Title: A Lover's Feast
Author: Triskell
Email: triskell@xpoint.at
Fandom: Star Wars TPM (Slash NC-17)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: First Time story for Qui and Obi
Series: none
Spoilers: none
Category: Romance
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Be warned - the first inspiration for this came in my bookkeeping lecture (!) AND this is my FIRST actual sex scene ;^D.

Italics indicate telepathic communication

© JEL, June 2000

"Master? Can you spare a moment?"

If not for the underlying currents, the calm tone and features would have belied the urgency behind the whispered question.

"Of course, Obi-Wan. What can I do for you?"

This brought a smile to the young man's face as well as a blush that most others might not have noticed on the bronzed skin. Qui-Gon did, however, and sent a small tendril of reassurance along the training bond, mirroring his student's deepening smile.

"I have come to a decision, Master."

Before the elder man could ask the obvious 'What about?' question, the Padawan continued - calmly, his face perfectly composed, his voice level, as if reciting the Jedi Code:

"I have meditated upon certain.desires and.feelings of mine that have confused and bothered me a lot lately. I finally found a measure of calm and acceptance and now I'd like to follow the course of action my heart and the Force prompt me towards."

Qui-Gon nodded proudly.

Excellent, Padawan. I couldn't have advised you better.

Obi-Wan blushed yet again, smiling happily and continued, his eyes on his Master's, his voice still barely above a whisper that echoed in the otherwise quiet room.

"I would like to ask a favour of you, Master."

"Anything you want. You know there is nothing."

"Please! Let me finish! Don't for one moment think of humouring me or just doing what I ask of you in this!"

Unaccustomed passionate defiance shone in the young man's eyes and Qui-Gon smiled despite himself, acknowledging his acceptance of Obi-Wan's leading in this with a curt nod.

"I want to make it clear first of all that this is a question I will ask only once - to be answered only once with a 'yes' or a 'no'. Neither this question nor what will come of the answer will ever be brought up again between us after tonight.unless you wish it."

The last words were quieter, though no less fiercely and determinedly pronounced. Qui-Gon sensed his student's stubborn insistence that this point was perfectly understood and accepted before continuing any further. He bowed his head in wordless acquiescence. Obi-Wan smiled shyly as he finally made his request:

"I would like you to spend this night with me."

Qui-Gon's smile didn't fade for a moment, though his surprise showed clearly on his face.

"You don't have to answer now, Master. Call for me when you have decided. I will be in the gardens."

Obi-Wan stood, bowed and slowly made his way out of the room, out of their shared quarters. He walked steadily, calm composure evident in every move. He didn't fear any sharp or cruel rejection in this. He had brought his hopes forward, and he knew instinctively that Qui-Gon would treat his silent plea with all due consideration.

They'd been living together for the better part of ten years now; their bond was strong and they cared deeply about one another. So, whatever came of this - it wouldn't affect their close relationship as such.

If they spent the night with each other it would be far more intimate and loving than a mere one-night stand. The mutual respect and affection they held for each other wouldn't let them give in to debase themselves by seeking only physical gratification.

While Qui-Gon contemplated the unexpected offer, Obi-Wan was sitting on a stone bench quietly, listening to the gentle mumbling of the water from the nearby fountain.

He knew that the change this night might bring to their relationship was the main topic of his Master's thorough analysis and contemplation. This was the key to whatever decision the elder man would make, and Obi-Wan had accepted every possible outcome.

Time trickled by slowly as the sun set in a bloody halo, casting red shadows across the glass and steel facades of the Coruscant skyline. The grey materials caught the last rays of the light, reflecting and magnifying them until they tumbled across each other - a maze of sparkling rubies in the stillness of the early evening hours.

Obi-Wan just watched the colours change, mingle and paint ever-altering shadows on the cityscape and the deserted corner of the gardens he was sitting in. He felt a gentle nudge on the training bond before he heard his Master's voice.


Yes, Master.

Will you join me in our quarters?

I'm on my way.

The young man smiled at the plants around him as he rose and while he silently left the quiet tumble of green, the winds caressed the still trees and bade them whisper and rustle as if in a silent goodbye.

Obi-Wan walked fast, though he didn't hurry. With the dawning realization that his most cherished dream, his dearest wish were going to come true that night, a calmness he had never known before seized him, a serenity he had never been able to command before.

