Title: You Stalk Me, I Stalk You
Author: Tellie (Slayer Spike)
Email: slayerspike@unbounded.com
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Buffy notices Willow's acting strangely and decides to follow the red head. Spike notices Buffy's following Willow and decides to give the slayer a little of her own medicine. Neither of them know that Willow's following Riley. Who's Riley following? Write the 'who's following who' out on some paper and make it into a circle. Then you'll know.
*Nominee for BBF fic awards!*
Series: For What It's Worth... I Love You (Fic 7/?)
Sequel to: I Have Secrets
Prequel to: Hiding A Secret Is Hard To Do
Season: 4. Oz still left but Spike never got the chip. Tara & Willow aren't an item- since Oz only just left. Riley and Buffy are together. They all know he's a commando.
Pairing: Willow/Spike
Disclaimer: I own nada! Zippo! Bubkus! Nothing! Joss is the great ruler or all these wonderful things.
Archive: Ask me.
Dedication: Mina, Susanne and Vampie. My inspirers. Omega h for being a really great friend.
Notes: < > = Thoughts. * * = Emphasis. ~ ~ = Diary.

Willow was out in the park, walking through the trees. The playground would be coming into view soon, maybe she'd sit for a while... in the place Spike had found her, weeping over Oz. Pain started flowing through her body as she remembered her first love. The love she lost. She pulled out a tissue to wipe her tears away, sitting on the same swing she'd been on when Spike had approached her. She never noticed the eyes watching her as she sat there in her thoughts.

Buffy had been following Willow ever since she saw her walking down the street. For some reason she knew her friend was going to the park but didn't know why. That was a great make-out spot, why would Willow go there? Oh, and it also made it prime hunting grounds for vampires. She quickly brushed off the idea of Willow wanting a vampire to kill her. She was right saying that *now*, but if she thought that a few days before... the slayer would've been wrong because of Willow asking Spike to kill her.

Spike watched the slayer following Willow. He was going to brush it off when he noticed she was *following* her. Not the 'I need to catch up to her' kind of following but the 'what's she up to' or 'where's she going' following. He changed his path to give the slayer a bit of her own medicine, following at a distance.

Riley held his temperature finder in his hand, scanning the area for any 'hostiles'. A blond man in a leather duster walked past a few metres ahead, towards the park. The commando noticed the man had a temperature... just too cold for any *normal* human. He decided to follow before radioing in to the base to tell them his latest find. He had a stake and needed some practice.

Willow slowly swung back and forth on the swing, her feet never leaving the ground as she let her tears fall again. She absently wondered if Spike would come over again and get her mind off things. He had a way of doing that. Even now when he wasn't even near her, most likely off feeding somewhere, he was still able to get her mind off her troubles. Half-naked Spike images flashed through her head. She'd never seen a body so fine. Maybe Angel, the time she saw him after Faith had shot him with the poisoned arrow but that was the first and last time. So far she'd seen Spike in a towel, dressed in a pair of boxers and a barely buttoned up shirt- singing and dancing no less! and then there was that morning when she walked into the kitchen still half asleep to find Spike cooking breakfast. Her mouth dropped for two reason. He was only wearing his jeans, and then there was the fact he was *cooking* *breakfast*. He made some excuse about how she hadn't been eating properly and he wanted a decent feed when he killed her. She rolled her eyes at him as she ate the food he'd given her. She smiled to herself at the thought. Even if he *had* said it was for *his* benefit. <And what I would give to have a sexy guy cook breakfast for me every morning. No! Spike's not sexy! No! Bad thoughts. Okay, so maybe he's a bit handsome...> She started grinning to herself.

Buffy frowned. <Why the hell is she grinning?! Oz only broke up with her three weeks ago! I mean, he was everything to her! First boyfriend, the guy she lost her virginity to, her first boyfriend that also actually counted as a long-term relationship! He slept with someone else for God's sake! She isn't supposed to be happy! Angel and I were serious way before her and Oz and I'm *still* not fully over him. This is not fair! What the hell could get her so happy?> She moved forward a bit more, hiding behind a few bushes as she continued watching her friend.

