Title: Blind Storm
Author: Linzi AKA the mutant know as Abriy
Email: Sailrearth79@aol.com
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: PG
Summary: Storm can't stop thinking about the conversation she had with Logan.
Genre: Drama
Disclaimer: All characters of X-men are owned by Marvel and 20th Century Fox. I am merle a fan, not trying to steal anything!
Notes: Feedback is appreciated!!!

It was late. Storm sat in the class room. She was busy grading some tests. Her eyes strained.

"Storm?" She looked up from her desk. It was Logan.

"Pretty late ain't it?" He said leaning against the frame of the door.

"Yeah well, I have tests to grade," she smiled.

"Now you see why I don't want to be a teacher. I hate even being the one making 'em learn."

"Goodnight Logan," she said with a laugh.

"Goodnight Storm," he said.

The way he had said her name.... She shook her head and turned back to her papers. It was awhile ago that they had talked about him joining the team.

"Logan where are you going?" She had known he couldn't find Rogue without help.

"I'm gonna find her."

"You can't do it alone."

He really wouldn't listen, not unless she had knocked him unconscious.

"What am I supposed to do, wait around!" He was obviously irritated.

"Join us."

Scott would never have approved, he hated Logan. She had to admit, he wasn't he the most agreeable mutant, but he could help, and she was the leader too, unofficially.

"Be part of the team, an X-men," he almost laughed. "Magneto's right, there is a war coming, you sure you're on the right side?" he glared at her.

"At least I've chosen a side!" She had meant it to sound more hurtful and angry. He really was getting on her last nerve. They had saved his life and now he was practically insulting them, or her more likely.

Her mind ached to know what he would have said next, but they had been interrupted by Senator Kelly. She put down her pen. She couldn't grade the test now. She walked down the halls, everything was dark , silent, the students were asleep. Logan hadn't told anyone what he'd found in Canada, if he had found out anything. Rogue had brought this up with her one day after class. Ororo wondered if her had told Jean, he and Jean had a connection, they clicked. The Professor probably knew, even if Logan had not't wanted to tell anyone, he couldn't keep something from Professor Xavier.

Rogue had been upset and saddened that he hadn't told her what happened. Ororo noticed that Logan had given Rogue his tags to keep. Both Jean and Rogue were good friends with Logan. Scott hated Logan, and Ororo...she didn't know where she stood when it came to Logan, she didn't know him like Rogue did, and wasn't as intimate with him as Jean was.

She wanted to be his friend, maybe more, the word friend didn't come to mind when she thought of Logan. She didn't know what, she was just sure he was one of those who thought they didn't need people, and those type needed other people the most.

She found herself out on the back stone porch. Surprisingly Logan was there, smoking.

"That's bad for your health," she said leaning against the railing.

"Do I look like I care about my health?" Logan said putting his cigar out.

"Well someone has to care."

"Fine...I'll let you care about my health, but I don't have to listen to you."

They were silent. They hardly talked or even met in the halls, Scott and Logan had been more social since he came back than he was with Ororo.

"Logan..." she let out a breathe.


"Rogue is worried about you," she blurted out. He looked at her. "You haven't told anyone what you found out, or what happened to you in Canada. I think it's-" she was cut off.

"It's my business, no one else's," he looked out towards the trees.

"You should at least tell someone." She was looking down.

"I said it's my business!" He started to walk inside.

"It's not weak to need somebody once in awhile!" Her voice was harsh and cold.

"And you would know that how?" he said without turning around. "Off all the X-men I think you're the one known least about." He walked back into the school.

"Your wrong Logan, you're the one that know one knows."