Title: Unconventional
Author: Kim
Email: kimberly.h@worldnet.att.net
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: An unconventional solution to touch.
Genre: X-men Movie Logan/Rogue Romance, Rogue POV
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Notes: This is a follow up to "Rogue-aholic" and "Mind Games." I don't think you really need to read those two to enjoy this one, but it wouldn't hurt! If you'd like to read the first two, just e-mail me and I'll send them to you. Also, this involves a weird concept of having sex (it's not THAT weird). But if you can't stand anything slightly abnormal, or sex for that matter then don't read!
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Okay, I don't even know what happened. I just know that somewhere along the way, our relationship changed. It was purely friendship at first, but now...well I don't even know what it is now. I mean I can't even touch the man! The idea scares and excites me at the same time. The thought that he thinks of me as more than just some kid he picked up off the streets and as a real woman makes my head spin. He looks at me now the way he used to look at her. Jean. Except now there's more in that piercing stare. It's all for me, love, trust, protection. If I didn't know better, the man looks at me like he worships the very ground I walk on. Who would have known? Wolverine, a bumbling fool blinded by a love that just isn't possible. Well, if he's a bumbling fool, then I must be one too because I love him as well. It's all so frustrating.

I was mighty proud of myself for getting him back with the bath towel thing. You should have seen him after that! I mean, the man who exudes pure animalistic sensuality, all the egotistical male confidence a man can get, turned into a stuttering teenager when it came to me. One time, I pretended that I didn't see him while I had my nose stuck in a book. I had no idea where he was headed to, but he stopped to stare. The next thing I know, when he turned and resumed walking, BLAM! Nose first into that hard wall. Ouch! Thank heavens for his healing power, otherwise he would've ended up nursing a broken nose. I couldn't resist, so I told him to watch where he was going next time. He scowled at me and I hid my smiling face behind my book scampered off in the opposite direction.

I love the attention. I love his attention and I wouldn't want it from anybody else. For days and weeks after my eye popping encounter with a certain naked Logan and a little towel, the sexual tension has spiraled into a whirlwind of hormones and emotions. Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

It's become a game to see who'll break first. And if it weren't for the fact that it was a game, I'd be the one to break every damn rule that lay in our way. He found more excuses for ways to touch me. A brush here, a caress there. He's so infuriating! That tease. I can't take it anymore and I'm afraid that if one more day passes, I'll crack. He's caught me gawking at that edible little tushy of his. I swear, the man has a butt to die for, so perfectly rounded. I bet my hands could mold around it like a potter's hands around clay. Most days, I want to wrap myself around him like second skin. But if I did that then I'd end up killing him. Rather morbid, wouldn't you say?

I was in the library, chatting with Jubes while we searched for a book I wanted to read. I'm startled out of my conversation by a loud, "Rogue!" I look up in time to see Logan unraveling his way through the maze of tables and people scattered throughout the library. I could tell they were pissed off at the rowdy interruption. Some just scowled while others shooshed poor Wolvie. I've never seen him look so excited before. Let me rephrase that. I've never seen him look like a little boy in a candy store.

Like I said, he was weaving in and out of the scattered tables trying to get to me. I decided to meet him half way. As soon as I came within touching distance he grabbed my hand and started pulling me to the exit. Where was he taking me? And I asked him.

"You'll see," was his enigmatic answer. I swear! The Mona Lisa had some serious competition as far mysterious, close-lipped smiles went. I had no choice but to follow him...out the door...to the garage...and into the car. Hmm...why am I beginning to feel nervous? I could see any questions I had wouldn't be answered, at least not right now. The set determination in his unique features told me so. His concentration was locked onto the road we were driving down. I watched in fascination as his jaw twitched with tension. His nose huffed with the excitement he held. Whatever it was, it was his mission. And Logan never backs out of missions.