Spike saw the slayer take up her spot to watch her friend. <Busy little bee, isn't she?> He decided to hide behind a tree just outside of her spider-sense range, studying her to get a better idea on what she was up to. He heard a twig snap not to far behind him but decided to wait until the person was a little closer to 'let them know' he had heard. He felt the ground move slightly under him, his alert senses picking up everything. He turned, throwing a fist in the thing's face and watched as the young man fell backwards. "Dinner is served." He went to bent down and pick the human up until he noticed the stake in it's hands. "Bloody hell. Well, if it isn't Riley Finn." Spike straightened himself, putting his hands in his pockets. "For some reason I don't think killin' the slayer's little toy would be a very good idea... since she's so close." <But it *would* be fun killin' 'em both tonight.>

Riley approached slowly towards his target, making very little noise as he moved until... *CRACK*. A twig snapped under his boot. He mentally cursed then noticed the thing looked very wrapped up in what it was looking at. Starting to approach again he tried to calm his heart down which he succeeded in doing. One more step... he was on his back on the ground with a thumping pain in his nose. The vampire turned and said something. 'Dinner is served'. He stated to bend down, the commando's head still spinning after the punch he received but it stopped. 'Bloody hell. Well, if it isn't Riley Finn.' It said. Last time Riley checked, the hostiles didn't know his name. Had their security been down? Had this *thing* been watching him? Either way things weren't looking good for the blond on the ground. 'For some reason I don't think killin' the slayer's little toy would be a very good idea... since she's so close.' Why was Buffy out here in the park? Sure it was a great place to kill vampires but surely it was too late for them to feed out here, most people would be on their way home. He stood up, taking a fighting stance. The vampire rolled his eyes at him. "One more dustpile for the night." The commando said as he lunged at the hostile, throwing some well practiced punches and kicks in it's direction.

Spike dodged all of the moves, giving a slight chuckle when he saw a slight look of disappointment fleet across the boy's face. The next punch, Spike stopped chuckling as all became serious and he grabbed the student's fist, starting to squeezed slowly until he felt the bones moving closer together, getting closer to the point where he'd hear the snaps and cracks of bones breaking. Riley grit his teeth, there was no way a hostile would beat him with only a few broken bones. The other fist came around in a right hook, aiming for it's temple. Spike ducked, the fist continuing it's path as Riley lost balance. Spike let go of his stalker's fist. "Sorry, Boy, no time to play tonight. My target is on the move." He started walking away.

Willow left the playground a few minutes before, walking out onto the street to keep walking back the way she had come when she noticed some movement in the bushes. Biting her bottom lip she checked to see if she still had her stake. Running in she saw Riley try and swing a punch at Spike but lost his balance when the vampire ducked. The girl ducked behind some bushes to watch some more. 'Sorry, Boy, no time to play tonight. My target is on the move.' The Brit said before walking off towards the park. Maybe now she could follow Riley and see if he'd talk to that Brae demon. <What's he up to with that anyway?> She thought before watching as Riley walked off after Spike. She decided to keep following. Maybe he'd give up on Spike after a while and go talk to that demon. She followed.

Buffy kept on following Willow. She saw her friend stop and hide behind some bushes. The slayer moved behind a group of trees, peeking through the gap that the branches of one of them made. Willow got up and started moving again which was the cue for the slayer to follow. And follow she did.

Spike saw the slayer, hiding behind some more trees. He shrugged, staying behind some of his own but only a few seconds later he was moving again, following the girl. He took on a look of thought when he approached the place he was just a few minutes ago. He decided that if this continued to happen once more he'd break the cycle. With a smile he walked on a bit more.

Riley's mind was on the job. Stake the hostile and report to the base. This commando was in action. The boy didn't even realise that he was approaching the place he was just a few minutes ago with the hostile. Was this thing running him in circles?

