cordelia asked.

Tairis sighed. "Yes. The traitor." The man's voice sounded pouty. "She's ruining my game."

Both Xander and Cordelia rolled their eyes. "Oh puh-lease." Cordelia finally said as she continued her pacing.

"Well fine!" Tairis said in his pouty voice again. "You aren't any fun anyway!" The ever-familiar booming was heard, then another familiar sound of... silence.

"PMS?" Xander asked Cordelia. She shrugged.

"Tellie?" Amy called again and got no answer again.

"I think if she heard us she'd be over here." Oz told her. Amy sat on the ground beside Oz.

The blond sighed. "I'm never going trick-or-treating again."

"I think that's a good idea. After the other times."

"I heard stories about Buffy turning into some noble woman and Willow as a ghost." She said. "You said times."

Oz shook his head. "Well, bad things happened. Like they usually do."

"Hey, Peaches!" A male's voice was heard. "Can you hear me?"

"That sounds like Spike." Amy said.

"Hey, Brood boy! You in hell yet?" Spike's cocky words echoed throughout the rooms.

"Yes!" Angel's angry reply was heard over the walls.

Spike turned to Buffy. "Whatta ya know. He's still undead." He gave her a grin then turned back. "Is the witch with you?"

"Yes." Answered Angel.

"How is the little spitfire?" Spike chuckled, knowing what Willow would say if she could.

"The witch is *fine*, Spike." Willow yelled. "Just a little sore. How are you?"

Spike looked back at Buffy and gave her a questioning look. "We're fine, Wills." Buffy called over.

"Buffy! Oh god, Buffy, I'm so glad you guys are okay." Willow's relieved voice was heard.

"Same." Buffy said. "Where are you exactly?"

There was a soft but hearable thump on the thick walls. "That answer your question?" Willow asked.

"Yeah. How thick is it?"

"A few feet at least." Angel shouted over the wall. "We'd never get through it. We'll have to find some other way out."

Spike rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "No duh!" He mumbled sarcastically.

Buffy looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "Spending a little too much time around us I think."

Spike gave her a half smile. "Never too much. Only not enough." He walked over to her until he was only a few inches away. "Unless you mean that Xander chap. He's an annoying git." Buffy laughed.

"I wonder where the others are." Willow asked Angel.

Angel walked over to the opposite wall of the one they shared with Buffy and Spike and thumped hard on it. There was a reply thud. "Xander? Oz?" He called out.

His vampire hearing heard people talking. "No!" Omega yelled back.

"Omega? Are you alright?"

"*We* are fine." Tellie called back with a slight laugh in her voice. "We meaning Omega, the ghosts and I. Not that anyone cares about yours." She said.

Angel looked at Willow and smiled. "That means yours is okay too." Willow sighed in relief. "Tell Buffy and Spike. I'll keep talking here." Willow walked off to the other wall and began her own conversation. "Tellie, I thought you were with the others when this happened?"

"Yeah. I can go from cubicle to cubicle but that's it. I tried going to the misty room but can't."

"Misty room?"

"Yeah, that's where the big boss man is." Tellie paused. "I have one word to describe him. Spoilt!" She yelled the last word. There was a loud boom that rang through every part of the house

There was a huff. "I'm not spoilt." Tairis said.

"Oh no." The guardians' voices were heavy with sarcasm.

An angry growl came from Tairis. "You just don't know the rules of the game." He protested.

"Old fuddy duddy." Tellina mumbled.

"Hey!" Tairis yelled. "I am not!"

Omega looked at Tellina. "Busted." She said simply.

Tellina gulped. "Yipe." The girl whimpered, clutching onto the other guardian as if she could protect her.

"Uh, ow." Omega said as Tellie's hands grabbed onto her arm from dear life. "Tellie, you are hearby banned from any steroids. You're grip is a killer."

"Not steroids. Chocolate." She corrected, still quivering in fear of what Tairis might do.

