Title: Spectaor Sport: Logan
Author: Kia Mira
Email: kia_mira@bellsouth.net
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: This is Logan so at least an R. Okay maybe an NC-17 for language and adult male thoughts.
Summary: Rogue has a new spectator sport and Logan is getting a little 'hot' and bothered by it.
Series: Companion piece to "Spectator Sport: Rogue"
Category: Logan/ Rogue; Logan POV
Disclaimer: I don't own them. Not that incredible back and chest that mede me a wolvie/hugh Jackman fan from the first look in the movie. Which would have been extremely hard to do, 'cause I was a Cyce!fan from the comic book days of my youth. Hugh Jackman owns the bod that I can't discribe to my own satisfaction and someone else, I'm not sure who owns the rest of the stuff. Except I know Soloflex owns the workout equipment.
Special Thanks: To Soloflex for inspiring me to write this little ditty!

She has been coming here every morning since I got back. She doesn't know that as she crept by my door that first morning that I heard her. And afraid she was about to get herself into some sort of trouble. I followed her.

'Keep lying to yourself and maybe you'll believe it.' His mind mocked as he waited for her to show up. 'You were afraid she was runnin' agin. That after you drug your sorry ass back she was going to sneak out on you in the middle of the night.' Mentally he clinched his fists.

Two years. He had forcibly stayed away for two whole years. Giving her time to grow up. To get older. She was still young though. Still a teenager and he found that he couldn't stay away as long as he felt was in her best interest, because he didn't feel it was in his. He had called the school a few times and talked with the professor and Scooter. He snickered at the nickname one of the less reverant student's had given Scott. His laughter died as he thought of that last conversation with Old One Eye!

"So how's my bike?"

"Your bike? Oh-uh-Good." Nothin was wrong with the bike, but it seemed like a great idea to razz old Scooter.

"What! Did-you-do-to-my-bike!"

"Not a damned thing, Scotty Boy. Just wanted to get a reaction out of you." then he laughed. it didn't last long because while he laughed he asked, "How is Marie was doing?"

There was a pause and then Scott answered. "Oh, she is a smart kid. She has almost finished her first year at the corrispondence collage. Making great grades." There was pride in his voice. Then casually he added. "She has a friend. His name is Remy. They seem very fond of each other."

That had been the moment he drug his sorry ass out of the dingy hotel room and out onto a bike for a thirteen hour drive back to the school. His intentions if you asked him were the best. "Yeah, right! I'm a sorry son-of-a-bitch!" he muttered under his breath.

Anyway that first morning I followed her as she crept through the halls. I knew the moment I saw her that she wasn't going to run away. Her cloths suggested she was going to the gym so I wasn't surprised when we ended up there.

I watched that cute spandex incased bottom as she slipped into the girls locker room. Which contained the entrance to the gym. Quietly I walked through the guy's looker room and slipped into the exercise equipment. I sat in a quiet corner in the shadows and watched her as she entered the gym and started walking.

She had bared more flesh than he had imagined seeing of her. It was strange how he expected to see other womens skin and it didn't cause any sort of reaction. But sitting here. His eyes on the newly exposed skin of her arms and legs. He could feel the tightening of every cell in his body. He could feel the restriction in the area where his heart lay.

She walked for about an hour and a half and by the time she was finished. Her body was glistening with sweat and her flesh was a rosy pink from her exercise. Her hair which she hadn't tied back clung to her face in places and stuck to her bared chest and shoulders. She was amazing! That was the only thought that made its self clear in his mind as she lifted a hand and thrust it through her hair. Pushing it back away from her face as she tossed her head back. Her breathing heavy as she pushed herself through her tiredness. Her eyes were closed and he thought that he could almost see her like that over him. Her body undulating from his thrusts instead of her walk. Her head cast back and that glorious long hair brushing his thighs with each thrust he made into her. Her eyes closed as the feelings over took her.