I just watched him all the way until we arrived at...wherever we were going to arrive at. Occasionally, he'd flick his eyes towards my face and smile that cute smile I adore so much. I love being this way with him. So trusting. I know he'll never hurt me or do anything to break that trust. I look out the window watching the scenery fly by. We've entered the city, but he takes a turn into the more shabby part of town. Okay, no matter how I trusting I am towards Logan, I can't help but feel the nervousness prickle my finger tips and lace just a little bit of my heart. We finally pull into an underground garage and we get out of the car. I still don't utter a word. I can't help but gaze wide eyed at him. He takes my gloved hand and heads for an elevator. When we get in, he punches a button that goes to an even more underground level. A basement? Umm...I guess I'll just keep my comments to myself.

When the elevator slows to a stop, a high "PING!" indicates that we've reached our destination. The metal doors slide open and we have indeed entered a basement. Or more like the Twilight Zone. The place is something out of a sci-fi movie. High tech stuff everywhere, not an inch of wall space wasted. What is this place? Lab technicians are hard at work. We bypass all the techies and enter a room separate from everyone else. This room is also state of the art, just like the other, but this one seems to be a control room of sorts. A beautiful woman in a white lab coat looks as though she's been waiting for us. The woman in me shoots her defenses up. Feels like someone's trying to walk in on my territory. Hey! Come on! You know what it's like, when you see a gorgeous blonde with never ending legs, the cat claws come a scratchin. Meow! Grrrr! Like I said, blame it on the woman in me.

Ms. Blondie pays no attention to me, but paws at Logan like he's a scratching post. Ooh!

"I've been waiting for you, Mr. Logan." Great. Now the perfect white teeth have made an appearance. Come on girl! Let's get it ON!

Logan, much to his credit, doesn't pay her any attention. Good boy. He just grips my hand even tighter, nerves possessing him. I wish I knew what this was all about. He just nods at the woman and she tells us to go through the white door on the other side. She also said that she'd wait until we're ready. Ready? Ready for what? Have I mentioned this man infuriates me?

Okay, so we enter the mysterious room behind the door and I see two chairs (I can't help thinking of a dentist's chair, because that's what they looked like.) The only difference is that there were no dental tools waiting to drill a hole in you. The chairs were hooked to lots of multi-colored wires. Each cushioned chair had head gears attached on top. Each head gear had a visor like screen to cover the eyes. Oh God. Was this what I think it is? Two words came to mind. Virtual Reality.

"Um, Logan. You wouldn't have tricked me into receiving shock therapy, would you?" I was only half kidding. Logan led me to one chair and sat me down, while he went to his and sat down as well. Before reaching to pull down the head equipment, he looked directly at me. Deadly serious he asked, "Do you trust me?"

Not even missing a beat, "Of course I do." He nodded and told me to put on the head thing. He proceeded to do the same. He then said out loud, "We're ready."

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, the electric shocks shot through my body. What the fuck? That's when the screen in front of me turned into static. The next thing I know I'm in a whole other world. It's as if I'm there but not there. I mean, I felt like my whole body had jumped into that screen and I was physically there and not in some hot seat with a gizmo stuck on my head. What a rush! In my VR world/place/head whatever it was, everything came into focus. Okay, I admit it was a bit screwy, but the flush of excitement coursed through my body. I was in a bedroom. Not just any bedroom but those luxury suites. It's wonderful to be pampered, even if it wasn't really real. I noticed the queen sized mattress, dressed in cream colored silk sheets. And, oh my, on top of that powder puff of a bed, sat a laid back Logan looking like a sexy devil incarnate. His hair was slicked back, wet from the gel that had been run through it. It was tousled in a way that looked incredibly sexy. He leaned on his two elbows, his amazing bod oozing sensuality. Logan was all in black, black silk shirt with the top few buttons undone. I could see the light sprinkle of chest hair peeking through. His black pants clung to him in all the right places. And his adorable feet were bare. He looked good enough to eat, and if I was right about what this whole thing was, then I was going to do just that. I do believe the man was trying to seduce me. It's working.