In a flash he came to understand that he had not really doubted Qui-Gon's answer would be 'yes'. It was as if the Force were stirring in every breath, with every of his movements, telling him to take what was offered and drown in his share of true, heartfelt happiness.

When Obi-Wan stepped across the threshold, the quarters he had shared with his Master for so long suddenly seemed new and excitement made itself felt in a palpable strengthening and barely noticeable quickening of his heartbeat and breathing. Once again, he heard the deep, beloved voice in his mind.

I'm in my room.if you're really sure about this.

I'll join you in a moment.and Master - I am sure!

The young man shrugged out of his robe almost casually and took off his boots, placing them in their accustomed place beside the door to his room. He removed all clothing, save his leggings and crept silently, like a feline stalking his prey, towards his Master's door.

He felt a little shy all of a sudden, but, before the feeling could further take hold, he stepped inside and.found Qui-Gon, naked except for his leggings, lying on his back on the bed. His hair was loose and flowed like a wave of golden brown streaked with threads of silver across the pillow.

The fading sunlight caught in his mane, throwing shimmering reddish highlights on it and steeping the room in a warm, inviting glow.

"I was not sure about the suitable.attire, I must admit, but seeing your choice of clothes I guess I'm.dressed to the occasion."

The teasing was evident in the warm melodic flow of Qui-Gon's voice and his smile was indulgent and welcoming. Obi-Wan was mesmerized by the strange feeling of homecoming that assailed him there and then -was it the atmosphere or the simple joy that rose in him at seeing the beloved man in front of him accepting and cherishing what was to come in his usual heart-felt and generous style?

He didn't really care as he stepped closer, burning hunger in his eyes that showed his intents to make a feast of the man stretched out before him. And Qui-Gon would cover everything - from appetizer to dessert - most perfectly - as far as Obi-Wan was concerned.

A long look caressed the elder man's sprawled form - possessive, loving, passionate. The sharp intake of breath that followed his roaming eyes eliciting a smile on both faces.

"Obi-Wan.there is something you should know before.we continue this."

A solemn nod, and a small nudge of encouragement travelled the training bond, though this time the Apprentice directed them at the Master.

"I have no.experience in this kind of love-making. I have been with women only.until now and I'm not entirely.familiar with this.concept."

Obi-Wan's smile threatened to spill out of his face as it grew even more, and his eyes swam in a warm, gentle grey, eloquently speaking of his adoration and heart-felt affection as he replied:

"Then let me show you, Qui-Gon."

It seemed proper then to say his Master's name and the grin it earned him made it clear it had been the right choice. This night's joining would be a sumptuous feast for him, one that would keep his mind and body from starving in the years to come, though he would never be sated from the delights he was to taste.

Yet knowing that Qui-Gon wasn't exactly lavish in bestowing his trust on everyone he knew, the complete abandoning of his body to Obi-Wan was the most intimate present the young man's soul had ever been gifted with. So he chose to find a sequence of courses for the night that would give his partner as much pleasure as possible.

Obi-Wan took off his leggings and seated himself on the bed beside Qui-Gon's motionless body, letting his weight sink slowly onto the mattress. His eyes never left the other man's, cataloguing each expression, each barely noticeable shift of the large frame, every changing shade of blue in the sparkling eyes.all of this was his for the night.and the memories would be etched into his soul for eternity.

Tentatively, Obi-Wan's hand reached out, brushing softly against the bearded cheek, pulling the loose strands of hair from his beloved's face. His fingers drew an invisible pattern across Qui-Gon's face, starting with the eyes, gentling their way to the lips, bypassing the cheeks again, drifting downwards to the strong neck, shimmying the collarbone until finally coming to rest on the heaving chest.

It were merely butterfly kisses by calloused fingertips that barely touched and yet promised gentle passion in their whispering wake. Qui-Gon's eyes closed softly, the dark lashes shivering on his flushed cheeks.

As the elder man seemed at a loss as to how to respond, his hands clenching the sheets, crumpling them in a stranglehold and then letting go, lifting as if to touch Obi-Wan and falling on the bed again. The young man whispered into the lengthening shadows of the darkening room:

"Just lie there; you don't have to do anything. I enjoy watching your response more than anything."