Willow frowned, she was back where she had started. What was making this guy go in circles? Apart from Spike of course. What was making Spike go back to where he'd just been? Was it some kind of vampire tactic she didn't know about? Maybe she'd ask Spike when she got back to her house. It seemed lately Buffy had kicked her out, ever since Forest's girlfriend had no place to go, that made Riley have no place to go, which in turn made Willow have no place to go except her off-campus house. Which meant staying under the same roof as a man that said he'd kill her when her best friend was watching. She gulped but kept on following.

Buffy groaned softly. <What the hell is she doing?!> She mentally yelled. <Something shady, that's for sure. What if she's waiting for someone? What if she's *spying* on someone? How the hell would Willow know how to spy?> She rolled her eyes at the thought.

Spike threw his arms up in the air in frustration. <Bloody stalking circle! Red must be followin' the soldier boy.> He shrugged, walking off in the opposite direction to Buffy to try out his theory. The vampire started walking down the footpath.

Riley watched as his target left. Quickly running to his 'dumping ground' marked by the Initiative where you could leave your commando clothes in an emergency, he ran back to the footpath to stay a reasonable distance behind the blond hostile. He fiddled with the stake in his trousers pocket.

Willow ran to catch up to the boy in front of her and came out onto the footpath and stayed a short way back. She'd find out where he was going and... hey, he was still following Spike!

Buffy walked out onto the footpath, trying to keep as hidden as possible out in the open. She could always tell Willow she didn't know if it was really her or something like that. She'd understand. <Why's she following Riley?> She thought to herself.

Spike saw Joyce Summers' house come closer and closer. With a grin he put his plan into action. He walked up the footpath and knocked on the kitchen door. "'Ello, Joyce. How've you been?"

"Spike." She said with a smile then motioned for him to come inside. "Would you like some hot chocolate?"

"With little marshmallows?" He asked with a boyish grin. The woman nodded.

Riley's mouth dropped when he'd seen his girlfriend's mother let the hostile in her house. Maybe that's how he knew his name! He'd gone straight to the slayer's mother. He just knew that when the hostile had gotten all his information he'd kill her. He would be the hero of this, score a few points with Buffy at the same time, and save the slayer's mother!

Willow giggled when she saw Spike go into Buffy's old house. She knew the respect the blond had for the woman, even if he continued to say he hated all mortals. This was just obvious. She watched as Riley ran ahead to go and most likely 'save' Mrs Summers. She started running too with a smile on her face.

Buffy watched as Riley went into her old house. She gasped. She hadn't even introduced him to her mother yet! What would she say if her boyfriend just turned up on her mother's door! She groaned, stamping her foot as she ran ahead, following closely behind Willow as she entered soon after Riley.

Joyce looked up when she saw her kitchen door open. "Don't worry, Mrs Summers. Everything's okay. I'll protect you."

"Pardon me?" She asked, looking at the boy as if he were crazy. "Who are you?"

"My name's Riley. I'm dating your daughter. And this man is here to harm you." He pointed to Spike.

The vampire chuckled, taking another few sips from the mug in front of him.

"I'll have you know Spike will not hurt me." Joyce countered as she sat back down beside the vampire.

"Oh, he's some kind of secret service guy. I wouldn't worry about 'im, Luv." Spike told the woman. "Got any more marshmallows?" He asked with puppy dog eyes.

Joyce smiled. He was like a little kid. "In the pantry, Spike." She pointed over to the doors and watched him get up and retrieve them.

Willow walked in, waving at her friend's mother. "Hi, Mrs Summers."

"Hello, Willow. Would you like some hot chocolate?" The woman replied, getting up to get some more mugs ready.

"Uh, sure." The red head replied, sitting in the chair opposite Spike.

"Wait, Pet." The vampire looked worried for a minute. "The slayer doesn't know I'm back. I'd better go." He stood from the chair, giving Joyce a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks, Luv. Sorry to drink an' run but your daughter has a habit of doing the 'stake now, ask questions later' routine and I don't think you'd appreciate me killin' 'er in your house."

