Title: Out Of My Mind
Author: Kia Mira
Email: kia_mira@bellsouth.net
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A connection like no other and the creative uses there of. Also This fic is rated NC-17 for sexual content that is of an explicite. Do not flame me for it. You were warned three times. Also later in this series there will be character death.
Category: Wolverine/Rogue Romance
Disclaimer: I would love to say i owned them and that I knew Hugh Jackman personally, but alas t'would be a lie. So, no I don't and it makes me sad.
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It has been years since that night. Twenty years, three months, one week, and around thirteen hours, ten minutes and fourty-eight seconds since I walked back into Xavier's School For The Gifted. Since I watched her faulter to a stop in front of me and saw the slow smile curve her lips and sparkle in her eyes.

She was glad to see me. I had gone to the Canadian Rockies, to Alkilia Lake, looking for answers to my past. I hadn't been there but about a week when I'd gotten the call. It came in the form of old one-eye standin' on me hotel room door step growlin' about his bike and spoutin' something about Magneto escaping and Rogue needing protection.

Yeah, I know. I used the same argument on him. How could I protect her if Magneto was involved. We both knew that when it came to effectiveness mine was incredibly small when faced with that metal minded psychopath. That wasn't a strong enough reason to keep myself away from the only thing that had made my life bareable. So I came back and I stayed.

I stayed and I watched her grow from the ackward girl to the elegant woman. We were friends she and I. Friends from the moment we met. Friends but something more. Something that none of the other's could even guess. You see she had to use my healing power again. Sabertooth had gotten a swipe in while Rogue and Jean were out picking up another mutant charge.

So I did what I always did. I put her before myself. I touched her blood smudged face. I touched it with my lips and she was alright, but after that I could feel her. Inside my head. She had reached out with her mental hand and as she drained my life force she wrapped her slinder fingers in the ravaged quilt that was my mind and clutched its tattered edges together.

And I couldn't get her out of my mind. We were linked. Irrevocably joined together that night. I could see her thoughts and she could see mine. Of course I didn't know this at least not right away. Hell, some of the things I thought about doing when I saw her are rated and minors shouldn't even know about them, much less see a graphic discription of it being done to them. The day I realized that she was there I freaked out. We had been having a lazy day one of the few and far between. Rogue had begged me and old One-eye to take a group of the girls to the beach.

She was wearing some nylon covering that allowed her to wear a little two piece bathing suit. I of course didn't know this, not until we got there and she slipped her long dress over her head. Now, I feel I must explain something here. When a girl who in all the years you have known her has never exposed more than a few inches of skin suddenly stands before you only a few inches covered. Certian things run through your mind. Followed by some completely differant things.

That was how I found out. She had just whipped her dress off and stood the sun on her upturned face and I screamed mentally, "Dammit! Marie put some cloths on. You are next to naked! " That was the first thing that goes through your mind the things that followed went something like this. "ggggrrrrrrroooowwwwlllllll!" It was long and sexual. With it flashed pictures of me removing the little black peices. Then not very gently pulling her to the ground and allowing my mouth to take their place.

She had turned wide startled eyes on me and I nearly had a heart attack. She had blushed and then walked right up to me. Inches and I do mean only inches seperated us. Her eyes on mine and then I heard her voice, but her lips didn't move.

"Logan try not to yell so loud. I can hear you fine." Her eyes flicked down my body to-well you know where she was lookin'. I get hard just thinking about the way her eyes had moved over me. When she once again held my eyes I heard her speak again inside my head. "Ah wish you could Logan." She glanced away, "I'd let you." Her words sent me into shock. I wasn't sure I actually heard them. I wasn't sure I wanted to here them. It was hard enough-no-not that. Geez! And you people think I'm a dirty old man. Which is sometimes true, but- ah forget it. I was saying it was hard enough not doing them when I didn't think she thought of me like that.

I high tailed it down the beach so fast Cyclops though Sabertooth was on the loose and on my tail.I didn't go with in a mile of Rogue that day. Literally! In fact I stayed clear of her for three days, but it didn't help. I still felt her fingers in my brain. And though she tried not to she still talked to me even over distances. I caved in and went to her three nights later when I got a clear picture of her mental anguish. She had cried and begged me to forgive her. I couldn't let her think I was mad at her when it was all my dirty old mind so I went to her and we talked.

