Title: Love Letters: Moon Tide
Author: Diebin
Email: diebin@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Logan writes from . . . Bucksport, Maine.
Series: Love Letters - http://www.diebin.com/xmen/loveletters.html
Category: Logan/Rogue
Disclaimer: Marvel and Fox own their respective heros. Jay owns Jay's Oyster Bar, George Macloud owns Maclouds.
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Note: No offense is meant to anyone who likes lobsters. :) I grew up in a lobster fishing town in Maine, so no one loves the little buggers like me. But really, do you actually think Logan would eat one? C'mon . . .
Additonal note: Jay's Oyster bar exsists. I've been there. It's not in Bucksport (at least, not unless Jay has expanded and Bucksport has decided to climb out of it's financial decline) but that's beside the point. I love Jay's Oyster Bar, and to tell you the truth, it seems like just the kind of place Logan would dig. :)

January 14th
Bucksport, Maine, USA

Hey Marie,

Well, I took quite the trip this time. Up through Canada and swung back around and I'm in Maine now. It's not too cold here, actually--even though it's the middle of winter.

This is an interesting place, I'll say that. I don't know what to think of the people here. They're all very--well, they're very real people. I bet I could pop my claws and start waving them around, and these old fishermen would just nod and ask me if I wanted my lobsters hard-shell or soft-shell. They're that laid back, and I have to tell you, Marie, it's getting on my nerves. I'm almost tempted to do something really shocking just to get a reaction.

They talk kinda like you in some ways, though they don't drawl. I smile every time I here someone say I in that funny way that you have that sounds like 'ahhh'. There was this one waitress who asked me, "So, didja pahk ya cah round back theyah?" I love to listen to them talk. Reminds me of you, even though this is as far north as you get aside from Alaska, and you're from way down south.

I was going to eat a lobster so I could tell you what it was like--but I'm sorry Marie. Not even for you am I going to crack open one of those things. It's like eating a giant red spider, and I'm afraid I'm just not going through all that effort just for a little fishy tasting stuff. Not even for you.

When I get back I'll take you out and you can have one, okay? Just don't expect me to eat one too. I like red meat, Marie. Manly food. All this seafood shit is the kind of stuff Scott would eat.

Let's not even start with what the guys at Jay's Oyster Bar were trying to get me to eat. I kinda like the place, it's dark and musty and smells like the ocean, and the men who go there every day are just these laid back, down to earth fisher types. The waitresses all snap their gum at you and call you 'sugar' and laugh if you won't tip back and swallow a live oyster.

I didn't. They can laugh till they turn blue in the face, but I am not going to start eating raw fish. So if you've got some kind of sushi fetish Marie--I suggest you forget about it right now.

It's kind of funny, I seem to have landed myself in the middle of some kind of festival. Last night was the Moon Tide... I'm not really sure what that means. Something about a really full moon or maybe it was a new moon... but whatever it is, it only happens every couple of years, which doesn't make sense to me since you've got a full moon every month... but that's beside the point.

The moon is what makes the tide go in and out, or so I've been told by a few old fishermen. And every once in a while they get a moon tide, where the pull from the moon is so strong that it just pulls the water all up so that it runs over the docks and floods the streets.

Really strange theme for a festival, since I'd figure that flooding wouldn't be good. But everyone took the day off and shops closed up except for a few places like Jay's Oyster Bar and this place called Maclouds where everyone goes for silk pie. And they're just kind of... existing. After living in so many big cities, I forgot how small town people will just kick back and be, without worrying about anything else.

So in honor of this Moon Tide they had fireworks out over this little old fort they've got called Fort Knox. I've never seen fireworks in the winter before, hell, I didn't even think it was possible, but it was beautiful.

What do you say next time they've got a Moon Tide, you and me take a trip to some little town somewhere and watch the fireworks? Not to mention maybe we could take a tour around this Fort Knox--it seems like a fun place to get lost in. Lots of dark rooms and little corners to sneak off into...

Are you scowling at me? You'd better not be, because I'd think I made it clear enough to you how I feel Marie. I'm trying, at least.

Well, might as well try'n explain all the stuff I'm sending you this time.

First of all, let me explain about the shirt. I bought it for you, but I got you a big one since I figured it wasn't the kind of shirt you'd wear out or anything, it's just a cheesy t-shirt that says 'Jay's Oyster Bar' on it and has that funny little cartoon oyster. So I got you a big oversized one and figured you could wear it to bed or something. Turns out it was a good thing I did, because I slipped while I was climbing down by the bay, and took a nice tumble into the ice cold water, and when I got back the only dry thing I could find right off was that shirt.

