Title: Spectator Sport: Rogue
Author: Kia Mira
Email: kia_mira@bellsouth.net
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What would be a great spectator sport for our sister Rogue.
Series: Companion piece to "Spectator Sport: Logan"
Category: Yeah, It's a Logan/Jean! Just kiddin' It is a Logan/Rogue.
Notes: It is four somethin' in the morning and after watchin' X-men twice and waitin' while it rewinds to go again. I got sucked into a Soloflex commercial. The guy isn't one of those body builder all muscle and no character. This guy is normally in grey shorts and a red baggy T-shirt. However he took that T-shirt off and I about choked on my tongue. As he laid back and started liftin' the free weights. LOL So of course being a hugh Jackman fan and really likin' his chest I started bein' attacked by fluff plot bunnies. My favorite.

Enough ramblin' on with the fluff.....

She walked slowly and quietly along the corridor to the school's gym. Her heart already in her throat. She had discovered him here about a week after he returned. She had taken to exercizing early in the mornings. Because she could wear the black and grey spandex exercize shorts and a t-shirt. Which had been cut wide at the neck to allow her black sport bra to peek from the shoulders. Black slouch socks and white walking shoes completed her outfit.

She walked on the treadmill with her headphones every morning. And for a few hours she could pretend she was just like any other teenaged girl. She would listen to what ever CD caught her attention that morning and then she would walk for about an hour and a half. Just pretending she was normal.

That first day it had been a surprise when after having awakened early after a particularly gruesome dream she walked into the gym and found him there. His hair tossled as though he hadn't bothered to brush it with more than just fingers. He didn't wear the sissy spandex pants that the other boys and Mr. Summer's did. He was layin' on a the weight bench in a pair of the schools black shorts and a grey muscle shirt.

He had frozen when she walked in. The muscles of his arms straining beneath the heavy weights he was holding out at his sides. His left eye brow shot up and his eyes watched her as she approached.

"Mornin' Logan." she had said keepin' her eyes on his refusin' to let them wander down over that wonderfully defined sleevless t-shirt that molded to his chest.

"A little early ain't it kid?" he said. His arms beginning the curls again as though he suddenly realized he had stopped.

"Ah couldn't sleep." She didn't tell him it had been nightmares. After all he could probably guess what had driven her from her room so early. "Do ya mind?" she gestured to the treadmill to his left. Curling his arms until the weights rested on his chest he glanced at the machine.

"Knock yourself out." Then he rolled to a sitting position and leaned foreward sitting one of the weights on the ground beside him. He proped the weighted arm on his knee and continued exercising.

She had slowly climbed on the treadmill and begun her morning exercise. She found herself walking faster as she watched him. Stand and begin doing double curls. His back muscles rippling and his hair dripping with sweat as he worked the weights up and down at a seemingly frantic pace. She decided as she watched him that she had found a new sport. One that didn't send her to Jean for a dismissal slip. She nearly burst out laughing. Logan Watching the spectator sport of the huddled masses. So she walked her eyes glued to him.

Which started a trend. She started coming to the gym early every morning. Today as she entered she stopped in her tracks as she saw him standing beside that bench. His shorts replaced with a pair of baggy school sweat pants that mad his backside look even better than the shorts if that were possible. She had always liked those sweats. His shirt was replaced by...nothing. He was shirtless and she was breathless.

Climbing on the tread mill she watched him as he worked himself harder than he had in the last three weeks. Sweat was tracking down his back at an alarming pace and his body was flushed with excertion. She was walking steadily her heart beating rapidly when he stopped and dropped his wieghts and turned pinning her with his eyes. Her eyes widened and her steps faultered. She was nearly catapulted off the machine, but she had the presence of mind to put a hand out to fumblingly turn off the machine.

As he walked stealthily toward her she stepped back off the treadmill. When he neared her she could smell the sweat that covered his body and she licked her lips. His eyes darted to her mouth and then blazingly went back to her's. He stopped once she was against the mirrored wall behind her. His body just inches from her's. He didn't speak or reach out. He simply closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. Letting it out with a growl that started low in his stomach. Causing her breath to catch. Then his eyes opened and his intense gaze drew the air from her body and grasped her heart.

He raised a hand and slowly drew a single finger down the length of her hair to the edge of the shirt she wore. Then it traced the neck of her t-shirt. Cutting a path the stop over her beating heart. Where it was joined by the others. They stood like that eyes locked the fingers of his left hand resting over her heart for what felt like an eternity. Then a clanging in the corridor had her head jerking back to focus on the door and him stepping back. The moment broken.