Title: Tomorrow
Author: Kia Mira
Email: kia_mira@bellsouth.net
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: NC-17 for some creative finesse.
Summary: After exploring a new spectator sport the two are ready to explore the rules for the new Hands on part of their favorite sport. A ride on a motorcycle (thanks to the action figures I just bought. LOL)
Series: Sequel to "Spectator Sport"
Category: Look at who the author is. Now any questions?
Disclaimer: If I owned them you wouldn't be searchin' all over the damned country for Wolverine dog tags. So I guess it is some rich dude at FOX. So, being as I have made him richer with each fan purchase he should cut me and the rest of you some slack and let us do with the character's what he hasn't. After all we always let them go after we've had our wicked way with him-er-them.

Rogue stood at her closet door and stared at her cloths. None of them seemed right today. She stared forelornly at the growing pile of discarded clothing. She had thought about using her body stocking, but it was itchy and hot and she didn't feel like trying to get the damned thing on without putting a massive run in it.

She was up earlier today than normal. She hadn't slept well at all. Her mind racing through the possiblities of the coming day. It was Saturday and she was normally fast asleep at four in the morning, but not this Saturday. This Saturday she was fast getting nervious and ready to run and hide in the nearest dark hole until tomorrow was no more. Until Tomorrow became yesterday.

If it hadn't been for the memory of Logan's eyes and the feel of his fingertips pressing into her above her heart she would have done. She had just taken out another shirt and tossed it into the growing pile when she heard a light knock on her door. Her heart skipped a beat. It was him. She opened her mouth wide and gave a silent scream of excitment. Her heart rate kicked up a notch and she was moving to place her hand on the knob when it dawned on her that she was still clad in her night gown. Looking down she sighed it was a more adult version of the one she had worn two years ago. Instead of flannel it was a satiny silky material that settled around her feet. It was white and it also sported a hood. Its sleeves were long and came to a point at her knuckles. With a sigh she opened the door and found him standing there his eyes intense as they roved over her body. She hadn't felt cold until his hot gaze settled over body. Causing shivers to race up her spine and her breasts to tingle. Taughtening them before his eyes.

She watched as he swallowed and blinked raising his eyes to hers. Moving aside she opened the door a bit more allowing him to enter.

"Hi." it was inane but all she could mutter when faced with Logan standing in her bedroom. Staring at her like she was his breakfast.

"Hi!" It was a deep rumble coming from deep inside him. His eyes shifted over her face one more time. Deciding to say what brought him here before he lost all touch with reality he just blurted. "Scott is in the gym."

The disappointment in her eyes warmed him and gave him the dutch courage he needed to finish his thoughts. "I was wondering if-well if you might like to take a ride with me to the mountians?" It was then that her foggy brain connected the fact that he was completely dressed. In his tight jeans and his layered shirts and jackets. "If we leave know you might get to see the sun rise over the mountians."

Her eyes were wide as spoke. "Suh-re that sounds great." knotting her fingers together she stepped toward her closet. "Ah just need ta get dressed." she said as she watched his eyes take in the pile of cloths growing on her floor. Her eyes followed his and then she turned her eyes back on him. A look of total innocence on her face. Her eyes wide as if to ask what?

"Wear jeans and-", he picked up the black shirt she had just tossed on top of the pile. "this is a nice one." Handing her the knit top he turned to the door. Opening it he glanced back at her. His eyes roving her body hiden by the silky gown. The light on the bedside table backlighting it causing the lines of her body to show through the sheer fabric. He met her eyes again and swallowed convulsively. "I'll be in the garage." Then he was gone and she was rushing to her bathroom for a quick shower. A really quick shower seeing as she was in such a hurry to get to the garage. She was dressed in her favorite worn jeans and the knit top he had chosen. She pulled black gloves on to just above her elbow. A tantalizing few inches of pale skin between shirt and gloves. She brushed her hair back from her face and put on her trademark scarf. She practically flew to the elevator and on into the garage.

He was leaning over the bike his back to her and his jeans stretched tight as he made a few adjustments. Walking up behind him she barely controlled the desire to flatten her palm to his backside and run it down to his jean encased muscular thigh.

With that thought a srangled giggle escaped her throat and she raised a hand to cover her reddened cheeks. Logan grunted from his bent position. "You gonna stand there starin' at my backside all morning?"

"Oh, but Logan its such a nice backside." She murmured a sigh in her voice. He jerked up and turned shocked eyes on her. She clapped a hand over her mouth and her eyes widened. She couldn't believe she had just said that. Logan took in her shocked expression and laughed. It wasn't just a token chuckle like the others she had witnessed in him, but a full body laugh. He laughed so hard that his eyes watered. "Come 'ere kid." he said as he settled astride the motorcycle. She stepped closer and his eyes traveled down her body for a third time that day. Then he froaned. "Don't you have a jacket?" He asked as he ran a finger from her shoulder to the edge of her short shirt sleeve. "It's cold this early."

"Only my old green one." She moved as though to go and get it but he caught her gloved hand in his.