"I wouldn't appreciate it at all, Spike." Joyce gave him a stern look.

The vampire smirked at her. "Okay, okay. Cheers." He walked towards the front door and walked out.

A few seconds later Buffy walked in the kitchen door. "Hi, mom. Oh, uh, this is Riley. My boyfriend." She sighed heavily.

Riley held out a hand to the woman and shook her hand. "Nice to meet you, ma'am."

"Riley, what's going on?"

"There was a hostile here. Named Spike." He replied.

Buffy went a few shades paler. She turned to her mother and Willow. "Mom, you let him in your house?!"

"Spike? Buffy, he hasn't been back here since he kidnapped Willow and Xander." Her mother took a few sips of her hot chocolate.

"Then who's that mug for?" Buffy pointed to the other mug on the counter.

"It's mine, Buffy." Willow replied with a smile, bringing the mug closer to her. "Do you *really* think I'd be in the same house as a known killer? He's kidnapped me once and I got threatened with a broken bottle. I don't want that again." She gave the slayer a small smile.

"But I saw him! I was here!"

"Yeah, how would Riley know about Spike? Huh?" The blond girl turned to point at Willow and Joyce.

Willow giggled. "Well, Buff, we've described him before and told him a few stories and how you caught him having hot cocoa with your mom. I think he's just day-dreaming."

"Well..." Buffy began saying.

"Buffy," Her mother started. "I was sitting down to a cup of cocoa when Riley came in. Willow came in a little while later. Riley refused a drink while Willow accepted. I poured her some and we sat to drink it. Then you came in. Is everything settled now?" She asked in a voice that would be used to a small child.

The slayer went to talk but no words came out. She looked up at Riley. "You must've just had a hard day."

"Maybe he saw a vampire, some thoughts of the description we gave of Spike came into his head and... he started picturing the vampire as Spike." Willow said with a shrug.

"Then he followed the vampire down this street, noticed my house and came in." Joyce added with her own shrug.

Buffy looked back and forth between her mother and friend. "Then why was Willow following Riley?"

"I thought he was going to find you and I wanted to talked to you about our assignment for Psych. I mean, I can't ask Riley because he's the teacher's, uh, pet. Yeah, and that would be cheating. I ended up seeing him come up here so I decided he might be coming to see you at your mothers. I come here and find out it's just him and your mom." The red head said, looking down at the mug in front of her.

The blond nodded. "Oh." She shrugged. "Well, Wills, you should drink up. I'll walk you home and we can talk about the assignment." She sat on a stool, motioning for Riley to do the same. "Mom and I can talk while you drink." She turned back to her mother then smiled and turned back to Willow. "And I'll say this before mom does... drink every last drop. Big girls need their cocoa." She said in a motherly tone before turned back to her mother with a grin.

Willow looked down at the mug. <But Spike drank out of this! Well, at least it's not blood. Hey, I can handle this. It's not like he has any diseases or anything. Okay, breathe.> She took a breath and brought the cup up to her mouth, giving Mrs Summers a 'here goes' look before sipping at the chocolate. An idea entered her head. "Oh, no." She groaned, putting the cup back down after the one sip. "It's cold. I can't drink it now, it tastes funny."

"Oh, just put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. It'll heat right up." Buffy said with a nod, turning back to explain to her mother why the woman hadn't seen her boyfriend until now.

Willow sighed, heating up the hot chocolate. There was no way she'd get out of this one. She sat back on the stool, looking up to see Joyce smiling at her, before closing her eyes and quickly sculling the drink. "Okay, all done, let's go."

Buffy sighed, halfway through giving her mother an excuse. "Hear that? Gotta go. Come on, Riley. Bye, mom!" She gave her mom a peck on the cheek before dragging her boyfriend and best friend out of the house leaving her mother to chuckle behind them.