A soft chuckle was heard and then another boom.

"I am the All Mighty Tairis. Hear me roar!" Tairis chuckled in his room in the abyss.

"You are an All Mighty twat." A voice said.

"Oh go away!"

"I sent that girl to help you. *Not* so you could stick her with the players. Have you even given her anything yet?"

Tairis thought. "I made her a pool."

"Guardians her age usually get pocket money. If you don't she'll threaten to leave."

"She can't though."

"She can. All she has to do is possess one of the people that come here and leave in their body. Then she's free to go. For good!" The voice boomed.

Tairis sighed. "Fine. I'll do something nice." He mumbled. "Go away." He said.

The boom returned and Tairis' voice followed. "Alright. Listen carefully. Think about the wall and imagine it's gone. Walk through the door and you're in the next room." The boom came again and silence.

Cordelia looked up to where the voice came from. Nothing but air. "I want to know how he does that."

Xander walked over to the wall and touched it, closing his eyes tightly and trying to concentrate. <There's nothing there. There's nothing there.> He repeated in his mind.


"Hmmm?" He asked, eyes still closed and still concentrating hard.

"Uh, Xander?"

"Yeah? What?"

Cordelia giggled. "Open your eyes." She said.

Xander opened his eyes to see his hands on Oz'face. His hands came off at once. "Sorry."

"Hi." Oz said, gaining a giggle from Amy.

"Hey didn't that guy say it would lead to the new room?" Cordelia asked.

They looked around and to the side where the wall had connected to the other two side walls there was a door. "Next room here we come." Amy said as she started walking towards it.

Buffy and Spike had their hands on the wall. Spike looked over at her. "This is ridiculous." He muttered.

"But it'll get us into the next room so concentrate." The slayer answered.

"Slayer, he's probably up there laughing at us right now." The vampire leant back against the wall. "Bloody stupid if you ask... woah!" Spike fell back through the place where the wall had been with a thump. When he looked up he saw Willow giggling over him and Angel smirking. "Peaches, Red." The blond greeted.

Buffy walked over and stood over him too with her hands on her hips. "Going to stay down there all day?"

"Depends... are you going to change into a skirt if I do?" Spike grinned.

Buffy rolled her eyes and walked away. Spike stood. Angel slapped Spike up the back of the head. "You're sick." Willow said, giving the vampire a funny look.

Spike smiled. "Yeah but it was fun."

"32 bottles of beer on the wall, blood if you're Ang-el..." Both Omega and Tellie sang. The ghosts surrounding them had quickly become aggitated by their guardians' singing. Angelus did nothing short of banging his head against the wall and William played dead on the ground, occasionally strangling himself. Buffy and Willow's ghosts sat together and talked about nothing in particular.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Angelus yelled in annoyance. "I can't stand it anymore!"

Omega and Tellie both grinned as they continued singing, going off tune occasionally just to spite him. They stopped as they both burst into giggles. All the ghosts stopped what they were doing and looked at the guardians. "They've cracked." William commented in Angelus' direction. "They've been trapped in here too long."

"I say we celebrate." Tellie said, sitting down on the ground

"Celebrate what?" Omega asked, sitting down too.

Tellina thought. "To annoying people." She put her hands out infront of her and two Lemon Ruskies appeared in her hands. She handed one to her friend. "Bottoms up." They both drank in gulps. "I always say... 'Gotten suck in a weird lookin' pit? Get pissed'."

After a dozen or so bottles of the alcohol they were smashed and the ghosts were even more iritated than before.

"Well, at least the singing has stopped." Buffy commented.

"Why? I thought Angel's little cameo was quite nice." Spike teased his sire.

Willow rolled her eyes at Spike. "What do you have against him anyway?"

"Two words... 'no' and 'comment'." Spike answered. "Come on. We can get through the door now. Why are we waiting?" Buffy, Willow and Angel all looked at each other then shrugged. "Exactly the answer I was waiting for." He opened the door, blackness was all that could be seen.

