Title: Severance
Author: Triskell
Email: triskell@xpoint.at
Fandom: Star Wars TPM (Slash)
Rating: PG
Summary: Obi after Qui's..."accident" at the end of TPM
Series: none
Spoilers: Ep I
Category: poetry
Disclaimer: George Lucas owns Star Wars, I own the poem. :D
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Warnings: I wrote it?! *grins*
Notes: There's a pic to go with the poem, find it here: http://www.user.xpoint.at/e.lebic/art/severance.htm

Thanks to Darry for the beta!

(c) Triskell, 6 May 2000


Touch me, warm me, hold me, love.

The bond of duty has been severed,
Our bond of choice was broken
By a callous, deadly hand; the token
Of my faith, a deeply revered

Possession - it is yours by right
And honour, yet I hold it in my hand.
For you are gone, your death has lent
Despair and grief to me. So bright

The days I had you by my side -
But shadowy my life seems now;
I'm held here only by my vow
To train this boy. I strive to hide

The loss that burns my aching heart,
The loneliness that drowns my soul;
I have learnt to endeavour, bear, control
The hate and rage, the grief and part

With what is past, a smile apparent on my lips.
Now I am cold and know not what to do,
For what I feel is beyond all, so much like you.
I know I cannot just forget, come to grips

With what has passed. Too dear you were to me
And of your memory my mind is never to be free.

Touch me, warm me, hold me, love.