Title: Rogue-aholic
Author: Kim
Email: kimberly.h@worldnet.att.net
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Logan makes a few discoveries...about Rogue.
Genre: X-men Movie Logan/Rogue
Disclaimer: Wish I owned them but I don't.
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Notes: Okay, I know it's a totally different writing style from my other story "The Forbidden Fruit" but I couldn't sleep and this story just demanded that I write it. I hope you all enjoy it!
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Hi. My name is Logan. I'm probably better known as the Wolverine. Pick whichever you prefer. Anyways, where was I? Like I said my name is Logan, and I'm a Rogue-aholic. Yeah, you heard me, a Rogue-aholic.

It's been about three years since I left home and that adorable little girl I called "Kid." Hell, she was a kid at the time, but now she's probably legal. Whoa! Let me stop before my thoughts go in THAT direction. Anyways, she's like nobody I'd ever met before. I was this mean, lean fighting machine. That's how I earned my money before I met Marie..Rogue. I picked her up in some nowhere bar in the bumfuck parts of Canada. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. Here comes this kid who tries to hitch a free ride with me, without me ever knowin'. The only reason I stopped the damn truck is because I thought my trailer was coming loose or something. Yeah...something.

Anywhoo, I got out of my beat up truck and go around the back to check out what's up. It's a good thing too because if I hadn't checked, that little girl would have been a Popsicle. Mmmm...a Popsicle Rogue...licking her up and down, letting her taste settle in the pits of my stoma...Wait! No! I'm not going down there again!

Back to my story. Um..so yeah, I find this obnoxious little girl hiding by my bike. I thought she was a freakin' loony and I didn't want anything to do with her. So I made her get the hell out of my life. If she hadn't shot an arrow through my heart, I would've just left the thing there. I'm the Wolverine, ya know? But, she must have bewitched me or something because I stomped on the breaks and backed up, allowing her to get into my truck. Little did I know that eventually that kid and me would have a history together. And no! Not THAT kind of history. What are you all, some sick perverts? I would never take advantage of a little girl like that.

I'm getting sidetracked again. Turns out this girl, this Rogue was a mutant. Just not any mutant, a super mutant that could suck the life out of any creature. Believe me. I've had my share of a suckin' or two. It felt...well...a hella lot scary and exciting at the same time. God! To think what she'd be like in bed. Her touch making you tingle from the inside out while...WOW! It'd be your last time, but whatta way to go!

Ugh! I said I wasn't going to go down there, but there I went. Okay, enough of that. When that little kid was ripped from my grips by a psycho named Magneto, I felt like I was split in two. It was a whole new experience for me. For once in my life, I was feeling like a dog on a leash, and if it were Rogue holding that leash, then 'Woof! Woof!' I wouldn't want any other owner. Well, I made it my mission to get Rogue back and protect her just like I promised. So I flew to the tops of the Statue of Liberty to save her. I'd fly to the tops of the highest mountains and beyond to save her. Yeah, yeah, there's a sappy side to me to. What can I say? The kid brings out the better half. And the worst.

When I found her dead, drained of all her energy, my heart stopped beating. That is until I came up with the brilliant idea to touch her, so she'd suck my healing power into her own body. And what do you know? It worked! She came oozing back into my life, and I was a bit woozy, but it was worth it. And now, me and my little Rogue share a connection.

I didn't think anything of it at the time, but being alone for three years does that to you. Jean, yeah Ms. I'm takin' by the One-Eyed Monster, Jean Grey even admitted that Rogue had a crush on me. I just blew it off at the time, but now..? Well, it's flattering. Having a precious thing like that adore you. It's even better when she shares your thoughts in ways no one else can.

It was a few months back, when the ding bat I am finally realized why I ran. I ran because she scared me. Me! Wolverine! Scared of an innocent girl like Rogue. Ha! But it's true. She scared me in ways that were unthinkable. She forced me to care and love and think things that just aren't appropriate for a man they call Wolverine. I mean, come on! Would you feel intimidated by a guy who's trying to beat you to a bloody pulp and turns out he's a regular ol' softy with a spot in his heart for little girls? Namely Rogue. Nah. Didn't think so.

Anyways, I'm dredging up the past here because three long years have passed since I've been home. I send postcards to Marie every so often, and she manages to find me. I can't even say where I stopped thinking of her as Kid and thought of her as Rogue, the super woman who's captured my heart.