"No-," he said, "take mine." He dropped her hand and slipped the heavy leather jacket off draping it over her shoulders. She pushed her arms through it burned by the warmth that had been infused into the thick lining. She watched as his hands moved to the front of the jacket pulling the edges together. The backs of his fingers skimming lightly over the softness of her breasts. Where they lingered for just a moment as the beating of her heart increased. Then he was zipping it up and tugging the collar up around her neck.

Taking a shuddering breath she inhaled deeply. She closed her eyes as his masculine scent flooded her senses. Lowering her head she ran her cheek over the collar. It was an animalistic growl that had her opening her eyes. She was instantly snared by the heated gaze of the intense man before her.

He put his hand out for her and with a wicked glint in his eyes he said, "Get on." As he slid onto the bike behind him. His hands fell to her knees. His fingers curled under her knees. And pulled her foreward until she was snug against the back of him. A soft startled moan escaped her and her hands clutched at his hips."Wrap your arms around me and grip my legs with yours." his deep voice rumbled through her as he spoke. Then he was kickstarting the bike and her heart jerked into her throat at the feel of the throb machine under her and his hard hot heat pressed between her suddenly weak legs.

"Oh, God..." she whispered as the bike jumped foreward her arms and thighs tightening around him. She felt rather than heard the growl that ripped from his body.

The morning was cool as they rode through the dimmness of the pre-dawn. She felt exillerated as the bike roared over the darkened streets and onto the highway that would take them to the mountians.

Logan's jaw clenched as he felt her cheek settle against his back. They left the main road a few minutes ago and he was glad because he didn't know how much more torture he could take without wrecking the bike. He felt the fingers of her left hand glide up to rest in the center of his chest. where they traced small circles over the front of his chest.

"Marie..." he groaned. Taking his left hand from the bike and captured her wayward hand bringing it to his lips. Giving it a quick kiss before settling it on his thigh. He slowed the bike as they neared the summit he discovered the day he left Xavier's school that day to years ago. As he slowed to a stop he angled the bike so that to there right was the valley and to their left were tall pines and the dirt trail that served as the only road up to this secluded spot.

"Oh, Logan..." Rogue said awe evident in her voice as she watched the bright orange and red rays of the coming sunrise over the farthest mountian. She slipped from the bike on shaky legs. She moved slowly to the edge of the rocky place they sat atop. She raised her arms to her sides and laid her head back her hair falling in wind blown tangles downher back. "Isn't it beautiful?" She wasn't aware of his movements until she felt his hands in her hair.

"It certinally is." he spoke into the pile of tangled tresses that he clutched to his face. Her eyes closed as she felt the him step close to her back.

"Ah was talkin' 'bout the sun rise." she murmured with a shuddering breath.

"I wasn't!" he growled. Tangling his fingers in her hair he used it to cover his bare skin as he caressed the side of her face. She shifted her head back to rest on his shoulder. Which afforded him a view of the long and graceful neck and the crest of her breasts as they pushed against the knit fabric. The pulse racing at her throat had him mesmirized.

He longed to place his lips there and feel the strumming pulse against his tongue. He closed his eyes and imagined what she would taste like. Sweet he decided. She would taste sweet like whipping cream. Her flesh just as creamy and sugary as the confection. His hands fell to her shoulders and he groaned. "This is madness." he thought unaware he had spoken the words aloud. Unaware that is until she stiffened and tried to pull away. "Oh, no you don't." his voice rumbled into her from behind.

"Logan? What are you doin' here?" she asked. Her head bent foreward. "I don't know what possessed me to think-" She tried to step away again, but he stopped her and turned her in his arms.

"Think what?" he asked. His eyes baring down into the top of her head. She just shook her head. "What?" he persisted.

"Logan, I can't touch you." she said as though that explained it all to him.

"Oh, you touch me everyday." he said his fingers finding the scarf that had unwound from her neck and fluttered from her shoulders. Using it he lifted her eyes to his. "Everytime you look at me you touch me and when you say my name the way you did when you saw that sunset you touch me so deep I can't breath."

Her eyes widened. She never would have thought Logan could say such-sweet things. She watched as his eyes caressed the side of her face and then down to the jacket. With slow deliberate fingers he grasped the zipper and the rasp off it as it lowered filled the air. Her breath caught in her chest as he seperated the edges and pushed it from her shoulders. "We can touch." He said as he slipped his hard fingers to her hips and brought her up against his body. Her face was pressed to the spice scented chest. It was intoxicating. Her arms wound around his waist and he bent his head to rest his forehead against her hair.

"How Logan?" she asked her fingers grasping at his muscular sides. "Show me how."

"I'm not sure your ready, Darlin'."

"Ah have been ready since that day in that bar, Logan." she said.


"I stood in that bar watchin' you standin' there your back to me and all I could think was how much I wanted to touch you. Ta make you stop hurtin' yerself." she sighed as she felt his hands in her hair again. "All I could think when ah saw ya standin' there was , 'Oh, God have mercy on my soul 'cause I think Ah'm dyin'!'"

He pulled back. "You're kiddin' right?" he asked a look of incredulity on his face. She shook her head and laughed.

