Title: Memory's Truth
Author: DNelle
Email: Mystery_Jedi@Yahoo.com
Fandom: X-Men/ Star Wars (Reference only)/ Star Trek
Rating: R
Summary: When Professor Charles Xavier hears a telepathic call using cerebro, he is surprised to find the source from space itself. After continuing communication from the being - a young girl named DNelle, he agrees to let her visit with them. She becomes friends with them, but when she meets Wolverine she feels a strange feeling of familiarity, with no direct memory of ever meeting him. The feeling deepens the more she gets to know him, and she becomes more and more convinced she once knew him, but can't remember how. But someone has been watching her, secretly following her and waiting with an evil plan, someone who knows her dark secret she has been hiding from them all. A dark secret that could lead to an ultimate disaster. And the only way to stop the dark stranger lies in the mysterious link with Wolverine and a past he himself had never even imagined.
Category: Crossover
Warning: Some scenes are violent and graphic

PROLOGUE - Many years ago

The woman woke with a jerk at the sound of the door. The disorientation quickly passed as her surroundings quickly came into focus. With a groan, her head dropped back down onto the couch arm with a thud. She turned her head as her youngest daughter padded across the room and darted under the coffee table, a toy in her hand.

"Honey, get the door for mommy." She called, sleep trying to take ahold of her once more.

The girl giggled, not responding.

"Will you get the..." She started, but the bell rang again more insistently, then several more times. She moaned, blinking for a sec, then scowled at the continued consistency. "Coming." She grumbled.

The woman's breath suddenly caught in her chest upon opening the door, and for a moment her eyes seemed to soften, filling with familiar memories of the past. Then he started towards her and the feeling faded immediately. She stumbled backwards, missing a step, until she found herself backed against the wall. Her body started to go numb and her muscles suddenly felt as soft as butter until her knees buckled and she lie on the floor, unable to move.

The girl peered through the black lace cloth that covered the small table. Unable to see who was at the door, she frowned as she watched her mommy fall backwards onto the carpet.

"What are you doing here?" She managed to ask aloud. He was silent for a moment then moved closer towards her. Then she saw them. She saw them in his hand and tried to shake her head in denial. The forbidden crystals, he had the forbidden crystals. All but one was missing. "Please," she whispered, "don't, you'll kill too many people."

"You have seen too much." Was his only cryptic response. Then she saw him move towards her, faster than she had seen anything ever move.

The woman would have screamed if she could, but her voice had suddenly betrayed her, in fact she couldn't even whisper as he pulled out a long thin razor from his pocket; watching her carefully. She preyed her daughter would stay hidden.

The woman shut her eyes so tight she could almost feel them explode inside her head. Then her jaw set and her chest felt as if it would burst into flames as the realization and injustice of the situation suddenly hit her, filling her entire being. She hated him more than she had ever hated anyone in her life.

The girl wanted to run to her mommy, but something inside her wouldn't let her.

Her emotions betrayed her, and she hugged her knees to her chest. For a moment there was silence. The next sound shot through the room, piercing the girls ears as well as her heart. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks, her small hands unable to block out the bloodcurdling screaming, even though they covered both ears until small fingernail marks dug into her ears. She rocked back and forth, unable to move, unable to help. Then the man stood up, dropping something on the floor. Something that belonged to her mommy. She squinted, unable to make out what it was at first. Then she recognized it, and it was enough to send the girl into shock. She stopped rocking, stopped crying, her eyes blank. The man had dropped her mommy's eyes. She never noticed the man walk out. Never noticed him leave with her limp body.

Part 1- Present Day

Professor Xavier glanced up from his desk at the small knock on his office door. Scott smiled upon entering, shutting the door softly so not to wake any of the students.

"Yes Scott, sorry to bother you so late. I have an important matter I wanted to discuss with you. It's..." Suddenly the Professor's smile faded, as his brows furrowed together in concentration. He tilted his head slightly, as if listening.

"Professor?" Scott Summers asked, "what is it?"

Hello? The call came faintly at first, slowly getting louder.

"I'm picking up a telepathic call, I'm not sure from who or where." The Professor explained, his own voice surprising him.

"Someone here?" Scott suggested.

Hello, is anyone there? The voice came again.

I'm here The Professor answered back. Who...

But his question was quickly cut off, interrupted by whoever it was sending to him.

Uh.. hi, I need... I mean I'd like to come visit you if that is OK with you.

He slowed his breathing slightly, calming himself to pick up on any information possible. It was obviously a young female, the location....

Scott frowned suddenly noticing the professor's eyes suddenly go wide. "Professor? Where is the call coming from?"


Both silently looked at one another for a moment until the call once more became louder, more insistent.

I would really, really, REALLY like an answer from you. NOW is good The girl thought forcefully.

"Whoever or whatever it is, is quite desperate for permission to come here right away."

"Any idea if it could be hostile or not?" Scott asked, the thought of the safety of the students quickly coming to mind.

"Not hostile, but extremely anxious." Professor X explained.

"Why do you think this being is so desperate to come here right away?"

Suddenly the entire mansion rocked with an explosion, wheeling the professor back against a wall. Scott lost his balance, catching himself against the desk.

"Because the girl just crashed in our backyard." He told Scott.

Scott was up and out the door as soon as he caught his footing. The Professor sent to Jean, instructing her to meet Scott in the back yard of the Mansion.

The shock awoke everyone in the Mansion, each of the students assembling in the hall, whispering to each other. Was it a bomb? What had happened? What made the entire mansion rock like that?

"It's all right everyone, go back to your rooms." Scott shouted, running past them and out the door.

The Professor concentrated, sensing the girl's fear and hesitation. Do you have a name? The Professor asked, trying to ease her fear.

DNelle A soft reply came.

Come out, don't be shy He coaxed.

Scott was the first to arrive, followed by Jean Grey and Storm. A small, silver, round sphere; big enough to hold one person lay slightly crumpled in the yard. Storm turned on all the lights, illuminating the craft easily. Surprisingly, it was still in one piece.

Scott looked to Jean, but she only shook her head. He stepped forward, slowly and cautiously. Then, the top of the sphere was blown off, as someone began to emerge.