Title: Runnin' Again
Author: Kia Mira
Email: kia_mira@bellsouth.net
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: I have no idea. Was thinkin' to make it at least R but I don't think I got that far. So PG
Summary: The foyer scene from Logan's POV
Category: Rogue/Logan Friendship, love and Romance.
Disclaimer: Okay, I really do own them. they were my creation many years ago when I was just a gleam in my father's eye. LOL and if you believe that. You need to go back and hide in the deepest darkest corner that you can find. You are too gullible

I told her I wasn't runnin' but I couldn't meet her eyes. Eyes that know me. Know me better than I do myself I think. As I dare glance at them and see her understanding shining there. She knows. Which really doesn't surprize me. I knew she would. She knows I am lyin' to her. To myself. Hell, to everyone in this school.

She is so real. I think as she looks me in the eyes her feeling out there for me to see. I think it is her way of putting us back on even ground. She knows what I think and why all because of the two times we have touched. That last time I gave up more than I bargianed for. That is the truth. I gave her more of myself of my demons and I told myself that she wouldn't go through anymore of my pain, but seeing her like that limp, lifeless. I couldn't stand it. For one moment in time. I felt the horror of being alone. Soul deep alone! I would have given anything to save her in that soul rending moment. When I pressed my cheek to her face my soul torn and my heart breaking. I was shocked and relieved that it had started working. I gloried in the pain of our connection.

I know that is the moment that I knew. That I gave her all of my thoughts and feelings. That I gave her life. I knew that moment that she was more to me than just a frightened kid I felt compelled to rescue. When Jean told me that Rogue was a little taken with me. I felt my heart leap and because of it had to toss that bit out about it belonging to someone else.

I stopped before I walked out this door and I almost willed her to know. To follow me. I had so many things inside me thatI needed-no wanted to say to her. I wasn't at all surprised when she followed after me.

"Hey?" I stopped and looked at her. Had she heard my silent plea? "You runnin' again?"

"Not really, I have some things to take care of up north." It was a lie. I want so much to say the words that are hammering through my veins, but I can't because I am runnin' again. Runnin' from my own need. My own desires. I glance at her and heel the need to touch her.

So i run one finger over the streak of white hair and look at quirck an eyebrow at her. Give her my own small smile. I would have thought she would color it to its natural shining brown. She gives a sort of half smile and says, "I kinda like it." I nod. I like it, too. It gives her a mature look. Which is one of the reasons I have to get out of here now, before the animal in me forgets she is really only seventeen.

"I don't want ya to go." she says the words I long to here. Honest. Innocent and sweet. Her eyes say words, too. Words that make me wish I could stay. She has the courage to say what she feels. i wish I could do the same. I am so astounded by her honesty that I have to look at her, but soon glance away again. When I see the look of love that shines in her eyes. I drink it in and then reach for my dog tag.

I know I will be back. I couldn't stay away from her for long. I take her warm hand in mine. And slowly slip the one thing that has been with me for as long as I can remember into her hand. Using the fingers from my other to curl her finger's closed around them. She rolls her eyes at the token I have given her. I meet her eyes dead on and say, "I'll be back for this." The meaning of the words clear in my eyes. Hers widen and then slide into a seductive little smile. We understand each other perfectly.

I leave with a smile on my face at the thought of that day in the future. A day that will bring an end to my travel, but until then I am runnin' again.