Title: The Rain Is Here
Author: Kia Mira
Email: kia_mira@bellsouth.net
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Logan finds Rogue and they discuss some home truths about the connection that they share and the things the two incidents of touching led to. It is a Foo Fighter's Song Fic.
Series: series
Spoilers: spoilers
Category: Logan/Rogue UST/love
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The rain is here and you my dear are still my friend.
It's true the two of us are back as one again.
I was the one that left you always coming back.
I cannot forget you girl and now I am up in arms again.
Together now I don't know how this love could end.
My lonely heart it falls apart for you to mend.

Up in Arms
The Foo Fighters

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt two hands fall on my shoulders. For a moment I thought I was in trouble, but it was only a moment before I realized it was him. He had followed me. I tried to move from his grasp, but his finger's tightened. They kept me facing away from him. I shivered. I couldn't help it. I was soaking wet and it was getting colder every moment, but I wasn't as cold on the outside as I was on the inside.

He must have felt my bodies trembling because he stepped closer to me and I was enveloped in his warmth. I turned so that my forehead rested against the tree. I pressed hard reveling in the pain. The hands at my shoulders moved and I thought he was letting me go, but then they were on either side of my wet head. Fingers lightly grasping my wet hair and then he leaned over and I felt his face in the sopping length of my hair. His forehead resting on the crown of my head.

I closed my eyes and took a deep shuddering breath. How could he do this? He could turn any emotion I had into need with the simple placement of his hands and face. I really don't think even he knows the exstent to which he moves me.

I feel rather than hear his words when he speaks. The tembre of his voice catches my nerve endings and sends shards of heat through my spine. And I don't even know what he is saying. I angle my head slightly to the side straining to here his words over the rain and wind.

"sorrysorrysorrysorry" He is repeating that one word over and over again. And I realize as though a ton of bricks has fallen on me that his actions in the room were not aimed at me, but himself. Understanding is a weight pulling me down and I have to make right my heedless mistake.

"Logan?" I reach back with my gloved hands and tangle my fingers in his hair. I want to turn to him, but somewhere deep inside I know he doesn't want me to see him right now. Or he would have turned me around and spoken the words to my face. "There ain't nothin' for ya to be sorry 'bout. I'm sorry! Ah was angry and ah let my anger say things that caused you pain. I wanted ta hurt somethin'. I needed to inflict pain and I did. I should never 'ave said the things I did. Please don't be upset." I beg him to hear me. To know that I was speakin' the truth. That what I said was ruled by anger, but deep inside me I heard my mama's voice sayin', Once you say a thing there ain't no reachin' out and takin' them back Marie. They are there good or bad and they will always be there.

I feel him shifting behind me and his mouth comes close to my ear. "No, babe. I'm sorry about all the things you have floatin' around in here because of me." He brushes his wet hair against my cheek. "I'm sorry you have to deal with my sick memories. My twisted sense of humor and the garbage I tried to fill my soul with."

My hands fall back to the trunk of the tree as he presses his face into my soggy dress. I shiver again. He pulls his fingers from my hair and straightens behind me.

"You're cold." he says. Then he is takin' my hand and he leads me back over the sodden ground to the school. We don't go in the front door instead he leads me through the garage and into the kitchen and we use the stairs. It is a short trip and we have left a continual stream of water in our wake. Once up stairs he pulls me into his room and into his bathroom.

He hands me a towel and then turns to start a tub of water. Steam rises immediatley into the air and I am warmed by it. Or is it the feel of intimacy that having Logan run a bath for me intails. I watch as he moves to a cupboard and pulls out a bottle. It is familiar. The thick gel that oozes from the bottle as he pours it under the hot running water smells exactly like my perfume.

"Poison." I murmur. "Tender Poison." my eyes flick to his. His eyes meet mine. They are honest and strangly vulnerable. Mine are wide at the implications this knew discovery provides. He knew the brand of perfume she wore. Knew, but not only that had bought the bath gel that went with it.

He must have read my understanding because he started to brush past me, but i couldn't let him leave with out letting him know that we were alright. So I stepped in front of him and quickly hugged him to me. Pressing my face into his warm wet shirt. It was dry in places almost like his body heat had dried it.

"I'm not sorry your in my head Logan. I like the feeling it gives me. No one here or out there in the real world will ever know you the way I do. I'm sorry I hurt you." I tighten my arms around him for a moment and then I step away. He catches a few strands of my hair and I look up uncertian.

"You and I were still friends, Marie?" he asks. His words not conveying what his eyes whisper to me. The question his lips will not utter.

"Yeah, Logan, we are." I whisper. He nods and his features relax and he smiles a bit his eyes sparkling.

" You take a bath and get warmed up. It's my turn to choose the music." He leaves but he leaves the door open a crack and I can she his shadow as it moves back and forth in front of the door. Then I hear the radio come to life. The music is harder than I expected, but it isn't jarring. In fact it fits the mood I am in. I have settled into the tub and turned the water off when the next song begins to play and the volume is turned up just a bit more.

I smile he wants me to hear this with out asking me to listen. It is odd how we humans/mutants think. So I close my eyes and allow the words to enter my brain.

The rain is here and you my dear are still my friend.

I smile at that. I wonder if that is why he asked me if we were still friends. I continue to listen to the words. They are soulful at first. Sad in a way. And apt to describe us.

It's true the two of us are back as one again.

Is that how he felt? That we are one. Two parts of a whole?

I was the one that left you always coming back.

Ain't that the truth. Twice he left me. Once only hours after seein' me the first time and seconds after meetin' me. Yeah, he certinally was the one leavin' and always comin' back.

I cannot forget you girl and now I am up in arms again.

Was he threatened by her? Did the big bad wolverine actually feel up in arms over a slip of a girl? I felt my heart skip a beat. I sure hoped so.

Together now I don't know how this love could end.

Love? Did he?

My lonely heart it falls apart for you to mend.

Yes, that much was true. In fact the whole song cried out for her to hear the deeper meaning. There is a light tap on the door and I hear his voice.


"Yeah?" my voice is husky from the warm water and emotion swirling around me.

"I brought you a towel and some cloths." he says.

"Kin you put them over here so I can reach them?" I say lifting my arm from the water and pointing to the counter across from the tub. I watch the sudsy water flow from my skin and I here rather than see him enter the bathroom.

"Uh-hum" he clears his throat. "Sure." He moves to the counter not lookin' in my direction as he sets them down. He turns to leave never even so much as glancing at me in the tub. An imp inside my head reaches out and grasps a jean covered leg just above his knee as he starts by again.

He stops his leg muscle tightens and his fists clench. "Ma-rie!" it is a warning growl and it excites me. So I curl my fingers around the inside of his knee. Causing him to groan.

"Ah liked your song, Logan." Then I let my fingers slide down and away from his hard jean covered flesh as a new song begins on the disc player.

Baby, when I think about you, I think about love.
Darling I don't live without you and your love.
If I had those golden dreams of my yesterday,
I would wrap you in their heaven ......

I look up and find his eyes on me. Not my face but my shoulders and chest where they sink beneath the fragrant water. Then without warning his eyes are on mine again and I hear the words from the song in the other room.

I feel like makin' love. I feel like, feel like makin' love....