Title: Cold Hard Heart
Author: Kia Mira
Email: kia_mira@bellsouth.net
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: I'd say about R for really bad language.
Summary: Rogue talks to Logan about the future she will undertake.
Category: Logan and Rogue Angst.
Disclaimer: If I owned them they would be sittin' beside me egging me on, but they aren't so I must not own them contrary to the belief that lets me use them so freely.
Notes: See Authors note at bottom

She stood over his grave, clothed in black and tears streaming down her pale face, while the dry wind swept over the graveyard. A red rose was in her hand, and the young woman recalled the lyrics to her favorite song,

*Yes, I convey you to a kiss from a rose on the grave, ooh, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels,yeah Now that your rose is in bloom, a light hits the gloom on a grave*

Yes, this truly was a kiss from a rose. She pressed the flower to her lips, then she set it on the headstone. Her fingers tracing over the cold marble stone. It seemed her heart had become just as cold. Just as hard in the last few days, weeks, and years.

He had been gone just over three years now and yet she could still feel him. Inside her head. She came here to his resting place when she was disturbed. When she felt the need to just stop. Stop breathing. Stop hoping. Stop...grieving!

"Damn him!" the words were dragged from her as the tears flowed and her fingers traced his name. Her finger lingering in the groove that was the 'L'. She felt her heart tighten as it grew yet more cold. The pain wrenching even after so long. "No, damn them!" she whispered. "Ah, will damn them for what they did to ya!"

Her mind on the three who wrought such a horrible work. They would pay for what they did to Logan. The pain they caused her. She had already laid the destructive ground work for them all. They would each feel her wrath. She had become more powerful than any of them had ever guessed possible. First would be thier fearless leader. Then the animal that destroyed Logan. Yes, but he would die slowly painfully. She would see to that! She would make the bitch watch. Give her something to anticipate.

"Yes, They will be sorry for the things they did!" Stooping to the stone she pressed her lips to the cold stone. "But especially Jean. I love ya, Logan."

Then she walked away.