Title: Rogue's Heart
Author: Sailor Moirae
Email: sailor_moirae@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Men
Rating: 14A
Summary: Prof. X taught Rogue how to control her power. Gambit arrived at the X Mansion and Wolverine returns. Rogue must choose who she wants to be with.
Time: After the X-Men Movie, features Gambit
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: Me own none.
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Chapter One

Rogue looked out into the damp darkness of the night. She was thinking about him again, like she does every night for the last five years. He promised he would return to her, but now she wasn't too sure if he would keep that promise. She longed to touch him, and now she would be able too.

The Professor taught her how to control her mutant powers. It took four years, but she finally has control over it. She killed many animals in her training, and she felt remorse for that, but fortunatly she never trained with one of her fellow X-men. She might have killed one of them if she tried.

Now, with her control she is able to touch people. And she longs to touch Logan. If he ever returned to her that is...

He hopped on the motercycle that he stole and shifted it into gear. He was going home, the only place he has ever though of home, with the one woman he could not stop thinking of.

Rogue walked back into her room from the balcony. She still wore his dog tags, he said he'd be back for them. There was suddenly a knock on the door and she jumped a little. She walked over and opened it.

"Hey there darlin'" It was Gambit, a mutant who Storm brought in after he tried to steal from her. Gambit is a professional thief, and he has the ability to light small objects on fire, he mostly uses cards. The minute he layed eyes on her, he vowed she would be his. He said the cards may not be in their favor, but that will not stop him. Rogue said nothing, but motioned for him to come in. "What's wrong darlin'?" He asked her.

Rogue shook her head, "nothing, Remy." Ok, so she did like him, but the feelings weren't as strong as those she had for Logan. Remy leaned down and moved to kiss her. Rogue hesitated but she let him. Logan's never coming back, she thought, I have to quit hoping.

He drove up to the X Mansion and parked Scott's motercycle where he found it. He walked up to the doors of his home and entered. He's been gone for five years. Five long years away from the only person he cares about. He went upstairs, "I have to see her, I have to tell her how much I missed her," He walked down the hallway, he noticed that her door to her chambers is open. Respectfully, he knocked on the wall and peered in.

Startled, Rogue broke away from Gambit and looked over at the entrance. "Logan!" She exclaimed, "you're back!!" Logan glared at Gambit and growled.

Chapter Two

"Logan!" Rogue was startled to see him.

"Don't act so surprised, kid," Logan said. 'Kid' that is all she will be to him, all she was. He was foolish to think she could be more, with her mutant power, she couldn't even touch him. Power? They were kissing... He glared at the man that was kissing his Rogue. "Why the fuck are you able to touch her!?"

"Logan, please..." Rogue pleaded, "Professor Xavier taught me how to control my mutant powers. I am able to touch people now, and when needed, I can also suck the life force from them."

Logan stared at the kid he left behind. Not a kid anymore, he thought. Rogue had changed, a lot! She was beautiful, slender, and sexy. Logan quickly looked away, if he didn't he might have ripped her clothes off right then and there.

Gambit looked around and then at Rogue, "Gambit shall be goin' ma cerie," He kissed her again and Logan growled. Gambit walked out of the room and left Rogue alone with Logan.

"Why are ya back?" Rogue asked.

"I needed to see you," Logan said. What can he say? She tamed him. He was a softie around her. "I missed you."

"Ah missed ya too, Logan," She replied.

"Who was that guy?" He asked, although he didn't want to really know.

"Gambit. A mutant that Storm brought in about a year ago," Rogue answered. "He has the ability to light things on fire, he mostly uses cards though."

"How long have you too been together?"

Rogue looked up, "we're... not together..."

"So you just kiss any guy now that you can? Who's next? The one-eyed freak?" Logan saw the tears forming in Rogue's eyes and he wished he never said that.

"Leave, Logan," Rogue demanded.

"Rogue... I didn't mean it..." Logan tried to apologize.


Logan obeyed and left. He didn't need her hating him, although she might now. Right after Logan disappeared down the hall, Gambit slinked back into the room.

"Why are you cryin' ma cerie?" He asked as he sat down on the bed beside her and put his arm around her, "Tell Gambit, he will make ya feel better." Rogue explained everything to him, she then buried her face in his chest and cried.

Logan walked into his room and fell onto his bed. Everything was the way he left it, right down to the mess. "You think that someone would have cleaned it up in the past damn years." He heard a knock on the door, "yeah!?" he called.

Jean entered the room, "I heard you were back," she said.

"For a while," Logan said without emotion. "I'll be leaving again."

"Did you find what you were looking for?"

"No, just a bunch of dead ends and more questions."

