Title: One Breath
Author: Shana Nolan
Email: aericura@micron.net
Fandom: X-Men (movie)
Rating: strong R! this would be NC-17, but I'm majorly glossing over stuff and terms here.
Summary: um, S/J. "day-- or night-- in the life" (sorry, I'm not being articulate *g*)
Category: romance? smut? S/J
Disclaimer: Fox and Marvel Entertainment Group have the X-Men and their movie. Stan Lee, I worship at your feet. I don't own anyone and I don't intend to sell this. no money, no sue, no powers. but my CB handle was Phoenix (great, date yourself, why don't you).
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the pre-fic rant: there was a time when I was not a romantic! not not not! and then *points at the Muse smirking behind her* he came along, dictated this to me and made a graphic NC-17 het writer BLUSH with romance! oh, and as much as I ADORE S/J and never break them up unless it involves great pain and angst for all involved, I don't do normally something as intense like this with them... so, I'm gonna blame X-Men #30 and the new Cyke mini-series. yeah. there we go. *dons incurable romantic button* :)

One breath.

He laughed, grabbing her hands and pulling her against his body. With a squeal of protest, she didn't bother to steady herself, instead abusing her forward motion to knock the both of them to the floor in a heap.

One glance.

Pulling her hair out of the ponytail, he chuckled as she gave him an arch look. His fingers played through the silken strands, tangling absently as he stole that first kiss from her smiling lips.

One touch.

She slipped a hand around his neck, drawing him down to close the distance between them, his breath, ragged now, hot against her flesh as he slid down to taste the skin at her throat. Sliding down her body with a practiced grace, he traced a sultry pattern along her curves with his lips.

One whisper.

The sheets beneath them rustled, wrinkling under the shift of her body when she wrapped a leg around his hips, restraining him playfully when he tried to move. When her heel grazed the curve of his buttocks, he moaned a little, and leveled his face with hers.

One taste.

Her breath caught as one of his hands slid past her shoulders to release the fabric covering her breasts. In half-accident, half-purpose, his thumb grazed over a sensitive nipple, her back arching in response. When his mouth replaced the hand, the sweet warmth of his tongue sending a shiver up her spine, she couldn't help but clamp her fingers around the back of his neck.

One sigh.

Twining their fingers together above the pillow, eliciting a laugh from her when he tried to work his wrist from her hair without tugging it, he smiled back deviously, waiting a few moments before taking her mouth in an unquestioning possession. Parting her lips with his tongue, he heard her muffled sigh as she kissed him back, half-heartedly fighting his overhead hold of her hands.

One step.

Her eyes were closed as he abandoned her mouth with a heated speed, showering feathery kisses along her jaw until he reached her collarbone, the arch of her back sliding her hips against his sensuously. Rolling them over so she now straddled his lap, releasing her hands and skimming the bare lines of her thighs and hips with his fingers, he shifted his now pinned body in anticipation.

One caress.

She took the moment to tease him, watching with obvious enjoyment as his mouth parted when she drew her fingers across his chest, the light pink lines from her nails never pressing hard enough into his flesh to draw blood. His hold solidified on her waist, restricting her just as she leaned forward, playing fingers along his face.

One murmur.

His flinch was palpable as she lifted free the glasses from his face, setting them on the nightstand with a psionic hand. Leaning down and kissing each of the tightly closed eyelids, her hands caressing through his hair, she whispered his name soothingly, nurturing the complete trust that lay between them, his heartbeat in her ears.

One smile.

Using his other senses, the tension in his jaw matching the need in his loins, he sighed and tried to sit up, her hands pushing him down as she rose to her knees, looming over him with a shadowy tickle of auburn strands along his shoulder. He grunted, mourning the loss of sight, not able to see how she settled languorously along him, closing the final bit of air between them with a passionate kiss and wandering hands.

One murmur.

With a swift roll he pinned her back into the sheets again, using his knee to split her legs apart as he leaned against her trim frame, the feel of her soft skin against his heady and making up for his lack of sight. Hearing the little whimper slip from her mouth as his hand dipped below her waistline, he let his fingers linger before his own aching need overwhelmed him.

One look.

The taste of her sweat tingled his mouth as he nipped up behind her ear, one hand tangling through her hair as the other slid up her arm to her hand, the gold band rubbing against the more delicate gold of her ring. He restrained himself, determining the act to a slow, deliberate pace, each breathy moan she gave eliciting a shiver along his spine.

One sound.

Rocking backwards, hauling her into his lap and on top of him, he trusted in his well-honed balance to not displace either of them, laughing quietly at her giggle. Nuzzling her face, taking the rare advantage to not hurt her with the point of metal rimmed glasses, he nestled his forehead to hers and rode the cresting waves of ardour.

One moment.

The vicious build-up of tension made his nerves scream in exquisite agony as he forced himself to the breaking point. Closing his eyelids even tighter as his head dropped to her chest, he shuddered as his body gave in and released its tension, overwhelmed as he heard her gasp, her heart pounding in her ribcage. With a sharp, vocal inhalation she felt the world tumble, her mind delightfully reeling as her voice betrayed the climax, following him back to a state of relaxed bliss.

One heartbeat.

Rocking down with his relaxing form, taking the perfect opportunity to curl up on his chest, stretching her legs next to his and laying her head over his heart, she recovered the last of her breath. Closing her eyes, the smile touching her lips, she laughed contentedly as his hand fell at her head, pulling aside the tousled mane of red to stroke her cheek. Taking his other hand and stroking the palm, she kissed it and held it next to her, lifting the rumpled sheet with a telekinetic grasp and sliding it over them as an afterthought as she settled into sleep.

One breath.