"Wait a minute." Willow said, picking up her spell book that was sitting on a rock. "I had this when the floor fell through." She flicked through a few pages and held out her hand palm up. "In love and light. Give us sight." A small sparkling ball of light appeared in her hand.

Buffy looked at it. "What do we do with it now?"

"It says you can either throw it or..." She turned the page with the hand holding the ball. The page caught on fire and she dropped it immediately. When she went to step back away from it she fell and landed on her arse. Angel started to stomp on the flaming page and the fire was out soon after. "Ooops."

"Try again. You already know that spell." Buffy insisted.

Spike snorted and crossed his arms. "Yeah, maybe this time *we* can catch on fire."

Buffy scowled at the other blond. "Shut up, Spike."

Willow held out her hand again, both Angel and Spike took a few cautious steps away from the witch. "In love and light. Give us sight." Another ball of light appeared in her hand.

"Now this time let's try to not set something on fire." Spike said.

Willow looked at him then at the ball then back at the vampire. "Maybe I should see if it works on vampires."

"Okay then. Poofboy first."

"I'm not a poof." Angel growled out.

"You keep tellin' yourself that." Spike moved over next to the wall opposite the door.

Willow looked back into the darkness inside the door. "Okay, breathe." She mumbled to herself. Willow inhaled deeply then threw the mystical object into the darkness. It lit up everything inside, even though there was nothing there, but the flame kept moving and moving further and further away showing how far the door would lead. "I think I threw it too far." The red head turned to her friend. "What now? There wasn't anything there."

"That's what we *saw*. You never know. Tairis might be hiding something in there until we get there. Be careful everyone." Buffy started walking towards it.

"Wait. Why not let Spike go first?" Angel suggested, moving beside Willow and Buffy but turning to face his childe. "I mean, it was his idea that we go."

Spike looked at him with a small smile. "Don't mind if I do." Spike strode fearlessly into the black room with everyone else following behind.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhh!" Splash. Moments later... splash, splash, splash.

"What's that ticking and clanking?" Amy said as she walked through the door.

"Sounds like a machine is moving. Like pullies or something." Oz replied.

Cordelia tried to look around as she stepped through after them. "What, you mean? Like a trap do-" She screamed as they fell through a trap door.

Splash. Splash. Splash. Splash. As everyone floated back up to the surface they looked around and saw Buffy, Angel, Spike and Willow near them. "Hey, guys. So, you fell through too?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah." Oz answered. "Everyone okay?"

"My hair is all wet." Cordelia complained with fire in her voice.

Xander and Spike both rolled their eyes. "Yeah, like the rest of us." Spike returned.

"Where are we?" Amy asked.

"The pool." Buffy answered. "Spike and I found this when we were checking this place out."

Willow asked, "Then why is it so deep compared to the normal pools?"

"Ahhhhh!" Two voices yelled.

"Incoming." Angel said as Buffy, Willow, Angel and Spike all started to swim further away.

"What?" Xander asked before two figures splashed down infront of them, causing the pool to make a few waves.

Omega came up from the surface first and sputtered. "What happ- hey, Angel!" She said in her intoxicated state. She grinned drunkenly at him and batted her eyelashes.

Tellina surfaced a few seconds after and coughed a few times. "Hey, everybody!" She called out, still obviously drunk. "Now you say... 'hi, Docta Niiiiiick'."

"What's wrong with them?" Amy asked.

"They're pissed is what." Spike told her. "What I want to know is 'how' and if they can get the alcohol 'can I have some'."

"I have a different question." Buffy stared saying. "*Why* are they drunk?"

Omega splashed Tellie. Tellie splashed her back and a water fight started between the two. Then they turned to everyone else. As Buffy was about to ask again Tellie splashed her. Buffy coughed and sputtered a few times. Spike swam over and patted her on the back a few times to help her. "You okay, Pet?"

"Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!" Tellie squealed as she splashed around happily.

"Annnnngellllllll!" Omega copied. They both broke into a fit of giggles.

"Shite." Spike cursed.

The two guardians started looking at the vampires with wide grins. "What happened to Xander?" Xander asked softly, treading water beside Oz.

"Or Oz." The werewolf added.

Both Tellina and Omega started to paddle slowly towards the vampires. Angel and Spike started to swim away. "One thing I hate more than drunken girls are drunken girls with powers." Angel said to Spike as they started swimming faster.

"Angel, come back!" Omega wailed.

All four mortal girls started giggling, then laughing as Angel and Spike started trying harder and harder to get away. "I am going to remember this." Buffy started to paddle after the four already swimming. Amy and Cordelia looked at each other and started swimming also.

"I can't believe I'm doing this in a skirt." Cordelia muttered angrily.

"I can." Mumbled Xander as he watched her go. Willow, Oz and Xander all started to swim after them as they all headed for the end of the pool.

Xander was the last to get out of the water after swimming at a slow pace with Oz behind the rest of the group. Tellie and Omega were sitting on the starting blocks with towels around their shoulders. Both of them looked miserable. "Chop my head off. Pleeeeease." Omega groaned.

"Serves you right for drinking so bloody much your first time." Said Spike as he sat beside her.

"Did we do anything that we'd blush about?" Tellie asked, looking up at Angel who was bringing more towels over to them.

Angel smirked. "Yeah."

"You did a striptease for us and you begged us to do all sorts of naughty things to you." Spike added with a grin.

Omega and Tellina looked at each other then groaned in embarrassment. "Don't worry. You didn't." Willow assured then gave both vampires dirty looks. "You just... swam half of the pool length to catch them so you could do... stuff to them."

"I hate you, Tairis." Omega whined to the ceiling.

"Why? Did he make you drunk?" Amy asked.

"No but he gave us a reason too. You try staying in the same cubicle with Angelus and William playing tricks on you." Tellie said.

Buffy giggled. "I can only imagine. Where are the little brats anyway?"

"Hopefully... far, far away." Tellie and Omega both replied in synch.

Spike looked at Angel with a shrug. "What now? It's not like we have the stuff to give 'em for the hangover."

"Skip the fixing and get to the killing." Tellie whined.

Spike grinned at her. "That can be arranged." She looked up at him with a pout. He frowned. "Peaches, kill 'em."

"Why don't you?" He asked.

"She... pouted."

"He has a thing for pouts. Remember Buffy?" Willow nudged her friend.

Buffy glared at the witch. "I prefer to not bring that up. Ever."

"What about the other night? You told me how you..." Willow was cut off by Buffy's hand covering her mouth. Willow tried to continue talking through the hand but after a few seconds found she couldn't. Spike looked over at the slayer curiously.

Buffy started to walk Willow away, her hand still planted over the red head's mouth. "Willow and I are just going to have a little talk. Don't wait up." After they had moved away a few meters Buffy dropped her hand and turned Willow sharply to face her. "I know what you're trying to do so don't." She whispered to her friend.

"But I'm only trying to help." Willow protested.

"I'll take care of it myself. Right now I'm fine being mortal enemies with him."

"But he likes you." Willow said, pouting as she whispered back.

Buffy's mouth dropped and her eyes narrowed. "What did you say?"

"He likes you. In a not-killing-but-helping kinda way."

Buffy sighed. "Fine. We're friends. I'm not exactly his type. If you haven't noticed he chooses girlfriends that need him. Take Dru for example. She was crazy too."

"Everyone's a little crazy." Said Willow.

"I am the exact opposite of her. I don't need protection or help. I don't run off on my boyfriends as soon as my ex-honey shows up and I sure as hell don't look like her."

"Maybe he needs a change."