Which brings me down to this whole oration. I know she's not a kid anymore because I've seen it with my own eyes. Shhhh. It's supposed to be my dirty little secret. I was walking by a newspaper stand, where they sold the mutant equivalents of every kind of magazine you can think of. Don't laugh! These things really exist, and mutants have to make money too. So I was walking by this stand and I see a porno magazine called "PlayMutant." I guess that would be the equivalent of PlayBoy. I never thought of myself as a perv before, but something inside told me to go ahead and buy one. You've heard that voice before, the angel and the devil that sits on either of your shoulders? Yeah, well the devil one said to go ahead. And stupid me, I did.

So I took this dirty magazine back to the cheap motel where I was stayin and flopped down onto the dusty bed. I pulled out the beer I had just bought and opened it as I flipped through the magazine. I wasn't really impressed, I mean, yeah gorgeous girls with really big, really fake ya ya's, but it wasn't something I hadn't seen before. I start edging towards the back of the magazine, took a glance at the picture and started flippin' the page. When the lightbulb in my head went off, I went into shock and spit the beer I had in my mouth out. I nearly ripped the page in half trying to flip to where I was. And God almighty! When I found that picture, I dropped the beer on my bed and spilled it everywhere. I didn't even notice as it started soaking my jeans.

There on page 19 sat my Rogue! My eyes bugged out at my discovery. I shut the magazine before I could scan her curvaceous bod. I got up off my bed and started pacin. My thoughts were flying so fast they probably broke the sound barrier. What the hell was she doin in that dirty magazine? Shit! She'd be in a lotta trouble if Professor X or anyone else found out about this. I continue pacing back and forth, back and forth, my mind piping up with all kinds of possibilities. Let's say curiosity killed the cat. Or more like, gave it blue balls.

I jumped back on the bed and tore open to page 19 again. It wasn't my imagination! There sat Rogue, her face in a devilish smile, a smile seemingly directed at MOI! I didn't allow my eyes to wander down, so I concentrated on her face. She'd changed for the fantastic since I'd been away. Her face was more chiseled, distinctly a woman's features instead of the cherubic oval angel face. Her reddish hair fell in waves around her shoulders, the two white reminders from Magneto framing her beautiful face. I have to admit, Storm and Jean have some serious competition. I debated on the pros and cons of taking a peak, immediately feeling ashamed. I felt like I was robbing the cradle. But man oh man! It'd be soooo worth it and no one would have to know. So before I could talk myself out of it, I gathered the courage, sucked in a deep deep breath and looked.

For the second time that night my eyes bugged outta my head. I swear, if nature hadn't been on my side, my eyes would've flown right out of their sockets. The girl was delicious. I saw an endless seam of curves. She wasn't as naked as the day she was born, but she came fucking close. The reason she had that devilish face on her became all too clear. She was kneeling her bare legs spread apart. She wore a school sweater...

Holy Shit! Xavier's Gifted Youngsters School insignia. I gotta give the girl props. She has guts for wearing that school sweater, and for making such an ugly ass thing like that never look more delectable than it does on her. I was a bit disappointed because the sweater was strategically placed. The sweater itself was too long for her, but it became apparent why. The V neck button down plunged all the way revealing a hella lot of cleavage and her cute little belly button. Then it buttoned right before her pubic area and went between her spread knees, covering everything else from the public eye. She mustta been really cold or really happy because I could see the outline of her hard nipples poking through the heavy sweater material.

Let's just say, that after I got my eyeful of almost naked Rogue and her creamy, lethal skin, I had a bad case of...don't laugh...arousal. I swear, my jeans never felt tighter. I could feel the twitchin from Bub...yeah! His name is BUB. Excuse me for being so male! I could feel him rising to the occasion at the sight of my beautiful treasure. I had to clamp down on my urge to touch him, to resist bringing myself over that edge that Rogue had created for me. I couldn't do it. I may be a DOM (dirty old man), but I would not do that to whatever future I may have with Rogue. Hell, I know she can't touch me, but who's says it has to be conventional? I'd settle for waiting for the real thing.

So as I sit here, thinking about what I should do, I glance down to that open page looking at the luscious creature called Rogue, staring up at me with her chocolate eyes. I can't bring myself to close the thing and I can't force myself to throw it away either.

Whatever I do come up with (no pun intended), I know one thing is definitely for sure. I'm Logan and I'm a Rogue-aholic. Glancing one last time at the picture, I can't help but think that that girl will be the death of me.