Title: Journey Along Destiny's Path
Author: Triskell
Email: triskell@xpoint.at
Fandom: Star Wars TPM (Slash)
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Obi tells his life from the end of Ep I up to his death
Series/Spoilers: nope/Episode I
Category: Poetry, POV
Disclaimer: The characters depicted here belong to George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars Universe - bet you didn't guess! No copyright infringement is intended.
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Author's Notes: Great big thank you to Dark~Angel for the beta...any residual faults can safely be attributed to me ;-)
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(c) JEL, October 1999

I love a ghost, the spirit of the man who was my life; My soul forever his, my heart a token of his love for me. I crave to change what has already come to pass, I Extricate all possibilities to form the only truth I find -


What power lies in one small word. It does not help my Aching body, nor comfort me when I cannot find much needed Sleep, but had I not screamed it there and then, I would be guilty Of much worse than grief and loss. Not realizing the inevitable Course of destiny that day would have shamed my Master's teaching, Shattered his faith in my abilities and borne reluctance to his trust -He gave me his life in the boy, his Chosen One, the surest token of his Love. I accepted it as I accept his death, though I never wanted to, I Did, and I am grateful for the chance I have to prove to him that I can Make him proud. Gone from this world, I have been taught to believe He dwells on yet another plane, an existence I cannot share, borne Of the Force, and his own power within its patterns. So he rests With me, buried in my heart, beating steadily in my soul, giving Me strength to live, bear and move along the well-worn path that Destiny has put before me.

The years have passed, blown steadily across the dunes like desert Sands and here I stand, alone once more, colder than before. Today I must begin the wait. I longed for it all this time - another


This one so hard and bleak it cut my soul that I had thought was Irretrievably lost when my true love broke down and died. The boy, grown up, a man - has run astray, fallen to the depths Of Darkness - a failure of my quest? I only wish I knew if my Dear Master feels I have betrayed him, shamed his faith and Trust, broken the tender bond that held us, led us to give all, share It, while we lived and loved. I gave away my student to a power Greater than all I can put up against it - as I once gave my lover To the flames. I lost my life once again, the Force has claimed it As it already did all those many years ago.

The sun sets on the desert world where all began and here will close The circle when the little boy is grown, a man, ready to face his father. He must conquer fate and find the strength to be the last Jedi. I am Weary. Nothing left but solitude. Time stretches age and here I am And wait - again - for my last, my greatest battle.


The last word that I heard. The boy has grown and I have lost His father. He can find the sparkle in him, bring him back, I must Keep my place - a shadow by his side. I waited for so long, and Still there will be years to cover on my own till I can finally rest Where I have longed to sleep all this time, all my life.


My student woke behind his Dark and faceless Mask and -Conquering his destiny - opened his son's path towards life. This is the night I have been waiting for - I will return to Happiness, will find the source of my love, my life.

"No, I'm no dream, love"

My journey is done, my circle in this eternity complete. My Master's arms enfold me, my heart has found its Peace and my soul the one true serenity.