Buffy threw her arms up in the air in frustration then let them fall by her sides. "Willow, I'm not his type, nor will I ever be and if he wanted me as more than a friend then he would've said something by now." She paused and looked seriously at her friend. "Just... don't tell anyone. If I can live with it so can you." Her gaze softened and she touched the red head's arm in a friendly fashion. "I can take care of it."

Willow nodded. "If you say so. I just don't want to see you hurting."

"I'm fine. If I... hurt... I'll tell you." They both smiled as they made their way back to the group.

"Everything okay now?" Amy asked.

"Yeah." Buffy replied, nodding in Willow's direction.

"So, are we ready to find a way out of here?" Oz asked.

Buffy spoke next. "Well, at the other end of this room there's a door that leads back to the lobby. We can always start from scratch."

"Not gonna happen." Tellie said, leaning back against the wall. "Tairis isn't stupid. As much as I'd like to humor myself about it. He wouldn't make this so it goes back to a familiar place. Everything changes. We might see lots of rooms you've all seen before but none of them are the same."

"So in other words we're screwed." Cordelia stated.

"Tactful, ain't she?" Omega said then groaned at the sudden movement she made with her head. "I think I'll just stay still." The guardian rested her head back again very slowly so as not to jar herself again.

The two vampires chuckled. "Cor, that brings back memories except at least this time I'm the one laughing." Spike looked at Angel and put his hands on his hips.

"I remember the mornings after and you'd walk out with a hangover. You woudn't stop mumbling things." Angel replied.

Spike laughed. "Yeah, but don't forget what I was saying."

"What?" Xander asked.

"I'm gonna kill the bloody slayer that made me get this." Angel mimicked Spike's voice, looking at Buffy.

Buffy glared at Spike. Spike gave her a cocky grin. "I never made you go out and get drunk."

"Believe me... helpin' you lot and worrying non-bloody-stop if you'll be okay, I think a little comfort from my friend the bottle was worth it okay."

"You get drunk because we make you. Sounds like something you'd say." Buffy said. <He worries?>

The ever familiar booming sound rang through the room. Everyone groaned. "That's not the kind of welcome I expected."

"That's because you're not welcome." Cordelia yelled back.

"Ignore her. Her brain isn't linked to her mouth." Xander called out.

Cordelia smacked her ex-boyfriend on the arm. "Don't worry. Listening to women has always gotten me in trouble anyway." Tairis spoke.

All the women started to make sounds of protest. "That's it! You come down here so I can..." Buffy began saying, anger evideny in her voice.

"What? Hurt me?" Chuckled Tairis.

"For starters." Buffy added, her voice a little lower and menacing. "Then I'm going to hurt you some more. *Then* I'm going to go all out and *really* hurt you."

"Skip that. Just kill 'im and get it over with." Tellina grumbled.

Buffy shook her head. "Can't. I thought he was immortal?"

"He is. He'll come back though. That's what makes it so much fun when he dies. You can kill him again and again. Problem is he comes back."

"Aren't you friends?" Amy asked.

"We *were* until he zapped me down here." The guardian grumbled again.

Omega nodded in agreement then held her head as sharp pains shot through her head. "Ow. Yeah. Were friends."

Tellie rolled her eyes. "You've met him once."

"Doesn't that say something?" Omega grinned.

"Who wants to gang up on him?" Tellina stood carefully, making sure her head wouldn't hurt as she did.

"Oh! Me!" Xander said, holding his hand up.

Tairis huffed. "I try to be nice and give easy questions and give food and your clothes..." there were sounds of someone close to sobbing. "and what do I get in return? People ganging up on me and being mean." Sob. "I give you people, and vampires, more chances to get out of here than anyone else and you're always thinking of me as the enemy." Then he burst into tears.

In the abyss. Tairis sat by a microphone infront of a shoulder high dome. He held the microphone and pretended to cry into it. "Waaaaah! You hate me! Waaaaah!" He smiled as he faked his tears.

"Tairis? I'm sorry. I'll be nice." Amy's voice came over the speaker.