So it's kinda been worn a little. I figure if you don't like that, I can just take it back when I get home and buy you a new one. But you can have it for now.

I got the baby one too. I don't even know if babies wear normal clothes--but I figure if they sell them that small then they must. So you and the baby can match if you want.

Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want at me.

I threw in the normal postcards, and a few rocks I found on the beach because I figured, if I got you rocks from Minnesota, might as well get you some from here.

I know you got plenty of scarves already, but these were kinda hard to pass up. They're so thin I can hardly believe it, and the fabric's really soft. I found them at this weird little store called the Grasshopper Shop, which I still don't quite get because it had nothing to do with bugs. It was lots of artsy girly stuff in there, and I think the lady working there was a little scared the whole time I was in there. She followed me around like I was going to break something or steal something.

I couldn't help it Marie. I had to growl at her. I felt bad afterwards though, she just about fainted. So I paid for the stuff really quick and left before she called the cops. I think she's my least favorite person I've met so far.

I'm getting antsy, as nice as these people are, so I think it's about time to move on. I'm not sure where I'm heading, but I was thinking maybe south. It's cold up here at night, when I'm lying by myself. I don't think I want to be any place this cold again until I've got you to keep me from gettin' too lonely.

And I'll just stop writing now before I convince myself to go back up and scribble that whole last paragraph out.

Miss you darling.


"Okay, Jubes--" Kitty slammed the door open and stood in the doorway, her arms crossed over her chest. "This is it. She's lost it."

"Huh?" The younger girl slipped her headphones off, looking up at her roommate. "Who's done what?"

Kitty ground her teeth together and snagged Jubilee by the arm. At least she tried too, she was so distracted that her hand passed right though the other girl on the first try. "Shit, see how upset I am?"

Jubilee blinked. "What did she get in that box yesterday?"

"Follow me."

Rogue was in the nursery Jean had set up for the baby, cradling the little girl carefully in gloved arms. She looked beautiful with the soft expression on her face, and aside from the fashion-horror of a t-shirt she was wearing, Jubilee didn't quite see the problem.

Kitty pulled Jubilee away from the door with an expectant look, but Jubilee just rolled her eyes and lowered her voice. "So she's holding the baby. She always holds the baby when she's got free time. And other than the fact that her t-shirt is ugly as sin and looks like it hasn't been washed..." Jubilee craned her neck around to peek into the room again and squinted. "And it has an oyster dancing on it, which okay, granted, makes me wonder a little..."

"Just shut up and listen," Kitty hissed.

Rogue was making annoying little baby noises, which seemed pretty average of what most people did when they were holding kids, so Jubilee shot Kitty a look.

"Listen," the girl hissed again.

Then Rogue started talking to the baby, holding her up in the air over her head and smiling.

The first thing Jubilee noticed was the baby wearing a matching ugly t-shirt. Okay, that was a little disturbing.

Then she actually listened to what Rogue was saying.

"Daddy got you a shirt, Kari," she whispered, settling the baby back down into her arms.

Jubilee's eyes bugged out and she dragged Kitty down the hallway. "Daddy?" she hissed. "Did Rogue just say what I think she said."

"She's cracked," Kitty affirmed. "We live with a maniac."

Jubilee slid down the wall and shoved her fist up to her mouth, trying to stifle laughter. "That is the cutest thing I've ever seen."

"Cute?" Kitty tried to glare, but her mouth quirked. Jubilee took one look at her and tipped over, clutching at her sides as she burst out laughing.

"It's not--" watching Jubilee rolling around shrieking with hysterical laugher was taking it's toll on her ability to be serious. "Jubes, it's not--"

"It's freaking fabulous," Jubilee gasped out, rolling over onto her back. "Damn, she loves him! And the fact that he's sending her boxes of gifts every month kinda makes me think he's not exactly oblivious to her..."

Kitty slid down the wall to sit next to Jubilee. "She called him Daddy," she muttered, shaking her head. "Dear lord, if one of us called Wolverine 'Daddy', I think he'd pin us to the wall."

Jubilee snorted. "She's Rogue. She gets to do what she wants when it comes to the big hulkin' Wolf Man. Now lets get out of this hallway before she catches us--"

The two climbed to their feet, stumbling down the hallway together as laughter overtook them again.

Rogue was going to be okay.

It was a pretty big relief.