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Subscribing to the list:

To be a member of haven-of-fic, the list associated with this site, you must first be a member of eGroups. Once you have registered with eGroups, there are two ways to become a member of haven-of-fic.

All messages you wish to send to the list must be sent to haven-of-fic@egroups.com and all messages will be viewable to other members of the list.


All ratings of stories are accepted, whether it be a 'nice for children' G rating, or a 'don't go here if you're not old enough!' NC-17 rating. The list has been given an NC-17 rating as some adult content might be discussed. Please do not join if you're not old enough or if you're offended by such discussion and fiction - I don't want flames from offended people and/or irate parents. Thank you.

Archiving fic:

Any fanfiction posted to the list will automatically be archived here. If this is a problem, then simply email me at haven-of-fic@softhome.net and let me know you don't want your work archived. :-)

Please don't hesitate to email me at haven-of-fic@softhome.net if you have any questions. I'm willing to help you in any way needed. Hope to see you onlist!

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