Title: Lost in the Game
Author: Kia Mira
Email: kia_mira@bellsouth.net
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: It's Logan beggin' to be loosed so I would think about R.
Summary: A Brittany Spears Challenge. Ooooppps!
Inspired: By Dieben's last little fic sorta anyway.
Spoilers: spoilers
Category: Rogue and Logan UST/ Love
Disclaimer: The song doesn't belong to me. The character's don't belong to me but if they did Logan's uniform would have shown chest hair.
Notes: This is part one. In the next part titled. The Rain Is Here it will be a Foo Fighter's song titled, Up In Arms, to help any lingering ailments from this Brittany Spears song fic.LOL

"Logan it's your turn." The sweet voice murmured in lightly accented southern honey. She was staring at her cards chewing on her lip. He grunted and shifted his eyes to the cards in his hand. Rogue watched as his eyes focused on them and could almost see his brain trying to figure out what the hell he was supposed to be doing. She smirked just a bit and then looked back at her cards before glancing out the window. It was raining again. That is why she and Logan were sitting in his room playing cards. It was really rather intimate here. They sat playing cards and listening to music. Much to Logan's dismay. He had given her the eye-brow when she put the CD into the machine. He didn't know this, but she chose that disc just so he would give her that eye-brow. After all she didn't like Brittany Spears anymore than he did. As the annoying song progressed she thought about the irony of the fact that she was alone with Logan in his bedroom. Especially after Kitty and Jub had been caught with John and Bobby in our room last month. I thought Storm as goin' to have an apopaleptic fit right there beside me.

She froaned. It had actually been Storm's idea for them to retire to his room for a game of cards. The rain had been going almost non-stop for the last three days and the residents of Xavier's School were getting restless. Storm had been begged six ways to Sunday to fix the weather, but she had refused. So there was a twister compatition going on in the recreation room and to spare Rogue Storm had suggested that they go play cards.

She felt like telling Storm that that act had caused her more pain than the act of watching the others touch and play. The fact that Storm would send her to Logan's room alone without supervision was telling. It made her feel like a non human. A non-mutant. The worst part was that it made her feel like a non-woman. She thought at eighteen she was at an age that she should be concidered responsible enough. Mature enough to be called woman.

Ooops! I did it again...I played with your heart. It got lost in the game...

As the sickeningly fake little girl voice started again Rogue wished she had claws that she could run through the damn thing. Slapping her cards face down on the bed and unfolded from her place at the foot of his bed. With jerky motions she flipped the CD player open and then proceeded to spin the offending disc through the air like a frisbee. It hit the wall at the head ot the bed and fell to the pillow beside Logan in two pieces.

"Hey, I was startin' to get into that." Came the amused growl from the head of the bed. "She has that pouty voice down to a tee."

"Yeah, she thinks that is what guys like to hear. Her soundin' like a catholic school girl's porno flick. Only damned thing missin' in her video's is the actual sex."

She knew she had shocked Logan by the way he stopped. Everything. He didn't breath he didn't even twitch for a good three seconds his eyes locked on hers as he held his cards. Slowly ever so slowly he lowered his cards. Letting them fall unheeded to the blanket.

"How the hell do you know what's in a porno flick, Marie?" His voice was a deep growl. He had to be kidding right. The man was obviously not thinkin' abou tthat question or not rememberin' certian parts of our past. I am feelin' decidedly Loganish this afternoon normally I reign in my minds guests using the exercises the Professor taught me, but not today.

So I opened my eyes big and wide and said, "Bobby brought one to our room a few nights ago."

"What?!" he bonded out of the bed. I could hear the slide of metal on metal as he extended his claws. "I'll kill the frozen bastard!" He was headin' for the door an I knew that he was going in search of Bobby. So I called out loudly.

"Yeah and we all watched it and then we did the things we saw!" I added sarcastically. "Where the hell do you think I learned about porn Logan? Sheez. The same place I learned where to touch a woman to make her scream 'your' name!"

He froze again this time his chest heaving as he was hit by the shock of my words. I expected him to whirl around and confront me at any second. I expected him to start apologizing to me profusely. I didn't expect what he actually did.

I stood stunned as he whipped around his claws still extended raking the wall and the door leaving deep grooves in the polished cherry wood. When he looked at me he was so tormented. I felt my aching heart shudder. I had not only shocked him I had hurt him. I could see the pain in his eyes. The torment.

"Logan, I-" I stammered and stepped toward him. He stepped back from me until his back was to the wall. My heart clenched. Moving slowly I stepped close to his side and lifted my hand to his arm. "Logan? Ah'm sorry!" He flinched away.

"Don't!" was his gruff command. "Don't touch me, Marie."

"Why? Why can't I?" I ask tears cloggin' my throught. "Do I disgust you now?" I am tremblin' hard with this thought. I was just so angry. Angry that Storm and the other's thought it was safe for me to be here. I know that I should have taken it as a sign of trust, but I knew and they knew that they didn't have to worry abou tme and anyone alone in a room together. I wasn't capable of doin' the normal teen girl experimentin' that could go to far. So angry that I had flung the words out there not worryin' how Logan would hear them. Not carin'. I just wanted to inflict the pain in my heart and soul on someone else. I wonder if that is the real me or perhaps the traces of Magneto in my mind that had me acting on my vendictive impulses.

Before he can move I am out his ruined bedroom door. I can feel my body tremblin' as I run from him. From the thought that I have made Logan disgusted with me.

"Marie!" I hear him callin' but i don't stop I keep runnin' and I make it to the empty elevator and push the door close button the moment I'm on. I whirl around and lean back against the far wall. It closes about a split second before he reaches it. It was a short trip to the ground floor and I am hurrying past the occupied recreation room to the front door. I welcome the cold stinging rain as it hits my face in the falling winter's afternoon.

I relish it as I run. I run through the garden and rip open the gate that seperates the school grounds from the forest on the other side.

I drink in the feel of the rain slicing through me as I run. I reach the stand of oak trees and colapse against the nearest one. Tears and rain mingling on my cheek as I rub it against the rough bark. I had been so busy playing games I hadn't realized how it would sound comin' from me. It seemed I was hopelessly lost in the games of my heart.