Qui-Gon smiled, his breathing evening out a little and he opened his eyes, locking them to his Padawan's that had changed from a clear greyish blue to liquid black in the darkness and shone with a gentle fire he had never seen directed at him before.

A light playfulness took hold of Obi-Wan then, a free-spirited joy beyond any he had ever experienced. With every moment that his hand lay still on Qui-Gon's heart, the steady beat pulsed stronger against him, quickening in response to his own and entwining with his blood as it thundered in his ears and mingled two heart beats into one.

But Obi-Wan didn't plan to spend the night looking at his beloved and feeling his heartbeat - no matter how wonderful the sensation was. This was probably all the time he would have to cherish with this man and he wanted to make it more than good or special - he needed to pour all his love and longing into this act, this one chance he had and maybe.

He didn't finish the thought. It was something he must not indulge his hopes in. If Qui-Gon could love him as more than a filial friend -so be it - but if not.he would have tonight - always, in his memories.

"Shall we continue, Qui-Gon?"

"You lead, I'll follow."

The grin was infectious. Even in this, their light playful banter never ceased nor did the unconditional affection they held for one another waver.

"May I kiss you?"

"This is your night, Obi-Wan. You need not ask."

"I'm not going to do anything you're uncomfortable with!"

"I will complain if I don't share your opinion."

The young man chuckled softly, leaning closer, closing his eyes only at the last moment before his lips touched Qui-Gon's. A gentle, affectionate brush only and he pulled away again, earning a surprised mumble from his beloved. "You're not going to stop now, are you?"

"With a response like this? I don't think so!"

And Obi-Wan bent forward again, initiating another kiss, more demanding this time. He met no resistance and accepted the silent invitation to explore the elder man's mouth with his tongue. Tempered by their care and slow enjoyment of every moment, their kiss was pure sweetness that stretched into long seconds and minutes.

Remembering his hand was still glued to the warm skin above Qui-Gon's heart, Obi-Wan caressed the strong chest with feather-light touches, brushing the hardening nipples momentarily, before concentrating on stroking along the sides of the other man's torso.

Knowing his Master's most ticklish spots, he couldn't resist teasing them, which resulted in the kiss being broken and Qui-Gon's breathless laugh echoing through the still room.

"That's unfair!"

But, as Obi-Wan had hoped, his Master wouldn't pass up the opportunity and Qui-Gon began to tickle him as well, reversing their positions, till he was lying on top, pressing the chuckling young man into the ceding mattress and pinning him down.

The awkwardness of their situation seemed to have melted away all of a sudden and they were alone in this, their duties and respective positions forgotten.

Finally stopping his assault on his Padawan's sides and stomach, Qui-Gon grinned down at him, the long hair tumbling across his shoulders, brushing Obi-Wan's cheek. He was panting, breathless and flushed, but mirth shone in his eyes and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself.

"So, Obi-Wan, what are you planning to do now?"

"Stop teasing you and begin a more thorough.exploration."

"Are you not somewhat.hindered in your movements?"

"I think I can remedy that."

"And how do you th."

The rest of Qui-Gon's sentence was cut off as Obi-Wan surged up, kissing his Master, using the momentum to break the grip on his wrists, wrapping one arm around the elder man's shoulders and sliding the other one into the loose fitting leggings and caressing the firm butt.

The surprised gasp was all the distraction the young man needed to fling Qui-Gon on his back, straddling him with a triumphal laugh.

"Got you!"

"I'm not complaining.the view's a lot better."

A sly grin and mischievous twinkle caught the young man's attention, accompanied by large, calloused hands moving across Obi-Wan's chest, touching him in earnest for the first time. Encouraging the gentle strokes and tender pinching of his nipples with low moans, the young man's hands travelled up and down the muscled arms, feeling the firm peaks and hollows overlaid by soft, warm skin.

Did I hear you say you had limited experience in this?

I'm a fast learner, Obi-Wan.

They both chuckled, till a languid stroke and soft squeezing of Obi-Wan's butt prompted a feral growl:

"So you can't wait to continue? On to the main course then."

Qui-Gon could have sworn that the gaze of the dark eyes above him was positively primal in its lust, but he didn't have a lot of time for contemplation as Obi-Wan began caressing him in swift, firm strokes, kindling an ecstatic fire in his loins, swiftly peeling his leggings away from his body.