"Then why did you come back so soon?" Jean asked, "you could have kept looking." Logan said nothing, "It's her, isn't it?" Logan glared at her, "You know about her control." It wasn't a question, it was a statement. "You met Gambit." Jean heard her name being called.

Scott walked into Logan's room and looked at him, "good to see you again, Logan."

"You're a bad liar, one-eye," Logan said.

Scott smiled at him, "believe what you want," He and Jean left the room.

Chapter Three

Rogue stood on the balcony, staring up at the stars. He was back, finally, and he was because of her. And she gave up hope, and gave into that sweet talking cajun, Remy. Now he hated her, and Remy. But, she knew that he'd hate Remy when he met him anyway.

Logan layed on his bed staring at the ceiling. He stayed away too long, he felt the pull from home a year ago, something inside of him was telling him to go back, but he never listened. She's been able to control her power for a year. A year that Gambit has been able to touch her. A year. He should be the one touching her! Not him!

Gambit now had compitition for his Rogue's heart. Logan. Wolverine, the man that Rogue cried over for five years, woke up from his nightmares when he was still in her head.

Jean layed on their bed, beside Scott, her fiancee. "What's wrong, Jean?" Scott asked. Jean had not said a word since she left Logan's room.

"It's Logan," Jean replied.

"Forget about him and go to bed," Scott said.

"I can't. Scott, don't you see?"

"No. I'm not telepathic like you, tell me."

"Logan returned because of Rogue. He did not know she's able to contain her power, and Gambit swept her off her feet. He was expecting to come home to that same girl who had a crush on him when he left. The girl who was waiting for him, who would accept him back into her life as quickly as he left."

Logan stood up and walked out of his room. He had to see Rogue, he had to tell her that he loved her and just wanted her to be happy. Yeah, happy, he thought, happy with me.

Gambit opened his door and walked out into the hallway. He was going to see the southern belle, Rogue. He didn't want Logan to be the one with her, he was going to ask her to marry him.

Gambit walked up to Rogue's door at the same time when Logan did. Logan unleashed his claws, "get outta here," he threatened.

"I think not," Gambit said. "Let Rogue make her decision, no?" He knocked on the door and Rogue opened it. Both guy's mouths dropped open. It was apparant that she was about to go to sleep, she was wearing a black satin night gown, that clinged to her in all the right places, with gloves to her elbows and a black scarf. Some habits are hard to break.

"Rogue," Logan said, "tell that guy that you would rather be with me!"

"What!?" Gambit said, "I think not. Cerie, tell him you would rather be with Gambit!"

"Ah can't choose," Rogue said, "Ah love ya both."

"You can't have us both," Logan said as he crossed his arms.

"Ah need time," She begged, "come back to me in the morn, Ah will have ya answer by then." Gambit and Logan walked out the door, neither wanted to argue and hurt their chances of winning Rogue's heart.

Chapter Four

Rogue flopped down onto her bed. Now what was she to do? She waited for Logan's return for five years. Gambit never left her, he was always there, even when she cried into his arms over nightmares about Logan, and missing him so. Who would she want to be with? She never expected Logan to return to the Mansion. He returned for her, to be with her, he missed her. She closed her eyes and a feeling of peace washed over her. She knew. This feeling must be right, she knew who she wanted to be with.

6:00 in the morning, both Logan and Remy were knocking on Rogue's door. No answer. Ten minutes later, Logan decided to busted the door down. There was no one in the room, Rogue's bed was unslept in and her window was open.

"Alright, where is she!?" Logan demanded as he entered Xavier's room.

"Who?" Scott asked.

"Rogue." Jean said, she looked up, "she's gone."

"Again!" Scott complained.

"I'm going to find her," Logan said.

"Gambit shall join you, no?" Gambit said.

"No is right," Logan mumbled under his breathe.

Rogue walked threw the doors to the Mansion. She was gone all night, and all she wanted now was sleep. Knowing her luck, Logan and Remy are looking for her, looking for her answer. She walked up the stairs, and into a room. But, not her room, the room of her chosen one. The one she loved. She flopped down on the bed and quickly fell asleep.

Chapter 5

8:00 pm and still no Rogue. Both guys retired to their rooms for the night. Maybe she will show in the morning.

A man walked into the room where Rogue was sleeping, he turned on the light. "What? Rogue? Why are ya here?" He looked around the room, and Rogue motioned him to sit on the bed with her. He obeyed. "Does this mean..." he was cut off when Rogue kissed him. Her choice was him, he realized. He put his hand on the side of her cheek and he kissed her more passionately than before.

"I love you," Rogue replied.

"I love to too Rogue," the man replied.

"Promise you will never leave me again, Logan," Rogue said.

"I promise."