Nov 11, 2000
  • Another mini-update - I'm doing some back archiving. If your story isn't here, don't worry, it will probably be up within the next 2 updates, so keep checking back. :-)
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Buffy: "Stormy Night" by eretria; "Saviour, My Saviour", "Red Haired Angel" by Tellie
    • Star Wars: "Bittersweet Memories", "The Day of the Funeral", "Destiny of Love" by Triskell
    • SWAT Kats: "Duty Forever" by Rauhnee Ranshanka
    • X-Men (comic): "The Debate" by Candylynn; "Dealing Forbidden Cards" by PoisonX
    • X-Men (movie): "He Said", "The Murder of One", "Past Subjunctive, Future Perfect", "Return to Sender" by Diebin; "Promises", "She Said", "Will You Accept the Charges?" by Donna; "Clinging Cures" by Molly; "One Breath" by Shana

Nov 08, 2000
  • My apologies for lack of updates - I've recently opened up the Wolverine & Rogue Fanfiction Archive [http://wolvierogue.sphosting.com/], so I've been incredibly busy back-archiving a lot of fics. Hopefully I'll be able to juggle archiving for this this archive and that one so that neither is neglected. This is only a half-update, so more stories will be archived shortly.
  • Fandoms: I've realised that the number of X-Men fics are just going to keep growing, so as a way to divide it a little better, I've created separate index pages for the X-Men comics, and the X-Men movie. If you're submitting fic for either, please specify if it's comic universe, or movieverse. Thanks
  • Site e-mail: There have been a couple of problems with unbounded (who provide the email), so I've had to change email provider. Please send all site business to haven-of-fic@softhome.net. Ta
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Buffy: "Hangovers For the Dead" by Tellie
    • Red Shoe Diaries: "The Things I Deserve" by Donna
    • Roswell: "Destiny, Soulmates, and Aliens" by Lauren
    • X-Men (movie): "To Be a Man" by akscully; "Immunity" by Dark Ferrett; "Cupid Doesn't Wear Leather", "It Was Wednesday", "Love Letters #4: Big Bang", "Love Letters #5: Supernova", "Love Letters #6: Blackhole", "Love Letters #7: Epilogue", "Not Quite Domestic", "On Milkshakes and Marie", "On Tuesdays", and "Torn" by Diebin; "Crazy For This Girl", "Do You Hate What You See", "Looking For a Girl", "Love Magic", and "The Things I Deserve" by Donna; "Linked" by Kia Mira; "Fatal Caress: The Splintering Touch" by Melissa Flores; "Perfect Ring of Scars #1: Becoming", "PRS #2: Broken and Sore", "PRS #3: Ever Know", "PRS #4: Big Time Hard Line", "PRS #5: All the Way Down", and "PRS #6: Decay" by Shana

Sep 22, 2000
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Red Shoe Diaries: "As You Desire Me", "Midnight Confessions", and "The Things I Deserve" by Donna
    • Star Wars: "Self-Reliance", "Souvenir", and "Tenet Nosce", by HiperBunny ;"My Master", "Severance", "To Lose, To Cope", and "Together in a Heartbeat" by Triskell
    • X-Men: "A Lack of Restraint", "Love Letters: Moon Tide", and "The Wolfling" by Diebin; "Adaptations: Happy Birthday to Me", "Adaptations: How the Mighty Have Fallen", "Midnight Confessions", and "The Things I Deserve" by Donna; "The Creature Series: Pondering" by Errie; "Linked" by Kia Mira; "Sharp Relief" by Meghan; "Memorial Markers" by Molly
  • I've won an award for this site! Thanks to Triskell's Fanfiction Archive (and Tris ;-) for the award! The pic and link are on the index page

Sep 15, 2000
  • Fic added/updated:
    • X-Men: "Love Letters: Shooting Star" by Diebin; "Adaptations: A Blind Man Could See", "Adaptations: Losing Touch", "Adaptations: Sympathy and Envy", "Adaptations: Teasing", "As You Desire Me", and "Never Said Goodbye" by Donna; "Spectator Sport: Logan", "Spectator Sport: Rogue", and "Tomorrow" by Kia Mira; "The Saint's Eyes" by Shana Nolan [note: last week's update didn't include the full end of Shana's fic - it has been included this week]