The look on his face was priceless. I've never seen such animal hunger before. Well, not really true. He had it when I saw his naked body that day, but this was that look times twenty. His pupils were dilated with lust, darkened to a charcoal black. He unconsciously licked his lips, running his tongue languidly over the bottom one as if it were a promise. Oh what that tongue could do to me! The giddiness at the anticipation was setting in. Logan's hypnotic voice pierced the silence.

"It's payback time." He ran his eyes over the length of my body. He stood, gaze locked on mine and sauntered towards me. Hell yes!

When he stood in front of me, the heat of his body leaped off and licked my burning skin. He watched my reaction while towering over me. Remember when I said he looked like he worshipped the ground I walked on? Well, that's just what he did. He worshipped me. His slender, lengthy fingers touched the side of my hair, not a bit of hesitation in them. They skimmed the white strands they encountered then slid down my cheek bones to stroke my lips. I almost shook him off with fear at what that touch could do, then I remembered that in this world, I couldn't hurt him. This is what he had planned the entire time. I loved him all the more for it.

Almost hypnotized he leaned his face in, angling his lips to meet mine. I watched as his eyes slid shut fascinated that this man, who was almost always a brute, could be so tender. My eyes like wise did the same, as I waited for those soft lips to touch mine. I didn't have to wait long because in the next instant, I felt his breath on my face and the arrival of what I sought. Our lips tangled in a tender battle. It was heaven. My chest heaved at the connection, tears wanting to cascade at the emotion that overtook me. Logan broke the contact and cradled my face watching me steadily. The want in him ready to pounce at any given second. I closed my eyes again giving entreaty to his quest. His lips crashed down on mine, bruising with each nip, seeking absolution with each lick. I felt his tongue on my lips, petting them, pleading entrance. I opened without hesitation. Our tongues made beautiful love, while our souls connected. His hands remained gentle as they roamed over the silk material covering my body. (When did I end up in silk negligee? Oh who cares!)

I felt his finger tickle the sides of my stomach, stroking and finally deciding to sit still there for a while. When our kiss escalated into something more, the brute power in him came alive. Without breaking the duel of our mouths, he bent and lifted me into his arms. You would have thought I weighed the same as a feather. My arms curled around his neck as I sighed into his mouth. His lips pulled away with regret, and I groaned at the loss of him. He quickly made up for it by directing those lethal lips on their next target. My neck.

I had to stifle the urge to giggle. Who knew I'd be ticklish on my neck? But that tampered down as he assaulted the area below my ear. Oh God! His tongue lapped at the skin there, then nuzzled it with his nose. We finally made contact with the bed. I could feel our combined weights strain the bed, as it squeaked in protest. Logan knelt and gently lowered me to the softness of it. My head felt like it was floating on those silk covered fluffs called pillows. Logan remained kneeling, straddling my writhing body. His eyes burned into mine, this time not bothering to hide all the love and desire that swirled in them. His lips were swollen from the job my own lips had down on them. He was beautiful. It was my turn to unravel my heavy lidded eyes on the lithe body on top of me. I could see the bulge tenting his pants. Looking quickly became not enough. I moved from under him and crawled up to kneel in front of him. His hands were unmoved at his sides, squeezed into fists as he watched my every move. He was giving me control.

My hands came to life as the need to feel him, skin to skin became adamant. I unbuttoned the shirt, smoothing it off his shoulders, not paying any attention as it fluttered onto the bed. I ran my hands over his toned chest, playing with the hair that curled there. His nipples hardened as my velvety hands tugged on them. My lips replaced my fingers and I tugged and sucked on them, lavishing the same attention on each. Didn't want to make the other jealous, now did I?