"Nope. I watched you walkin' toward the bar after your last fight and I thought to myself. He even looks edible in cloths. I couldn't keep my eyes off you. I loved the way your eyes seemed to look right inside me."

"I was thinkin' you were trouble with a capital 'T'." He said. "I was also thinkin' that I was way to old for a babe in the woods like you. Which made my instant need for you uncomfortable in the extreme." He laughed a little. "You know I didn't need to use my claws on that dumb ass don't you. I only used them to scare you. I thought you would take one look at them and run as fast as you could in the other direction. the next thing I know I'm pullin' you out of my trailer."

"I looked around and realized that you were the only thing that would help me. I was scared a little. Ah mean you had just cut a rifle in half like it was butter and you were a hot knife, but I knew you were goin' to help me."

"A bit optomistic don't you think?"

"Obviously not-" She said as she ran her gloved hands up his chest. "Look where I am today." A smirk in her eyes and a quirk to her lips.

"Yeah," he said as he stroked his hand from her waist to her left breast. "just look where you are." His fingers brushing at the sensitive flesh through her shirt.

"I'm right where I belong." She said. "Now are you going to show me some of that touchin'?" She asked.

"I already am, darlin'. " He murmured as he cupped the now throbing flesh of her breast. "Wanna play a game?" he said as he lowered his face to the hair covering her neck.

"Hmmm?" she questioned without words. "Uh-what kind of game?"

"It's called hide and seek." he said as he pressed his open mouth to her hair in a kiss. His mouth moved to the shoulder of her black top and he bit playfully into her shoulder. "I seek what you have to hide."

"Sounds-," she closed her eyes as his mouth landed on the crest of her breast. "Oh-uh-God that sounds like a winner." She managed as she thrust her trembling fingers into hair. Her legs went weak when she felt his hot wet mouth through her top. The tip of her breast pressing into his mouth. its tip hard and wanting.

"I think I found something." he murmured.

"Uhmmm..." was that her? She was quite sure that wasn't what she wanted to say. She wasn't aware of anything around her. Of the birds singing in the trees or the sun as it came into full view in front of them. Of Logan sliding to his knees infront of her as he continued to torment her with his sweet torture. Of his arms circling her thighs and his hands clutching at her bottom as he moved from one breast to the other. She did notice however when his fingers slipped between her legs from behind and her hips bucked foreward. With a growl in his throat his lips left her breast and traced a path to the front of her jeans.

It was shocking as he ran his fingers foreward causing her to buck again. only this time his mouth was there giving her a playful nip. So shocking that her legs gave out and she grasped his head for support.

"God!" His voice was ragged as he looked up at her. There eyes met and she smiled a little.

"Prayin' Logan?" she asked teasingly.

"Only for you." He said as he guided her to the ground in front of him. "Only for you." he said as he moved over her. His arms holding him away from her. One leg between hers as he lowered the lower part of his body to hers. A groan escaped them both as his hard flesh pressed into her hip. He lowered his lips to her breast and his leg thrust closer to her center as he greedily nipped at her through the shirt.

His erection jerked as he fingers glided over it through his jeans. Her innocent eyes clouded with the desire to please and pleasure him as much as he pleasured. When he saw the look shining from his eyes he growled again his eyes almost feral as they devoured hers. Pulling away so that he knelt astride her leg. He put his hands at her knees and then slipping his other leg between hers he used both his legs and his hands to push her legs apart. His eyes on hers as he ran his hands roughly up her thighs. Almost but not quite touching the part of her that seemed to cry for his touch. Again and again he rubbed her from knee to thigh. His eyes trapped hers and she couldn't look away.

"Logan..." she begged.

"What?" His smokey eyes raw with need.

"You know." she stammered. A little embaressed. Afraid to put in words the things she wanted.

"Uh-uh!" he shook his head. His fingers running up and grazing just a bit closer to where she wanted them. "What?"

Her face was flushed. "Touch me." she gasped as Logan again ran his fingers up her thighs. "Please touch me."

His eyes darkened and his face contorted as he ran his fingers up her thighs over her center and then back down again. She pressed upward into his hands and her heels dug into the ground beneath her. "Lo-ga-" her broken cry inflamed him and he stretched out over her. His hard swollen body cradled between her thighs as she wrapped her legs around his hips. He rested on his forearms and buried his fingers in her hair. His face inches from hers. His eyes holding her as he moved his throbbing body. The friction of their cloths sending shards of sensation through them. Her breath caught as he continued to drive her body closer and closer to the edge of a great cliff. A cliff that was just out of reach.

She was fascinated by the wild look on his face. His eyes seemed to retract. His face flushed as he neared the end he sought with each thrust. She could feel it tugging at her as his thrusts increased in number and intensity. It was a rolling, coiling mass in her lower stomache one second and then it was reaching out its fingers stretching across her entire body. She wanted to close her eyes as it over took her , but his eyes would not leave hers. So she stared into his eyes as the world around her flew apart. Shattering. Breaking her reality into a million shards of experience. Touch. Sound. Sight. Logan. Hot. Trembling. Thrusting.Groaning. "Oh, God!" Her words were nearly drowned out by the growling animalistic cry that thundered from his chest as he joined her in oblivion.