Title: Your Eyes - Teacher, Friend and Lover
Author: Triskell
Email: triskell@xpoint.at
Fandom: Star Wars TPM (Slash)
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Obi thinks of Qui's eyes
Series/Spoilers: no/ending of Ep. I
Category: Poetry, POV, Romance
Disclaimer: Mighty George gave us this playground; I'm simply messing round in it for sheer pleasure (mine and hopefully yours 8^D); No copyright infringement is intended.
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Warnings: Obi's left alone - and lonely
Author's Notes: thanks to Darry for a great beta! Feedback is received with happy, contented smiles ;^D

(c) JEL, May 2000


Once mirrors of my conduct, stern;
Ablaze with judgements, truths to learn;
Once shuttered doors into your heart
That kept me out, kept us apart.

So many hours lost in bitter dreams -
Misunderstandings born of ignorance it seems;
For one day I looked straight at you,
Dove into depths of opaque blue

And drowned in warmth I had not known -
That was the day that made me all your own.
Your feelings shone within your eyes,
There were no barriers, sorrows, lies.

Your soul lay open to my gaze,
A vulnerable statue in a deadly maze -
With this one look you gave me all your trust
And I have striven, known I must

Needs live up to the goodness that's in you -
It took me years, but I was ever true
To what I swore I'd make you see,
That what my eyes conveyed was ME,

That every touch of your eyes did hold
The secrets, visions that the times unfold
And as we passed the threshold of our love
Your eyes shone like the skies above,

The mirrors of my better self, so warm -
A quiet lake before a fiercer storm.
Your passion burnt my loneliness away
And nothing could from you me sway.

Your eyes were first to see the man in me,
Your hear the first to set mine free
And yet you bound me to your soul -
In opaque blue my world was whole.

So easy, all our loving mockeries,
So heartfelt, open in our miseries
And in our happiness and joy -
But fate would seek us to destroy

The tenderness in your regard,
Sent spite and cruel death to ward
Off our peace and cherished smiles -
Your eyes were broken, sorrow whiles

Away the time I spent in grief
That no one ever will relieve.
My wishes, hopes and dreams,
Buried with your heart it seems -

My cheerful youth and loving heart -
Once yours, now barren that we are apart;
My cherished warmth, an everlasting vow:

To you I pledge myself forever, now
I must close my eyes and block out yours,
Must go on and eventually must close the doors

That kept your love open for me
Alone I am and will I always be.