All fandoms greatly welcomed!! If you have a story
you'd like archived, please send it in!

Please help me by doing what I've listed below - you have no idea how much easier it makes things if I have co-operation in this! :-)

The info I will need in order to archive your story is:

  • Title of Story  (required)
  • Author's name and email address  (required)
  • Rating (also please specify if it is het or slash)  (required)
  • Fandom  (required) [note: if it's X-Men, please specify whether it's comic universe, or movieverse]
  • Disclaimer  (required)
  • Summary  (optional, but I prefer if you do add one)

Any other information you wish to include (warnings, spoilers, series, etc) is optional.

Please start a new paragraph (ie a space between each paragraph, like on this page) each time a new person speaks, as this makes it so much easier for me to format when archiving.

If your story is being sent in multiple parts, please number each part clearly, and say what number of how many it is (example, Part 2/5). Works in progress will be archived, with new parts added at the ended of the page whenever they are sent to me.

I won't be checking stories for grammar or spelling mistakes. They're archived the way they're sent to me. It's a good idea to have your work checked by a beta reader if you want certain things corrected.

Lastly, just send your story to haven-of-fic@softhome.net with "Submission" in the subject or something, so I can easily pick it out. I don't mind what format you send it in (my computer will accept most file types), but you'll know if I have a problem because I'll email you with a "HELP!" message. ;-) My preferences, however, are if you just cut & paste your story into a plain text email, or send a text file (.txt) attachment.

-- Thanks!

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