"Me too." Oz added. A few other voices were heard and Tairis began grinning.

"You will?" He continued his charade.

There was a pause. "Yes." Everyone answered.

"Good." He said in a satisfied voice was heard then the booming rang again.

"I have a sudden urge to hit someone." Tellie said, breaking the silence that had fallen over the group. Everyone barr Angel, Spike and Buffy moved back. Even Omega did. "Why are you moving? I'd never hit you." Tellie said to her friend. "Xander, maybe but you never."

Omega smiled and moved back to her seat. Xander, however, moved a few more steps away. "What'd I do?" The teen boy mumbled.

"If I said 'breathed' would you feel hurt?" Tellie inquired in a non-serious tone.

"Well, yeah?" He asked more than stated.

"Good. You breathed." She growled then held her head again with a whimper.

Angel crouched down beside her and put a calming hand on her knee. "I don't know what to do. We don't have anything to stop your pain."

"What do you need? We can zap it up. Can't we?" Omega looked at her companion questioningly.

"God I'm a dumbass. Yeah." Replied the red-headed guardian.

"Good. We'll need..." The vampire started saying.

The two guardians stared at the glasses in their hands with both interest and disgust. "And this is supposed to make us feel better, right?" Omega asked.

"You better not be joking." Scowled her partner.

"It's orange juice for crying out loud! Drink it!" Buffy yelled, after listening to the two talk on and on about how they didn't know if they should trust them.

Spike walked over and dropped two aspirin's in the drinks and tsk'ed as he walked away. "It's so... sad to see girls that can't hold their alcohol." Tellie had a headspin. "Nope. I lied. This is fun."

Angel slapped Spike up the back of the head. Spike rubbed the back of his sore head and glared at his sire. "I still don't see how being around the ghosts would give you a reason to get drunk." Xander said.

Tellie glared at the boy and held out her hand palm up. "In love and light. Give us sight." A fireball appeared in her hand. "See this little ball? Good, 'cuz when I'm through with you there *will* be light where the sun doesn't shine." She curled her palm closed, making the flame disappear.

"I never knew you could do that. Oh, hey, you did that. You... gave us the books?" Willow inquired.

"Cool huh?"

"I still don't see why you got drunk." Xander stated again.

Omega flicked her hand at Xander then returned to listening to Willow. Xander made a pained look as he grabbed his crotch. "So, you don't mind the presents?"

"Wait, you're saying this as if there were more than one." Amy said.

"That's because there were. Apart from the clothes and food and so on there were other things you will need to get through here. The witches have powers that they don't necessarily need the books for, Cordelia has power of the mind, Buffy has her centering state, Oz has speed, Spike can morph, Angel has extended abilites and if Xander thinks of that with his gutter mind I will have to do worse to him than I already have. Then Xander... who has his power of 'making' and removing objects." Omega informed the crew.

"I don't understand. Mind power?" Cordelia asked.

Both guardians looked at each other, silently pleading not to have to be the one to explain. Tellie sighed. "You can channel into people's, or thing's, minds and use your power of suggestion. A lot of the monsters..."

"What?" The brunette boy yelped.

"Shh." Amy shushed Xander.

"As I was saying... a lot of monsters in here are pretty stupid and can't really think for themselves. However the ones that can think by themselves will also be a lot harder to beat."

Oz put his hands on his hips and took on a look of thought. "Speed?"

"To put it simply... you move fast."


Buffy stepped forward. "Centering?"

The red headed guardian looked to her friend. "You're turn."

"Ever seen Star Wars? They do the..." Omega makes a movement like Qui-Gon with the force. "You can... do a force thing except it's not the force."

The slayer smiled. "Cool. Does this make me a padawan?"

Willow giggled. Omega shook her head with a slight smile. "No." Both guardians looked at each other then at their glasses. "No more questions right now." They said in synch then sculled their drinks. The two made looks of disgust as they swallowed. Omega glared at the vampires and cursed them silently.

