Title: The Creature Series: Ponderinge
Author: Errie
Email: erowley@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Men the movie
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Someone obsessed with Rogue ponders upon her and Logan
Disclaimer: I own only the creature. Everything else is someone elses.
Notes: On to the story!

The large creature sat in the tree, it's fangs dripping blood. It was waiting for that girl, the one with the pretty brown and white hair. He was waiting for her. He needed her. He had tasted her blood as she had screamed. She had not screamed for him, though. The little bitch had screamed for some jerk, Logan. He snarled and dug his teeth into the leg of the doe he had killed for dinner. He knew not who this Logan was, but the creature already didn't like him.

The girl was his, Damnit!

He had watched her for 3 years, ever since she came to the school in his woods. Once that man had gone, he felt that she would be his mate. Creature wanted her. Badly.

There was only one problem.

He was back.

Logan was back.

And she was happy. He would steal her and take her up to his cave. His home. It was not her choice whose mate she was. He owned her already.

Just like he owned everyone who stepped foot on his property and stayed. Creature could go in and out. No problem.

Except for the fact that he was staying with her. He, Logan, was staying with Creature's mate! Logan had not tried to get her with child. It was almost like he was afraid.

Creature knew about her mutation. He had a mutation too. He was Immortal. He had touched her already and felt nothing. She had looked shocked. The next day she had come out to see him.

He had wanted to take her. Right there. He owned her. He was the dominante male. Not Logan. Him!

Creature impatinly swiped some wisps of brown hair from his brilliant green eyes. There she was, walking.

Logan was with her.

With the growl of a territorial wolf, creature got ready to pounce and tear Logan's heart out.