Sep 09, 2000
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Star Wars: "Circle of Healing" by eretria; "Cause Your Heart's as Profound as a Mine", "I Love the Way You Love Me", "No Regrets", and "Sunsets" by Triskell
    • SWAT Kats: "Morality's Choice" by Rauhnee Ranshanka
    • World of Darkness Rules: "Morality's Choice" by Rauhnee Ranshanka
    • X-Men: "The Burning Red" by Deby; "Agony and Ecstasy", "Every Noisy Inch", "Love Letters: Prologue", "Niagra Falls", and "Northern Lights" by Diebin; "Adaptations: Animal Instincts", "Adaptations: I'm on Fire", "Adaptations: I Drove All Night", "Adaptations: Maybe We Can", "Adaptations: Struggle For Life", "Adaptations: Testing", "Adaptations: These Dreams", "Adaptations: Up to Me" by Donna; "The Magic of Belief" by Elizabeth; "Do What You Have to Do", "I Love You", "Rage", and "Visions" by DNC; "Ah Remember", "Cold Hard Heart", "Gentle As It Kills", "I Stand Watching", "Like a Brother", "Lost in the Game", "Out Of My Mind", "The Rain is Here", "Runnin' Again", "Seeking Death", "Seeking Forgiveness", "Seeking Touch", "Silent Like Rain", "Tender Poison", "Yester Life: The Cleanse", "Yester Life: An Easing of the Soul", "Yester Life: Glimpses Of The Past", "Yester Life: The Gossamer Thread Of Time", "Yester Life: His Phantom Lover", "Yester Life: My Destiny", "Yester Life: Souls Collide", Yester Life: This Prison Of Skin I", Yester Life: This Prison Of Skin II", "Yester Life: Taking Back My Soul", and "Yester Life: Touched" by Kia Mira; "Honestly OK", "Honestly OK II", and "Sharp Relief" by Meghan; "Towards Temperate" by Molly; "Everything You Want" by robin; "The Saint's Eyes" by Shana Nolan
  • Submissions: Small change made to the subs page (clarification on file types)

Aug 31, 2000
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Buffy: "20 Questions" by Tellina
    • X-Men: "Faithful in Body", and "My Beauty" by Diebin; "Gone" by JewelsFuel; "The Forbidden Fruit", "Girl in the Mirror", "Mind Games", "Rogue-Aholic", and "Unconventional" by Kim; "Blind Storm" by Linzi; "Father Figure" by Melissa Flores (aka Misty); "Marie's Diary: Wish You Were Here" by robin; "The Saint's Eyes", and "Won't Leave" by Shana Nolan

Aug 24, 2000
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Buffy: "Hiding a Secret is Hard to Do", "I Have Secrets", "Not a Dream?", and "You Stalk Me, I Stalk You" by Tellina
    • Gladiator: "Commodus and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" by Tiriel
    • X-Men: "Back For You", "I Don't Approve", "She's Not Marie", and "To Be You" by Diebin; "This Journey Called Life" by Kim; "Clamor", and "Defensive Lines" by Molly; "I Will Remember You" by robin; "Rogue's Heart" by Sailor Moirae; "Rare Moments", and "The Saint's Eyes" by Shana Nolan

Aug 17, 2000
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Buffy: "Breaking the Ice", "Class is in Session", "Destiny of Mystery", and "Talk Over Ice-Cream" by Tellina
    • Star Wars: "Always and Forever", "A Lover's Feast", "For Better, For Worse", and "For Better, For Worse II" by Triskell
    • X-Men: "Coming Home", "Dance, Fearless Leader, Dance!", "Going Home", and "Home" by akscully; "The Burning Red" by Deby; "Gonna Run", "Never Leave", and "Night's Falling" by Diebin; "The Lover" by Elizabeth; "A Hazy Shade of Winter" by Melissa Flores (aka Misty); "The Answer is Yes" by Nix; "Marie's Diary: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?" by Robin; "The Bet", and "The Saint's Eyes" by Shana Nolan
  • Some of the stories were over 100KB each, so I've split them up into parts.

Aug 10, 2000
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Buffy: "Feather Light", "Halloween H2 Uh-Oh", and "Who Needs a Broken Heart?" by Tellina
    • Farscape: "Aggressive Tendencies" by Nerys; "Needs" by Silver
    • Roswell: "Stargazers" by Katelin; "The Essence of You" and "I Don't Belong Here" by Liz I.; "Desperate Measures" by Sobia Helen
    • Star Wars: "Journey Along Destiny's Path", "Light of My Life", "Master, Let Me Know", and "Your Eyes - Teacher, Friend and Lover" by Triskell
    • Stargate SG-1: "Just Watching (Jack)", and "Just Watching (Daniel)" by Rauhnee Ranshanka
    • X-Men: "Maybe Someday" by CD; "The Burning Red" by Deby; "Descending", "Down to Destiny", "High On You", "Hunter's Rise", and "Next Room Over" by Diebin; "Safety in Numbers" by Elizabeth
    • Xena: "155 Words 7, *or* The Shortest Love-Lost!UberFic Ever Written" by Kawcrow
  • Fic Index: Added a key to the main fic index (new stories, WiP's, and adult stories)
  • List: Made a slight change on the mailing list page. From now on, any fic sent to the list will be automatically archived here, unless the author tells me otherwise.
  • Webrings: Joined the Ring O' X-Men Moviefic ring
  • Got rid of the warning page - there's just the original main now.