Angel smirked. "It's better than a hangover though, right?"

Both girls grumbled. "Just... one more question." Xander moved forward to whisper. "Will I be getting my... ahem... parts back anytime soon?" He all but yelped.

Tellina's mouth dropped as she looked at Omega. She slapped her playfully. "I never would've thought of that."

Omega grinned then turned to Xander. "I would've thought that after hearing about your power you would've used it." The girl hinted.

Xander 'oh'ed and nodded. He looked at them with confusion. "Nothing's happened." He whispered again.

Omega leant forward. "You have to touch it." She whispered in his ear.

The boy nodded again then walked a few feet away with his back to everyone. He yelped. "Inside, Xander." Tellie called out. He turned his head and grumbled then turned back around to what he was doing. He relaxed and walked back to the group. "The rest of you should try now."

All the girls looked at each other then at the men and looked almost scared of what they would do.

Cordelia turned to Xander with an evil smile. The boy started doing the chicken dance. Buffy started laughing loudly and Willow fell to her knees from her uncontrollable giggling. "Cordy, stop!" The boy yelled.

"It's only a suggestion, Xander. Small minded beings take that as an order. Higher minded beings would just pass it as a suggestion." Omega told him.

Cordelia laughed and stopped Xander's dancing. "I can test people now? I wonder..." She let her words hang as she turned to Angel. A look of thought covered her face. Angel did nothing. The girl pouted then turned to Spike. He did nothing also. She tried everyone in the group, including the two guardians but no one else did anything. "So you mean Xander is the only brain dead one here?" She asked.

"That about sums it up." Tellie smiled.

Xander glared at the girl. "I felt like dancing that's all." He grumbled.

"Okay, so I gotta try my centering thing." Buffy took a deep breath and exhaled it quickly. She turned to face the pool and raised her hand. With a flick of her wrist a large wave started to built as it made it's way towards them. "Cool." The wave kept coming. "Uh oh."

"Crap." Tellina and Omega both said in unison. The wave crashed on top of everyone. A few moments later the water subsided.

"Next time you decide you want to play tidal wave, luv, be sure to warn us." Spike said as he got up, soaked to the bone.

Buffy sputtered a few times as she lay on the floor after the impact of the water. "Sorry." She muttered before rising also.

Cordelia looked down at her clothes. "Just great!" She shouted sarcastically. "Now I'm wet *and* trapped with you."

Spike took his duster off and hung it over a railing, laying his red shirt out beside it. "Stupid bloody chits." He grumble as he removed his boots and socks and putting them to one side, upended in hopes they would dry out a little.

"I want to know what my extended abilities are." Said Angel.

"Jump." Tellie told him.


"Jump. You know *jump*." She repeated.

The vampire looked at her then shrugged and jumped. Nothing happened. "What?"

"Imagine you're jumping really high." She said slowly so he could understand.

The vampire jumped again and this time went 15 feet in the air. He came back down with a shocked look on his face. "Is that all I can do?"

"Try something else." Omega said. "Stretch your arms, kick the wall, whatever."

Angel put his arm out to one side then focused. His arms stretched out a few feet. The vampire pulled his arm back and looked at the wall. He walked over and kicked, making the bricks smash, creating a large hole in the wall.

"Someone else now?" Amy asked.

"Why don't you two try it?" Buffy asked, indicating Willow and Amy.


"Say a few words." Omega suggested.

Willow looked at Amy. "Be it so, power forth, direct or group, which way is north." The red head chanted, raising her hands. Suddenly the group was turned to face the pool. "Oh goddess."

"I agree." Amy muttered. "Okay. Tentara, greya, lootu, venqui." She chanted, raising her hands as Willow had done. A great mist clouded over the pool and thunder and lightning started to flow through it. "Keraia letsu, fentiquo." Her hands fell down and the clouds began moving lower into the water until there was nothing left.