There was no hiding from the passionate moans and gasps that spilled from the elder man's lips and the unconditional trust between them seemed to fill the room with almost palpable affectionate caring and comforting sweetness.

Yes, this was going to be a delectable main course - having spent far too much time on appetizers, Obi-Wan's hunger and need to finally touch his beloved and become one with him had grown almost unnoticed and his until now neglected erection was rapidly filling and burning his senses away.

Feeling Qui-Gon's hard member pressing against his body, he knew there was no going back - and that he would have to move fast, if he wanted to make all his dreams come true.

"Need.some oil?"

The husky, breathless voice almost startled Obi-Wan, as did the sensation of a cool glass bottle slipping into his hand. An amused chuckle told him he was gaping.


"I'm.not all that.uninformed.as to certain requirements."

Obi-Wan grinned into the shadows of the room, taking the plug from the bottle and dipping his fingers in the slick liquid, coating his fingers, letting them warm it a little, before bringing his hand to Qui-Gon's opening.

You sure? I don't want to hurt.

Even in the mental voice, a low growl could be sensed:

Obi-Wan! If you think I'm faking.complete.senseless abandon and. staging it for your benefit.you're much.mistaken.

That's what I wanted to hear.

A smile stole across the young man's face as he slid first one, then two fingers into his Master's body, carefully stretching the taut muscles and preparing them for their imminent joining.

As the elder man arched into his intimate touches, his gasps ringing harshly in the still dusk, Obi-Wan shared the pleasure that freely flowed across the bond, mingling with his own and bathing him in absolute contentment.



And the young man slowly slid his aching hardness into his beloved's body, with a sense of homecoming - the rightness of their physical joining mirroring the shared joy that flashed in their souls and sang of love in their hearts.

Obi-Wan thrust deeply, savouring the feel of the calm, controlled strength that was Qui-Gon enveloping him, protecting him even in this act, and felt, in the deepest corners of his mind, how the treasured love he had cherished for the elder man was breaking free of its shields and flooding the bond between them.

He conveyed all of himself, without thought, without restraint or resentment, giving the utmost gift to his lover in this abandon. Expecting no return of his all-encompassing love for his Master, the emotions reflecting his own caught him unawares, like a tidal wave, sweeping him far out into the ocean of blissful satiation.

Two wordless cries echoed in the night, within heartbeats of each other, as Obi-Wan, with one last, hard thrust sparked that special gland within his lover once more, spilling his seed into the warm body. Qui-Gon's own climax followed rapidly, completing their joining with his own semen spurting across their sweaty skin.

Collapsing against his lover's body, Obi-Wan smiled, his cheek on the heaving chest. He was sated beyond all his wildest hopes and his body drained to such an extent that he fell asleep almost immediately, Qui-Gon following him moments later.

Obi-Wan woke to the tantalizing smell of porridge, maple syrup and strong tea when the first rays of the morning sun found their way onto his naked body. He stretched slowly, languidly and.remembered.

Breakfast is ready.


The young man sighed softly, as he grabbed his leggings. No change noticeable.yet. He had had a night to cherish and hold onto in the years to come and.strangely enough he felt no apprehension, as if the rightness in last night's lovemaking would somehow still bind him to his Master.

Obi-Wan trudged into the main living area sleepily, sitting down at his accustomed place, surveying the table sporting his favourite nutritious breakfast.and gasped, blinking in surprise as a large hand slid around his chest from behind and soft lips mapped his throat.


Good morning, Master.


The mental tone was teasing as was the tongue that decided just then to trace a pattern onto his shoulders.

You have told me that we were never to speak of last night again. unless I was willing.

"You are?"

Why do you think I'm currently busy enjoying the flavour of your skin?

Obi-Wan smiled, letting go, leaning back into his lover's caresses.

"I love you."

The warm breath tingled his sensitive skin once more; then Qui-Gon was standing before him, grinning.

"I love you too."

Brushing a quick kiss across his Padawan's tempting lips, the elder man settled down at the table, indicating the food:

"You'd better eat now.I'm determined to make you the main course for my lunch."

Obi-Wan laughed outright, taking the steaming bowl of porridge.

"Would you like me to leave some maple syrup for that?"