Aug 04, 2000
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Star Wars: "Memory's Truth" by DNelle; "A Puzzling Connection", "Shakespeare Academy - The Greatest Nobleman of All", and "What Dreams May Come" by Triskell
    • Scarecrow & Mrs King: "Gone and Back" by Stasia
    • Seven Days: "Gone and Back" by Stasia
    • X-Men: "Maybe Someday" by CD; "East and a Little South", "Northwest Winds", "Without Control", and "The Wrong Direction" by Diebin; "Memory's Truth" by DNelle; "The Time is Now" by Jaded; "Familiar Faces (or Forever Young)" by Mac Xavier; "Almost a Woman", and "Fatal Caress" by Misty

June, 2000
  • The entire site has been revamped and given a new look. Hopefully I'll be able to keep on top of the updates for a while before uni starts. :-)
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Highlander: "Flower", and "Watch out, here's Mary Sue" by Lore Krajsman; "Three In To One" by Wyndewalker
    • Pretender: "Three In To One" by Wyndewalker
    • Scarecrow & Mrs King: "Gone and Back" and "Here We Go Again" by Stasia
    • Seven Days: "Gone and Back" by Stasia
    • Star Wars: "Jedi Counsel" and "The Paths of Destiny" by Triskell
    • Stargate: "The 'Better' Life - Daniel" by Sarah Gower.
  • Joined the Multi-Fandom Archive Web Ring
  • Added a new counter to the main page
  • The old guestbook was added to the main page also
  • Got rid of the old links page - there's now a Free-For-All page in it's place. Anyone is welcome to add their link.

April, 2000
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Buffy: parts 1-4 of "Confrontations" by Eloy Brightdreamer
    • Highlander: "Hunter and Prey" by Lore Krajsman
    • Scarecrow & Mrs King: parts 1-5 of "Gone and Back", and parts 1-10 of "Here We Go Again" by Stasia
    • Seven Days: parts 1-5 of "Gone and Back" by Stasia
    • Xena: part 3 of "The Dark" by Annie B
  • The layout has changed a bit (again). Now there is one main stories index page, which branches of into three sub-categories: indexed by author, indexed by fandom, and works in progress. WiP's won't be indexed in the first two until the story is finished.
  • Added a banner on the main page for "Crusade for a Cure" - help save Crusade, and find a cure for AIDS!
  • Two new links added

March, 2000
  • I know I've been incredibly slack with the site and list, but things in Darth RL went too entirely Sith on me, so there just hasn't been time. But I'm working on it.
  • Most important news - there were some unforeseen problems with the server we were on, so I had to move the site to a new home. (NOTE: The address to link to us now is https://haven-of-fic.tripod.com/)
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Buffy: part 1 of "Halloween H2-Uh Oh" by Tellie
    • Marvel: "Things To Do" by Lore
    • Stargate: parts 9-44 of "Where Roads Meet" by Jmas
    • Xena: parts 1-2 of "The Dark" by Annie B.
  • Some more links added
  • Got a new redirecting URL from XRS.net.

February, 2000
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Stargate: parts 1-8 of "Where Roads Meet" by Jmas.
  • Two new links added
  • Guestbook (courtesy of Phaistos) added
  • Got rid of the old counter on the main page because it was taking far too long to load. So a new tracker has been put there, beginning at '0'.
  • Changed the main page and warning page links around. There's no longer a warn.html file, so if you link to the site, it should be a bit easier to remember.

January, 2000
  • Haven Of Fic site officially opens January 7th.
  • Notices sent out to people regarding the haven-of-fic mailing list
  • Thank you to Chiron for being co-moderator and volunteering to help with the site
  • Fic added/updated:
    • Crusade: "For Annabelle" by Iocane
    • High Chapparal: "Caress Me With Your Eyes" by PEJA
    • Star Wars: "Alone" by Sarah; "Decisions of the Body - parts 1 & 2" by Chiron; "Sabé's Journal - Prelude & part 1" by Jazzy Jedi LA
    • Stargate: "Final Farewell" by Sarah; "Nightmares" by Eloy Brightdreamer
    • Xena: "Coming Home" by Annie B.
  • Six new links added.
  • Joined the Fanfiction webring.
  • The site has a new home at http://chiron-online.com/haven_of_fic/. Thank you Chiron for the space! <waves> However, the old site at GO.com will remain as a mirror site if people happen to have trouble with the main site.
  • Webrings page added
  • The 'By Title' page has been discarded as there are already two other fic indexes which should serve satisfactorily.
  • New List Biz page. This will list any challenges that may come across the list, or if there are any round robins done, this is where you will find them.
  • Made a few slight changes to the main page.

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