I heard his sharp intake of air and pride that I'd done this to him added to my desire. I released his nipple and moved up to his face, imitating his earlier actions. I tenderly grasped his face in my hands, stroking the hair that grew on the sides. I looked him directly in the eyes as I moved in for a kiss. My hands didn't have the patience to stay idle as they were motivated to head south. They strayed down his chest and to the top of his pants where I unbuttoned and unzipped them releasing the straining heat. I swallowed the groan that escaped his mouth. I helped him take his pants off and threw them onto the floor. No underwear! I pulled away and stared at him, mouth agape. It was like that day in his room, except I had a hand in making this arousal come alive. I had to touch him. He must have smiled at my amazement, knowing I'd only seen, but never felt one in my entire life. The smoothness as my hand touched it shot waves of pleasure through me. I skimmed my hands learning his penis' every curve, every ridge, every nerve I could find. His body begun to shake in pleasure and control was very quickly seeping away. His resolve was cracking.

I leaned back onto my feet and looked purposefully at him. Then I crossed my arms to pull the soft touch of silkiness over my head. I tossed that too over the bed, no doubt landing it to the accumulating amount of clothes on the floor. The little panties I had on quickly followed. The feral look that pulsated caused me to lean against the pillows once more. He was on me in a second.

I moaned when I felt his fingers climb up my skin and wrap themselves around my naked right breast. I was in heaven. He held it, testing its weight. Logan took my nipple between his two fingers and pinched them, smiling at my squeal of delight. His hot, moist mouth took control of my breasts and that delectable mouth did things to my breasts that are just indescribable! I sighed and writhed at the pain and pleasure I was experiencing. He abandoned my breasts and proceeded to lick his way down, his scorching tongue burning a path on my stomach. I realized what he had in mind, but I grabbed at his hair to prevent movement. He looked up, puzzlement crossing his features. I just shook my head and said, "Together."

He understood. He climbed back up next to me, claiming possession on my lips again. His hand slithered its way down, though. He moved it to between my legs, and I parted them, allowing his exploration. Slowly, ever so slowly, he slipped one finger into me, then another. My hips jolted at the sensations claiming me. My juices spilled onto his fingers, the desire and ache I felt for him all too evident. Logan seemed overcome with emotion as it dawned on him that he had as much an effect on me as I did on him. I smiled at his awed face. I felt my hips pump in motion with his hands, the multitude of bliss building inside of me. All too soon he pulled his hands free (me groaning in frustration!) He hovered above me, his erect cock grazing the entrance of my yearning center. Our eyes locked and he bent his head to kiss me as he slowly entered, allowing me to adjust to his size. I cried out at the tingling sensation, tears burning my eyes. This was it. The connection between us sealed. He continued to move his lips over mine as our hips joined, moving in unison. Each time he pulled almost out then thrust back into me, I could feel that excruciatingly beautiful orgasm coming within my reach. The shudders reverberated against the insides of my skin. I was one live bundle of nerves. After a few more rough strokes, I was there, soaring, flying, reaching that euphoria I wished to seek plenty of times over. I saw the hot flashes of color burst behind my closed lids, and it continued even after I felt Logan come, burying his seed deep inside of me.

He caught himself before he could crush me with his weight, rolling to my side and pulling me into his loving arms. He kissed my forehead, contentment washing over his entire body. We held each other until our pulses slowed to its normal pace.

The cliché to say, "I love you" was not needed, because this beautiful union between us spoke more than words ever could.

When I came back to the real reality, I felt like the world could come to an end and I'd still die a happy woman. Our lovemaking may have been unconventional but it felt as real as real could get.

I sighed and looked over at Logan, who by this time had taken the head gear off and was watching me silently, the same happiness soaking his body. I could see the question in his head, and I smiled at the thought that he was so human. What could it hurt?

"Go ahead, Logan. Ask."

He sighed in relief, this time losing the nerve to look at me. He seemed to be embarrassed that I caught him. At last, he looked at me, and his eyebrows cocked at the question he was dying to ask.

"So...um...was it...good?" he asked unsure.

I grinned inwardly. Oh yeah. It was good.