He continued to watch her his eye toward her as his mind wove the images he saw into his fantasy. Watched as she curled forward. Her hair falling about her face as he hands moved to the control panel on the machine and switched it off. She stood hunched over the panel. Her hands grasping for support the way she would have his chest. The way she would have grasped him as the intense emotions rolled over her as she lost herself in his body.

He felt like a sleaze after that. His body tight and his mind casting erotic shades to her every movement. He left that morning intending not to go back. That lasted all of four days. On the fifth day he had been back to the school dreams of her had driven him from bed and hoping to work of the tension that had taken up perminant residence in his body he headed to the gym. She wasn't due there for another hour at least so it would be safe. He could lift wieghts and take the edge of the primal need he had strumming through him.

As fate would have it. As he lay there working his muscles she came in. He could smell her. She smelt fresh. Her smell was far superior to any other women's. Where they smelled of high priced or cheap perfume. Marie just smelled like Marie. She set his whole body on fire and it was a rare thing to be so totally consummed by someone or something other than himself.

"Mornin' Logan." she said as her expresive eyes drank in mine. She probably doesn't know that they shout her feelings. Yet another thing that seperates her from other women. they dealt in half truths and hooded glances and she simply swallowed him whole in her desire filled gaze.

"A little early ain't it kid?" I asked as I realized my arms were burning from having held the wieghts out for to long.

"Ah couldn't sleep." was all she said with words, but those eyes. Them danmed expressive eyes. they said what she did not. Nightmares and most likely not just her own. I was lost in thought from that moment, but I watched as she stepped onto the treadmill.

Rolling to sit on the edge of the bench I put one wieght down and rested my arms on my knees as I continued to work out. I could feel her eyes on me and every last ounce of tension that I had worked out returned. Tenfold. And that is the way it has been for the last three weeks. She started coming in early and I started lifting more and pumping harder. Trying without success to purge the baser of his instincts.

Today however the dreams that drove me to the gym were more erotic and more potent than the other days. They were frought with need and a tightly held control being broken that nearly drowned him under its waves. He hadn't even bothered to change into his work out cloths. Instead he was here straight from his rumpled bed and no matter what he did his body refused to be quieted.

like every morning for three weeks her eyes were on me. They were like a physical touch. Stroking me as I lifted the double wieghts. It was a shuddering sigh and a tiny moan escaping her lips that finally vanquished the last of my good intentions. Without thought I dropped the wieghts and turned. My eyes finding hers and holding them tightly as I approached. She fumbled with the machines controlls and then it stopped. She stared at me her eyes wide as she stepped off the treadmill. She backed up until her back hit the wall. Not from fright, but from a need of support. The mirror that was his form of torture since the first day I watched her walk as I lifted the wieghts. The provider of the view of that incredible rear end.

I stopped inches from her. The heat of our two bodies mingling in the most tangible joining we could make without touching. She licked her lips and my entire body slammed on the breaks as my eyes focused on her movement. Her eyes told me she wished she could press that tongue to my flesh. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. The air between us was scented with the sweet smell of her body and the tangy spice of mutual arousal and the salty tinge of sweat. I couldn't help it the growl was pulled from me.

Slowly I reached out a finger and touched her hair. She hadn't been walking long enough for it to be clingy, but I still wanted to thrust my fingers into it. With what little restraint I have been able to show since making my appearence back at the school I ran my finger down her hair and along the edge of her shirt.

I thanked God that I had enhanced senses, because I could feel the rapid beat of her heart in the thin material and before I realized what was happening I was pressing a finger, then four over her breast above her heart.

We just stood there. My eyes locked with her's the way they were meant to be. I heard someone in the hall and her eyes darted to the door. It was enough to break the hold we held over each other and with reluctant movements I stepped away. My eyes on her's as she turned back to mine.

"Tomorrow." It was the only word I could get past the need in my throat. She nodded and let her eyes trace a path over me as she moved to get back on the treadmill to walk with increased vigor. I went back to the wieghts I had abandoned and that is how Scott found us a few minutes later.