We came to a disicion. This link wether perminant or only temporary was a gift to us. It was something we decided didn't really need to be known by all and sundry. We told Xavier, but we didn't tell him everything. He tried to get inside our heads. Just to see what they were dealing with, but when he made the attempt Rogue clutched her head and screamed and the pain that radiated through our minds was draining. It left us both near collapse. Needless to say he hasn't been in our heads for over twenty years. They all still think of me and Rogue as friends at best and siblings at worse. We are not now nor have we ever been just friends.

Rogue turned thirty-eight today. I laid flowers at her door and lit candles in her room. In the last twenty years every one has changed. Everyone that is except me. I look exactly the same as I did the first time I met Rogue. She has aged beautifully. We are equal know. Though I don't know my age, I look to be mid-thirties. And that scares the shit out of me. That I am not aging. That every one around me is growing older yet here I am still the same.

She knows I am scared. We have both been through so much. Our link has saved us more than once. It allows us to be together. Not our bodies, but our souls. At night we lay in our beds and let our minds do what our bodies can not. Tonight I can hear her thoughts as she walks slowly down the hall to the room beside mine. I know the moment she has found the roses.

"Oh, Logan! They are beautiful." Our link is such that I can almost smell the scent. They are beautiful, but the most beautiful of them all is her. "What is this?" she asks.

"It is my birthday gift to you. Now I want you to go to the bathroom. I ran you a tub for you."

"I love taking a bath with you."she murmurs as she slids her clothing off. When she dips her foot into the steamy suds covered water I can feel the siver that shimmies up her spine. We experience each other as well feel what the other feels. It is far more erotic than anything I have ever experienced.

"Now pick up the wash cloth and settle back."I murmur quietly as I wait for her to do as I say." I can't get these feelings out of my mind and I don't want to.

"O-okay, " I can sense her excitement.

"Now close your eyes." I say in my mindand she obeys. I think her trust has always been the biggest turn on. Even when I first met her and she was just a little waif. "I'm takin' the cloth from you and placing it against your cheek. Can you feel it?" I don't wait for her answer I continue talking drawing her into the fantasy. "I run it down your face to your neck." I tease her running the cloth up her neck and then down almost to the slope of her breast, but not. Then up and down. Her breaths quicken. I know she wants me to pull the cloth down to her breasts. She wants to feel the slight roughness grating across her sensative nipple, but I don't instead I vear off and pull the rag down her left arm. All the way to her finger tips. As I do this the cloth brushes against the side of her breast and she gasps. I smile at having surprised her.

I have learned from Rogue two things. One it is possible to be loved without reservation and two that sometimes a glancing touch or the anticipation of touch is enough to start a fire raging. I work the cloth slowly up her arm again. The rag drags close but not touching this time she is shifting her body know. Trying to feel the touch of the cloth, but I am in control of that hand. It has no will outside of my own. This thought makes me growl inside her head. I like being incontrol of such a small part of her.

"Logan, please..." she gasps into my mind.

"Please what?" I ask as though I don't know. As though we have never been here before.

"Please touch me." I like the husky quality her mind has when get to the point of no return. I can almost see the look in her eyes as she compels me to release the caged fire within her.

So I do with a light hand I skim the tops of her breasts.

"O-O-ooohhhh!" That moan is my reward. It is what I strive for. I wish it could be my lips, but instead I must be satisfied with her hand and my connection to her. I tease her breasts again and again. She likes the roughness of the cloth.

"Open your legs, Marie." I command in a tight whisper. She had clutched them so tight while he tormented her that the cooling water is a shock as it flows over her steaming hot core and she jumps. With the feather of a touch I bring the rag to the juncture of her legs and graze the nub there. It is hot and throbing and all I want to do is feel it against my skin. The wash cloth slithers to float in the water between her legs and my fingers are there. Two trapping the beating of her desire. I squeeze it gently and I think she will come up out of the water. I can feel the difference between her moisture and the water. I can almost smell her need for me. We are seperated by this wall, but are together in our minds.

It is enough to drive me out of my mind, but I calm myself as I imagine those two fingers slidding further down and then inside.

I get flashes from her mind now.

God so tight
Wish it were you

"So do I babe." I murmur and let her take over. She is to far gone to stay in the fantasy. "you know I do."

I think I will explode any moment she is shooting off sparks of arousal and it is pulling me from my thoughts and I am no longer in control of my body. She has userpt it pulled it from my grasp. Her fingers are moving faster now. She writhes in the water and her moans are no longer only in my mind. I can here a low keening from the room on the otherside of this wall. I am feeling her. Her thoughts, her desire and most of all her climax. It jerks me from my mind into hers and we are being launched into the clouds and then almost as quickly we are being dropped into nothingness. I am out of my mind.

And I love it.