"What was that?" Willow asked.

"I read it in a book at home but I wasn't powerful enough to even get the surge."

Oz looked confused. "Surge?"

"Power surge. You get it when you mess with the big stuff." Tellie cleared.

The werewolf nodded. "Okay." He took a position ready for running and quickly shot around the edge of the pool to the other side. He ran again and within seconds was back with the others. "Great."

"It's not only for running. Move your hands." Omega said.

The boy looked at his hand and swung it back and forth a few times, slowly getting faster and faster the more he did it. He stopped and looked at everyone. "Would he be cheating if he went to the Olympics?" Xander asked. Everyone gave the boy looks or rolled their eyes. "What?" He asked. A few people groaned.

"You know, Oz, since you're so fast you don't actually have to run *around* the pool." One of the guardians commented.

Oz looked at the pool then at everyone unsurely. He took a breath and ran to the other end and back across the water. "Wow."

"Not that a little water would hurt *now*." Spike glared at the slayer. She shrugged and tried to look innocent. He looked over at Xander. "'Ey, Fairy boy, why don't you make a dryer appear? Then maybe we can get some of our stuff dry."

Xander grumbled and touched the ground pulling his hand up as he stood and made a clothes dryer appear. "Happy now, Junior?" Xander spat before taking off his shirt and putting it in the machine. Spike threw his red shirt in.

"What about the black one?" Buffy asked.

Spike raised an eyebrow at her before taking it off also and putting it in. "Want me to take anything else off, Slayer?" The girl blushed and turned to Willow, starting up a conversation to hide her embarrassment. "At least she was subtle." Spike said to Angel.

"Something going on that I should know about?" Angel asked curiously as he too put his t-shirt in. Oz threw his in also before taking Amy's jacket and putting it in aswell.

"No." Spike answered plainly before sitting on the log. "Who's up for a swim now?"

"I didn't bring my swimmers." Xander stated.

Spike gave him a look then stripped down to his boxers and jumped in the pool. Buffy and Willow's eyes went wide. "I'm up." Buffy said before stripping down to her bra and panties and jumping in.

"Buffy!" Willow yelled in disbelief. Before she could yell again there was another splash then Angel returned to the surface of the water. After a few seconds almost everyone was in the water.

"Mortals. Huh!" The two guardians snorted.

"They're having fun!" Tairis yelled in disbelief. "They're not supposed to... ugh! Stupid game." He mumbled unhappily as he kicked the dome, pouting.

A figure appeared behind him. "Yes, they are."

"Yipe!" Tairis yelped as he whipped around to see his frightener. "Oh, it's you." He said before turning back around to the dome again.

"Cheer up, Tairis. This is a social visit." Kylia assured before standing beside him. "Hey! They get a pool! Why didn't I get a pool?"

Tairis rolled his eyes. "Because, you're supervisor is a cruel man."

Kylia snorted. "Suuuuure and I guess you're Dr.Love?"

The man glared evilly before saying, "I'll have you know I'm very nice to my apprentice."

Now Kylia let out with the real laughter. "You've got to be kidding me. You? Ha!"

Tairis frowned. "No offence, Ky, but why are you here?"

"Oh, well, sensitivity training." The mood was now serious.

"I thought you said this was a social visit?!"

"Well, it was until 3 seconds ago." She looked straight at the man then at the dome. "Hmmm... I think that blond vampire should be with that red headed mortal. The blond one seems a bit... blond." She said conversationally.

Tairis grumbled something then turned to the dome and put his hand on the top.

Everyone was splashing at each other and screaming happily. Spike and Buffy faced off. The slayer splashed him and he lunged forward, dunking her underneath. Suddenly Spike was pulled under. The two blonds came up sputtering. Angel returned to the surface glaring at Spike, then swam back over to Willow.

On the edge of the pool two people sighed. "Let's go." Then they dove in.

Everyone started mucking about until there was a loud rumble, bigger than before.