Title: Ah Remember
Author: Kia Mira
Email: kia_mira@bellsouth.net
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: PG
Summary: Rogue thinkin' about some things from that night on the Statue of Liberty
Category: Rogue and Logan it is me after all
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Dedicated to: CHRIS as well as the ones I write tomorrow dealin' with the Good Bye scene. Those will be from Logan's POV and will be a bit more than PG. As Logan demands everytime I let him take over. Thanks for the gift I recieved today. Chris.

Ah remember only little parts about that night. It is strange really. Most of the day and night leadin' up to my rescue is a blur. Just impressions and thoughts. Many not my own.

Ah remember the train and the feelin's rollin through me as ah sat watchin' the people carelessly touch one another as they settled in their seats. Ah remember the way Logan smelt as he held me. Ah was cryin' an feelin' sorry for mah-self. He smelt like that awful cigar he always had. Ah remember thinkin' that it actually didn't smell to bad. I guess I got a little more of him than just his healin' gift that night. He smelt like the cool night air. I could smell the winter about him. Could make out the distinct scent that was Logan. That could not be anyone else. Ah'll remember that for always.

Ah remember bein' afraid. I remember feelin' helpless as Logan was flung backward in the train. Ah remember my only thought was that I should help him. Then I remember nothin' but hazy images. Flashin' lights, a helicopter, and a boat and the poor guy that had been at the wheel.

Ah remember bein' inside that thang and the scent that rose up in the chilly night air around me. Logan! I remember callin fer help and then beggin', beggin' that man not tah do it. Not tah touch me. Not tah make me do this. After that mah memory fades. Fades to blackness. Almost peacful oblivion except that Ah can feel the tug of somethin' or no- someone. Ah can feel someone tryin' to pull me back to mah-self.

The clearest and tah me the most treasured in mah exsistance is the memory of his skin. Ah remember the feel of his flesh. His hand on mah face. Then his forehead tah mah face. I remember the pain that radiated off him. His fear and his lose. And that is what pulled me back. The memeory of that. Powerful in its simplicity. Ah remember and am glad. His is the only flesh I have ever touched more than once. His caress that of the man I love with all my youthful heart. I am glad I can remember that.